Ratchet & Clank: The Revenge of the Machine

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Chapter 3: A Dose of DéjàVu

Location: City Hall Roof, Metropolis, Kerwan

Date: 3.20.2012

Time: 0730 hours

A single cloaked figure watched with glee at the chaos caused as his plan unfolded. The man's mech-Protopets were as deadly as they were ingenious since he was able to give commands to them via a control panel he carried. Suddenly the faint roar of engines could be heard over the mayhem. The man smirked, as he knew who it was.

As he turned from his current viewpoint, he pressed a few buttons on his control panel before storing it in his cloak. The only thought on the figure's mind as he climbed into the cab his accomplice hijacked was 'The game, Lombax, has finally begun...' With a quick nod, the cab moved to a more reliable position for the next phase of his plan.

Location: Airspace above Metropolis, Kerwan

Date: 3.20.2012

Time: 0730 hours

Ratchet leaned up against the wall opposite of the back access ramp, clearly deep in thought. 'I hope that these guys are truly ready for this,' Ratchet thought to himself. His mind traveled back to the pre-mission briefing on the Phoenix when they arrived in system.


"Alright everyone listen up!" Ratchet shouted as the Rangers in attendance went quiet. "Here's the plan: there will be two teams, one will be with CR3 and the other will be with me. We will be skydiving in since the fighting is most concentrated on the streets. Once we touch down, all safeties off as we clear out the streets, but try not to harm any of the civilians. We will rendezvous at City Hall. Any questions?" After this was said, a single hand was raised.

The question that was asked made Ratchet smirk: "Ya, just one: when are we going to start?"

"As soon as we get to the drop ships," was his reply. "Dismissed."

[End Flashback]

He was jerked from his thoughts when the pilot's voice came on over the PA system. Unfortunately, for Ratchet it was located right above him so he heard the announcement loud and clear: 30 seconds 'til the drop-off point.

After choosing and checking his first weapon of choice in his quick select arsenal, his Mega Vulcan Cannon, he and Clank got ready to jump. Ratchet turned to his squad of Rangers as the back access ramp opened and simply said, "Alright everyone, remember the plan. Good luck and I'll see you on the ground." With that, he and his squad jumped from the drop ship. There was only one word to describe the decent: 'meh…'*

After the mind-numbing drop and landing, the only sound that dominated the city streets was silence. Not the kind like you would get from a TV's mute button, but the kind that would occur in a horror movie. "Something's not right here," Ratchet stated, "Everyone stay frosty." With that, they began their long trek through Metropolis' debris strewn streets.

"Sir, was this how it was like when you first fought the Protopet?" asked XR9, one of the members of Ratchets squad.

"No it wasn't. Actually, plenty of the residents survived the Protopet incident. This on the other hand is like the entire Metropolis population just vanished out of thin air." Ratchet replied solemnly, not noticing the cab that was tailing them.

Both teams eventually arrived at the rendezvous point, both of which had identical situations: silence and zero enemy activity. Since they had arrived well before the appointed extraction time, the Rangers minus CR3 stood guard at the entrance to City Hall, while Ratchet, Clank, and CR3 went to look for any survivors from the Mayor's Office.

After 30 minutes of fruitless searching, the trio decided to return to the rest of the Rangers and wait for extraction. However, as fate would have it, Ratchet suddenly trips over a loose floor panel. "Whoa!" Ratchet yelped moments before he literally does a face plant.

"Who's there?" a familiar voice asks the trio.

Clank was the first to speak after noticing that Ratchet had a mouthful of carpet. "It is us, Sasha." Clank said in his usual tone, "Are you alright." After he said this and Ratchet had spit out his chew toy we call a carpet, the loose panel popped out of place revealing a hidden room (AU: think of it like the hidden compartments on the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars Episode 4 only a little bigger). As soon as the entrance was open, Sasha walked out of the hidden room.

"Well as alright as I can be given the sudden shock of this attack blindsiding us." she responded.

Ratchet stood up and turned to Sasha in order to try to understand Metropolis' situation, but he saw the look of shock written on her face. Before he was able to ask though, chaos suddenly broke out at the main entrance. "XR9, what the hell is going on out there?" Ratchet demanded. He was soon answered when the sounds of gunfire began to quickly get louder and in almost no time, all of the Rangers that survived when the chaos broke out moments before were retreating down the hall where the trio and Sasha were located. He watched all of the Rangers rush past him in order to reach the stairwell to the roof. The only one to stop at Ratchet and the others was XR9.

"Sir, sorry for the sudden notice, but we were forced to retreat or be overwhelmed by the Protopet's. By the way we also learned who is behind this, Sarge, but right now we need to get to the roof." XR9 stated while jogging in place.

"Understood XR9, but why are we going to the roof?" Ratchet asked puzzled.

"We are headed up there so we can be safely extracted from Metropolis." Was the response, before the group darted up the stairs to the drop ships.


* meh = bland, uninteresting, neutral, bored.

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