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Looking down at the piece of paper, a small tear slid down her cheek; yet another birthday alone. Written on the paper was 'Lucy Waltham-Geller born on January 21st 1999. Mother-Emily Waltham, Father-Ross Geller' then a few lines down it read,

'I realise that you must hate me for giving you up but the thing is I just can't bare to look at you; you see when I look at you all I see is your wretched father. He does not know about you and I would prefer to keep it that way.

Your father and I were young and in love, we rushed into things and when we got married we had only known each other a few months. When we said our vows he said the wrong name, his ex-girlfriend's to be precise. So there I was, humiliated in front of all my friends and family. And then a week later I found out that I was pregnant...

Your father was desperate for us to work things out, so I did not tell him about you, because I wanted him to be with me because he loved me, not because he felt obligated to. However I had terms and conditions to us getting back together which he did not accept, so there I was pregnant and alone.

You may think why did I not get an abortion? But I do not agree with it, so there it is. But I was going to keep you because I had gotten back together with my ex, Colin, but when you were born I could hardly look at you, because you looked so much like your dad and that is why you are now reading this, but I hope that you are happy with a loving family and well looked after.

Emily Waltham'

The last line almost made her laugh. Happy! It had been a long time since the twelve-year-old had been happy. Yes, she had been adopted; but it did not last. At the age of four her father, John Grey, had died in a car crash, her mother, Lisa Grey, then turned to drink and after a year the young child was taken to a children's home and the search for a Foster Carer started.

She had moved from one foster home to another. The first had been fine but at school she was bullied, so she refused to go to school and then started acting up about anything and everything. After staying there for 6 months she was taken back to the children's home. Now seen as a trouble child no one wanted her and her mother was still heavily drinking. The next home was a very scary place for a seven-year-old, full of rowdy teenagers, one of which gave her a vodka shot and an LSD.

Once again she was removed and placed into another home. They were nice enough, but by now she had some issues and when it was discovered that her foster parents were going to have a baby it was decided she was not safe to have around such a young child. Then at age ten she stayed in the children's home occasionally seeing her mother who was now trying to clean up her act but failing miserably. Although, truth be told, Lucy no longer wished to be a part of the Grey family and had since dropped the surname and gone back to Waltham-Geller.

"Happy birthday!" Adam screamed as he ran into the room she shared with a girl named Sophie who was eleven. Quickly composing herself, she smiled at the hyper four-year-old. No one wanted a kid who was constantly charged no matter how little sugar you gave him. It was always like that, those who no one wanted were left in the home, but the cute sweet ones were gone in a flash. That's why no one wanted her; she was emotionally scarred and actually had a few physical scars from her time in school. Wherever she went, it seemed she would always be bullied; but at least now in secondary school she had made a few friends.

"Thanks Adam," she forced a smile.
"Someone's on the phone for you" Adam added. Lucy gave a doubtful glance. "They said there were looking for you anyway..." he too seemed to find it hard to believe.

Once down stairs she was handed the phone by one of the adults who ran the foster home.

"Hello? Lucy Waltham-Geller here..." silence... "Hello... is this a joke?" She heard some muffled noise

"David! ... Get... now...! Give it ...!"


"Sorry about that. My son has had too much Fanta again. " She was met by an American accent. Whoever was on the other end of the phone sure had a hectic life, she thought as more shouting and then crying was heard. "So... I... er... am... I'm you father..."

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