The Sensational Solona (A Chant of Darkness Tale)

Part one: Apprentice

Chapter 1: Two Steps Back

The Circle Tower 9:27 Dragon Age

"Two steps right Solona,"

The woman complied, the two apprentices passed by looking at her curiously.

The hallway was busy this time of day, apprentices heading to classes, Enchanters chatting quietly outside the classrooms, and of course Templars glaring at everyone in sight.

Jowan and Solona headed for Enchanter Wynne's class this morning, the spirits of the fade. Jowan led the way of course guiding his friend as they weaved in between the many others going about their own business in the tower.

"Stop Solona," he said quietly. His friend complied; her eyes never leaving the open tome she carried in her hands. Reading and walking had always been a talent for the seventeen year old.

Provided Jowan was there to keep her from crashing into anyone.

Enchanter Sweeney passed by chuckling to himself. Jowan gave him to the count of three.

"Go Solona."

They resumed walking.

Solona's eyes never left her book.

Jowan could not help but smile at his odd friend. Solona would have been pretty if she paid attention to such things. Her long black hair fell down past the small of her back, it was clean but always very messy, who had time to do such things as ones hair when you were surrounded by knowledge. Her skin was pale as winter's first snow, with eyes the color of the afternoon sky. A pair of dwarven Spectacles, graced the bridge of her nose, a gift from Irving when he had taken her as an apprentice last year, she only needed them for reading, but since she was always reading, well she carried them with her all the time.

He had known her since she was six, she was always there to listen or offer advice.

He loved her like a sister.

Not that he was above having a little fun with her once in a while.

A mischievous smile tugged as his lip as they approached a suit of armor just outside the door to one of the classrooms.

"Two steps right Solona." He smiled slyly.

She complied…and bumped right into a Templar who had been hurrying down the corridor. She squeaked as she fell back pulling the Templar down with her, her precious book spilled on the floor.

Jowan gasped, not good, if the Templar decided to think that was personal, his friend could be in trouble.

She shot him a withering glance; she knew that he had done that on purpose.

He gave her a sheepish grin, as if to say he was sorry.

"My apologies," she stammered, as she rooted around for her spectacles, "I wasn't looking."

"No it is alright," the Templar said pulling her book out of the way before someone stepped on it, "I was hurrying and…"

Their eyes met.

He was…handsome... for a Templar, she though, short curly brown hair with just a bit of stubble gracing his chin. He gazed into her shy blue eyes and suddenly the world went away.

"I…I'll try to watch where I am going from n-now on." The young Templar stammered.

Solona tried to brush back her unruly black hair; she flipped it gently giving the young warrior a view of her pretty neck.

The Templar's breath caught in his throat.

She is blushing Jowan realized, she was actually blushing.

"I'm C-Cullen," the young Templar stammered.

"L-Lona," she replied, "I mean Solona Amell."

"A P-pleasure," the man replied.

Solona's blush darkened.

Jowan rolled his eyes, sweet Maker what had he done?

"I s-should g-go." The Templar said helping the girl to her feet.

"Me too," she said, "T-thank you for b-being understanding."

He nodded before rushing away.

Jowan caught the Templar shooting a glance over his shoulder; he shook his head that was all Solona needed now, a Templar smitten with her.

Jowan had always heard stories about what happened to mage girls that caught a Templar's eye. Lona was innocent about such things; Jowan did not want his friend to encourage the boy. There had been reports of Templars attacking young women in the tower, it was not common, but it happened.

If anyone ever raped his friend he never would have been able to forgive himself.

Solona held her book to her chest, slipping her specs into a pocket of her robes; she shot a glance over her shoulder to where the boy had retreated.

"Don't even think about it." Jowan warned her.

She snorted her head high as she advanced ahead of him.

"You did that on purpose," she said coldly.

"It was just a bit of fun." He explained, "Besides you should thank me for introducing you to your new boyfriend."

She stopped her face going beet red, anger flashed in her blue eyes.

Jowan took a step back; he could feel the magic rolling of Solona.

A senior Templar felt it too, he glared, catching Solona's eye.

She sighed, she had never been smited before, and she had no desire to start now.

Jowan felt his friend power down, he sighed, that was close.

One thing was certain, his friend, though shy and bookish wielded great power.

"I'm not speaking to you today." She sniffed marching off in the opposite direction.

Jowan watched her go; he felt like a fool, why had he done that why?

He heard the chant of light being sung from the chapel, a new voice had been added this morning, and it pricked his ears, drawing him in. He glanced inside the door at the new initiates.

That was when he saw her.

The most beautiful thing he had ever seen before.


Author's Note: This will not be a full telling of the Dragon Age Origins Story just a few short stories of Solona's journey from apprentice, to warden, to hero, and finally Commander. Expect more of Cullen, Jowan, Alistair, Zevran, and Anders as the story progresses. Another chapter up soon.