Freaky Friday

Chapter 1


Another day, another argument, another telling-off.

"Harry, HARRY, wake up!" Anna shouted in my ear.

'Yawn' "What's all this commotion, its half six in the morning!" Grandpa said rubbing his eyes.

"We have to collect mum and Ryan from the airport" I said in a sulkiest tone.

"I'll call a cab then shall I?" Anna said.

"I'M READY KNOW!" I shout to Grandpa.

"Good, good my son, the cab will be here any minute,"

"Cab's here!"

Anna is wearing the SHORTEST dress ever!

I look ahead and see a long queue of cars.

As we drive to the airport the emergency news on the radio comes on,

"There has been a car accident at junction 13, heading towards the airport,"

"Damn, we are heading that way," said the guy driving.

"Is there any other way to get there, Mum and Ryan are landing at nine," Anna said sadly

"Don't worry darling, I'm meant to be somewhere at nine," Grandpa said.

"Yeah Grandpa, with us!" I said.

As I look out the spanking clean window, I see an Ambulance whizz past so quickly it makes the cab shake! All you can hear is cars beeping, people shouting and Grandpa yawning! Once again another Ambulance zooms past making me jump. We have been sat in traffic for 45 minutes know; eventually I see a huge delivery lorry on its side and a car been sprayed with water, that obviously caught fire. There are three ambulances, two police cars and a Fire engine. I looked down to see a person being carried on a stretcher with a blanket over them. Anna has her eyes closed not wanting to look at the devastating accident on the motor way. The cab guys beeping and Grandpas sleeping. Anna starts to text.

"Anna, who are you texting?" I ask.

"Mum, we are clearly gonna be late,"