Disclaimer: Hi guys. I've written stories so I actually just changed a little bit of it. Hope you like it.

Katies P.O.V.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was perfect, as usual. My school uniform was fitted perfectly. I smoothend my skirt and walked for my bedroom door. I turned left and walked down the stairs.

"Hi, you look nice. How was your first week of school?", my mom, Jane asked me.

"Fine,mom.", I said grabbing a piece of toast and heading for the door. I was about to leave when I heard my mom say, " Have a good day, and be careful!" I didn't care to look back. It was only a week into school. It wasn't Fall. It was the late of Summer. Which reminds me, I told Summer she could come over after school. While I was thinking I road my bike on and on, before I knew it, my school was Infront of me. I was about to walk in when I heard someone yell my name. "Katie! Wait up!". I turned around to notice it was Summer my best friend. It was fifth grade, Summer and I were actually the smartest girls in our class.

"Hey.", I yelled back.

I started to wave until someone bumped into me. All of my books fell to the ground. I started to pick them up until I heard a voice. "Sorry! I didn't mean to." I looked up and then I realized it was Freddy Jones. Freddy Jones' was always a bully. I didn't understand why suddenly he was being so nice. We sat pretty close in class but never talked.

"It's ok.", that's all I could say. Summer walked up right after Freddy had just helped me and went inside.

"What was that all about?", asked Summer looking confused at me.

"I don't know. He bumped into me and helped me." I said shocked at what just happend.

"Thats not Freddy like.", she said. "I know!" While being shocked we forgot that school would start in 15 minutes. We looked around us, everyone seemed to enter the building but us. I know Summer was never late to school and Freddy Jones had entered too. It's clearly known that if Freddy enters before you, you're late. We entered, some girls stared at me, like they were mad. I didn't get along with Alicia or Marta. They seemed to be the girls who stared at me. Summer and I ran to our lockers. We took our books and went to class. Luckily, the teacher hadn't arrived yet. Everyone looked at me and started laughing. Tomika walked to me.

"What are they laughing at?", I asked Tomika.

"You. Alicia and Marta told everyone that you paid Freddy to talk to you.", she said.

"What?!", I couldn't breathe it seemed like I was dying. Only it wasn't the other dieing. I was dieing of embarrassment. Zach walked up to me. He stroked my arm and said,"It's ok. It'll blow over soon." "Thanks."

Hi I was thinking. Should I put Katie with Freddy or Zach? Please answer! Also, should summer be with someone!