"How goes the search for her?"



"We have another one for you," the second boy said, pushing a young girl forward. "How is this? Did I do a good job?" he asked expectantly, glancing down at the blonde child. Watching the shadowed figure get out of his seat and make his way to where his companion and involuntary travel buddy stood, he got down on his knees to be eye level with the small girl and asked, "What's your name?" "Josie," the girl stuttered fearfully, backing away from the pink haired youth.

Looking up to his companion, a dark look crossed his features as he screeched, "What part of 'find Alice' did you not understand, Jack?! She has to be a teenager by now! She ain't gonna stay a little girl forever! Now, take her back and don't return until you found Alice!"

"Well, excuse me! If I knew the girl's last name, my search would be going a lot better!" Jack shot back, getting his friend to rise to his full height and glare at him. "It seems you are in need of a babysitter, then, Jack. The Queen needs Alice and it's been a week since this mission has been dropped in our laps and yet you haven't found the right girl yet," he said slowly, moving past his friend and their captive and down the path disappearing in the woods moments later.