Hi guys! The end of this story awaits you underneath all these words!




Third-Person P.O.V.

The DJ interupted everyone when he said, "Can I have your attention, please?" Everyone looked up. "The Dance King is... Freddy Jones!" Freddy went up there, grabbed his crown and walked back down the stairs. "And the Dance Queen is... Summer Hathaway!", he said. Summer went up on stage, posed for pictures, then walked back down. Everyone started to slow dance. "Well, congrats.", Katie said sad.

"You're mad aren't you?", he asked her.

"Yeah," she said.

"You know, it dosen't matter because you'll always be my queen even without a crown.", he told her.

They were about to kiss until Summer seperated from Zach and walked up to Katie. She took off her crown. " I think you deserve this.", she said handing the crown to Katie. "Really?", Katie asked looking shocked. "Yeah, I acted like a jerk. Here.", Summer said. Katie grabbed it from Summer and put it on. "Thanks.", Katie said to Summer. "Wanna grab some pizza later?", Summer asked Katie and Freddy. "Sure.", they said in unison. "Kay, see ya!", she said as she went back to Zach.

Katies' P.O.V.

"So, it seems your life is way better now then it was before. You have your best friend back and you have a boyfriend.", he said as he held my hand.

"You're my boyfriend?", I asked him.

He leaned in then I did. Our lips touched, after seconds our lips seperated.

"I guess you are.", I said as I laughed a little.

So, I know this isn't the Cinderella ending most people hope for. But thats how it happend. And I'm happy to say that I had my first kiss with my love that night. Oh, amd if you're wondering what happend about Summer and Zach, they are together. I forgave Zach about him standing me up. He said that after he left my house Summer told him to come over and then Summer got a call from Freddy. He said he was dumping her so she asked Zach. Freddy said that he had a plan and he was on it ever since he had woke up that morning. Anyways, that's my happy ending.

Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed that last chapter! I know I did plus that's what Freddy's plan was! Bye!