Brooke's POV

My parents are choosing kiwi birds over me. They're leaving me here, for stupid kiwi birds. Why is this my life?

I still couldn't believe their bags were packed and they were about to leave for New Zealand with little chance of returning for the next four years, all to study kiwi birds.

My parents, Marcy and Jake Taylor, were accomplished ornithologists, or bird scientists, and when they weren't talking about birds or reading about birds, they were following birds. I just didn't expect them to follow them to New Zealand. Why couldn't they take me with them? New Zealand was warm and beautiful and the boys had accents and tanned skin...I could live with that!

"Please Brooklyn, chin up! You'll have your very own apartment and your own space and freedom! This is every teenager's dream! And besides that, the kiwi is critically endangered, and needs our expertise! Think of the kiwis, Brooklyn. You used to love their tiny little wings..." Mom cooed, trying and failing to reassure me.

"Remember when you dressed up as a kiwi for Halloween?" Dad laughed, Mom reaching for her purse to try and dig out the picture.

"I was five..." I sneered, rolling my eyes. I didn't want my own apartment. I wanted a normal life, and I certainly didn't want to be changing schools.

As we pulled up to my new apartment complex I peered out the window and up at the tall building. It certainly didn't look like a home. More like an office building.

"Isn't it nice, princess?" Dad expressed excitedly. I slumped down even further in my seat, blowing a piece of my long, brunette hair out of my face in a huff.

After four hours of painstakingly moving each and every one of my possessions into the quaint one bedroom on the 5th floor came the quick, heartbreaking goodbye as my parents set out for the airport. There were tears and promises for phone calls every day but a part of me was angry at them for deciding to leave me here all alone.

After they left in a cloud of dust and I realized I was alone the real tears started to flow.

I hurried back up to my room and collapsed on my bed, burying my head into my pillow. Following my break down I finally sat up, wiped my tears and makeup away, and looked around.

Expecting to see my apartment in a new light and be optimistic about this whole situation failed and I snarled at the pink walls that were mine and fell right back down onto the pillow, this time, falling asleep with hopes of waking up in my old house, all of this being just a dream.