Monica's POV

"The peanuts are for the elephants. Feed 10 to each." Carol explained. I looked at her in dismay.

"10 only? They need more than that! They'll starve." I said.

"Fine!" she replied sharply. I went to the elephant's section, enjoying the view of animals living happily together.

When I arrived, there are 5 elephants walking around their cage. Once they spotted me, they come towards me and stared at the peanuts. I hand it out to them and they eat peacefully. 'They were trained very well.' I thought to myself and went to a corner and looked at them.

" Hey! No daydreaming on the job!" Carol shouted out to me.

" I wasn't daydreaming, Carol." I replied politely. She muttered something back, and went along her way.

After several hours, I finally finished my job. I took my bag and went to find Carol. She was just leaving.

" Carol! Would you want to have dinner together?" I asked.

"No!" she snapped.

" Come on! You need a little company." I urged, not willing to give up.

" Arghhh… fine! Let's go to the Cheesy Burger." She answered, giving up.

" Carol, do you believe in God?" I asked.

"No! Why should I?" she replied.

" You never believed at all?" I asked again.

" I used to. Stopped when my mom died."


"If God was there, he wouldn't have let my mom die and left me in an orphanage."

After that, we didn't talk anymore.

She finished her burger earlier and left. When she was out of sight, Tess appeared.

"How is your job so far,dear?"

" She never wants to listen. She used to believe in God, until her mother died."

Andrew appeared.

" I brought her mom up to heaven. She died 20 years ago." Andrew said.

" So her mom died when she was just 10 years old." Tess said.