CHAPTER 1: The nightmare

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On the battlefield under DragonsGrasp thousands of human and dragon corpses layed there dipped in blood , there layed a man wearing a black armor with white trims, with short red shaggy hair and holding a long silver metal sword in his left hand. He opened his brown eyes as he raised his head he saw a crimson armored man with a crimson helmet that had black horns and in his left hand he carried a dark crimson colored sword with a skull on its hilt. The crimson armored man was sitting on a dragon, the dragon was just of bones no flesh there was no skin on the bones of the dragon. i saw a crimson armored man looking down as he saw the man in the black armor.

"You a re the last of your kind, every last one of the dragonlords is down, except you and now" said the crimson armored man as he raised his hand in the air sending black energy across the battlefield turning the dragon lords and their dragons into evil servants, the crimson armored man let out a satanic laugh.

"No one can stop the glory that is Sepulchure not even you, hero HAHAHAHA" as he started gathering dark energy into his hand that formed it into a spear throwing it at the red-haired man

The pain that surged thru my body was unbearable then everything went white as i started screaming in pain and opening my eyes I found myself in my room sweating, my entire body was drenched before realizing that it was all a dream I though my scream had awakened the entire village. my sleeping dragon who was in his bed that I usually hide in the kitchen. He has white scaly skin ,grey eyes his wings were completely black also he has 3 horns that are on top of his head that look like he has a crown as he rose his head he started talking something in draconian that I couldn't understand what the dragon was saying. I looked at my night table to find a dragon amulet standing there it had a red orb, it's metal was shaped like a dragon as I touched the amulet it started to glow with wide eyes i looked back at the white dragon "sorry I couldn't hear you, what did you say I told the white dragon" he then let out a sigh and repeated his words "I asked you to keep quiet im trying to sleep here and are your alright".

I rubbed my eyes "I had a nightmare" I said it in a silent tone but the white dragon knew it was something more "was it maybe the battle that we had 3 years ago, the one where we almost died had that spear not gone a bit to the right we'd be dead by now Atrion "said the dragon looking at his right claw where there remained a scar from the battle" suddenly a surge of pain passed thru my body and the memory of that battle came back in a flash I put my hand over the scar on my left side.

The pain passed after a few minutes as I heard someone knocking on my door I hid the dragon amulet under my pillow and told draco to hide.

Draco hid under the bed with one last glance of my room making sure that no dragon or Dragonlord items were there i opened the door and to my surprise it was just a little girl with flaming red hair which was tied with a blue ribbon. The girl was holding a letter "morning mister Atrion" said the redheaded girl "ah good morning Aria what's that your holding"I asked Aria

"oh this. It's a message from Warlic. please tell him not to send his messages for you to me its getting kind of annoying "said Aria as she handed over the message to me.

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