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" Welcome. Can I help you?" asked a nice lady behind the counter of a cafe called The Coffee.

" Give me a coffee." answered a young lady roughly. At a corner of the room, Tess and Monica are watching. They are angels, sent by God to give messages to people who need it.

" Is that girl my next job?" Monica asked.

" Yes. Better start now." Tess answered.

" What if she doesn't want to listen?"

" Girl, God sent you here not to be doubtful. She's your job. Get over there!"

Monica's POV

Tess shoved me, and I started walking towards her.

" What can I do for you?" The lady behind the counter asked.

" I'd like a cup of coffee, thank you…. Shelby." I replied, reading her name tag.

" Well, well. You seem like a nice girl." Shelby said. I smiled and turned towards the young lady.

" Hello.. What's your name?" I asked politely.

" None of your business!" she snapped.

" Her name's Carol." Shelby told me, " She works at the zoo and often comes here for a treat. Careful, she's as snappy as crocodiles." Shelby rolled her eyes, and I turned towards Carol again.

" Carol. That's a nice name." I said, trying to bring up a conversation.

" Whatever." She answered, and walked out. I followed.

" I was wondering, can I work at the zoo too? I love animals." I said. Being an angel, I need to find a way to be close to my job and not making anyone suspiscious.

" Ask the manager." She replied shortly," I'll lead you to her."

When we arrived at the zoo, Carol called the manager, who's actually Tess in disguise.

" How may I help you?" she asked.

" I'd like to work here." I answered.

" Do you like animals?"

" Yes."

"You're hired. I'll show you around."

While Tess is showing me around, she explained everything there is to know about the zoo animals. When we got back, Tess told Carol that we'll be working together.

" Oh, joy." She said sarcastically. Tess ignored her, and told me that I'll start working tomorrow. With a nod from Carol, I went off.