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Chapter 3: The Hydra cave part 1

As Atrion and Mira were about to enter the hydra cave just seeing it makes Atrion remember what happened last year in the cave "it's not like I don't want to spend time with Mira but every time we do this quest it always ends with me getting hurt by her magic. But it became a brother-sister thing." While Atrion was remembering all the years before he didn't notice that Mira was trying to start a conversation. "So do you thing Horidon is still mad at me for scorching his tail last year" Mira looked at her brother staring into empty space" Hello can you hear me" still no answer.

Mira became irritated by Atrion's attention span. She approached Atrion's ear took a deep breath before yelling "HEEEEEEEEYYYYYY." And with that hell of a yell Atrion was pulled out of his thoughts violently his ear in pain form his sisters yell. Atrion was startled that he lost his balance and fell on the ground "huh….what… why did you do that for." Atrion asked as his ear was still ringing from Mira's yell.

"Come on we need to do this quest brother and you know I hate it when your not listening to me, and stop worrying about me getting hurt when we finish this quest and one last thing your not good at hiding your injuries that you sustained last year yes that right I saw the blood dripping from your armor." Mira said calming down a bit Draco's head came out of the back pack " hey what with all this ranting im trying to sleep and Atrion please stop worrying about her she is old enough to take care of herself" the little dragon said annoyed by his masters overprotective behavior toward his sister".

"I know that I am overprotective of her but I have my reasons for that".Atrion said bofer they entered the cave. Mira, Atrion and Draco entered the hydra cave the first thing they felt was a chill down their spines "Brrr did some forgot to pay the heating bill for the sun or is it just me" Mira said sarcastically.

"Not that I know but this smell is killing me" Atrion stated as he was covering his nose from the stench not the usual stench of fish and old socks but of rotten meat. The only time Atrion smelled rotten meat was when he and Artix went into the Necropolis to stop the undead invasion .Both siblings suddenly heard an unearthly roar "What was that it didn't sound like the usual roar are they trying something new" asked a scared Mira as she hid behind her brothers cape like a scared child.

In the shadow of the cave shadows started to move all what was seen were just shadows moving towards them, the shadows revealed to be 6 hydras every one of they being of rotten flesh 3 of the hydras were missing a front leg and back leg and one of their eyes, 2 of them had missing lower jaws and both front and back leg were gone but the last one was the worst Mira's face gotten green of disgust. Most of was just bones the only thing it had flesh was on its feet. The head itself had no eyes whatsoever but it had two red glowing pupils.

Mira was even more scared then before by the last, the creature let lose another unearthly roar, then two of the undead hydras spit green goo at the two heroes, Atrion's quick reflexes save both himself and his sister "Mira let go, I know your scared but I can't fight with you hiding behind my cape" as Mira stepped out of hiding behind the cape just in time too "Watch out its coming right to you" Atrion turned his head towards the undead hydras one of them hit Atrion square in the chest sending him flying backwards. Landing on the hard stones Draco popped out of Atrion's Backpack only to see his master unconscious laying on the floor and Mira shivering in place like as if her feet become petrified the same hydra attacked Mira only to be stopped by a beam of light.

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