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The five of them sat down at the table at lunchtime - the Brain, the Athlete, the Basketcase, the Princess and the Criminal. They laughed, they talked and they smiled, completely ignoring the labels given to them by society. They were bigger than that, you see - they were better. They were the Breakfast Club. It was a name they had given themselves on that fateful Saturday, when they had started out as strangers with nothing in common. But as the day progressed, they had bared their souls to each other, and discovered each others deepest, darkest secrets. They thought that the outside world would only perceive them as their stereotypes and not the group they had become. But they were wrong. Against all odds, they had come together, broken the rules pressed upon them by their peers and had been reunited. They had become a true team against incredible odds and no one could rip them apart from each other. Not now, not ever. They thought they would have been the Breakfast Club only to each other.

Or so they thought.

Claire Standish nibbled at the pot of rice her mother had packed neatly into her bag, making sure not to smudge her lipstick in the process. She always wanted to look presentable, always. Her fingers were tangled round the thin pair of chopsticks she held, which snatched up the rice incredibly quickly. With her free hand, she brushed back her luscious, cropped crimson locks from her face and as she brought her hand down, she felt someone's close around it. Their palm was soft, warm and unusually glove-less. She smirked, her full lips twisting into an irresistible smile. Bender, she thought, turning her head to look into his eyes.

John Bender was eying his girlfriend smugly, gnawing mischievously on his bottom lip. His mahogany eyes were fixed upon her in an intense gaze that would have made any girl's legs turn to jelly. His chocolate locks hung beside his eyes, framing his bad-boy features perfectly. Claire found it extremely hard to look away. She heard the distant laughter of Brian, Andrew and Allison across the table from her. Nothing else seemed important when she was around Bender. Everything seemed pointless and vague, as if a thick haze had settled around everything but him, blocking them out.

"Yo, sweets.' He said, his tone casual, calm and completely delicious.

"Can't you see I'm trying to eat here, John?" Claire replied, fighting to keep the smile out of her voice.

"Be my guest." He said, waving a hand across the free space around him.

Claire giggled softly, plucking a clump of rice from the pot and allowing her chopsticks to hover in front of Bender's thin lips. "Want some?" She asked, her voice gentle.

"Sure," Bender whispered, an eyebrow raised. "Just make sure it ain't got any of that raw fish your always eating in it, okay?"

Claire rolled her auburn eyes, shaking her head so that her scarlet bob swayed slightly. "Don't be silly, it's only rice." She said, popping it into his mouth.

Bender clenched his teeth around the chopsticks, locking down upon them before she could remove them. He grinned, his teeth bared. Claire tugged on the chopsticks playfully. "Do you mind?" She asked, her eyebrows raised. "I need to eat." She gave the chopsticks a final tug before Bender relinquished his grip, guffawing loudly and slurping on his can of coke. Andy and Brian's voices came back into focus, although Claire was still bent over her food, her elbow resting on the cable. She couldn't seem to wipe the smirk from her face.

"Oh yeah, you wanna wrestle some time?" Andy said, his voice coloured with a fake macho cockiness.

"Try me." Brian said humorously, holding up his fists. Allison let out a grunt of laughter at this. Andy broke into peals of manic laughter.

"Hey," Bender's voice was suddenly in Claire's ear once again. A crimson hue crept up her pale cheeks, almost reaching her ears, thankfully hidden behind her already scarlet hair. "We still up for the movies tonight?"

Claire kept her gaze averted from his own, deciding to tease him rather than fall into his arms. Still, she could not wipe that smirk she always wore around him, from her face. "I don't know…maybe." She said, digging her chopsticks into the mountain of rice once more.

She could feel Bender's hot breath on her cheek, dancing down to the base of her neck. She could feel his lip curl into a smile rather than see it. "Fine. Well when you reach a final decision, please, let me know." He said, taking another swig from his can and shifting away from her in his seat.

Claire bit her lip, her pearly-white tooth sinking into the pink glittering flesh. Her eyes drifted to Allison, who was busy sketching something in incredible detail. It was a man, standing with his arms folded, his eyes looking away from the direction of the viewer - he bore a jacket with the worlds 'Shermer High' printed across the arms and his light hair was parted neatly to the side. One leg (clad in skinny jeans) was crossed casually over the other, as if he were leaning against a wall. His face was wreathed in a smirk. Allison leaned back in her chair, admiring her work. Claire wondered how long she had been working on that latest piece of artwork. However long, it didn't matter. It was incredible.

"Hey, Allison. That's great." Claire said, nodding towards the drawing.

Allison's head snapped up from her sketch, her eyes falling upon Claire's. "Thanks." She whispered. It was a simple reply, but Claire could hear the grateful tone in her voice.

Claire took an absent-minded bite of her rice just as Bender edged forward, squinting at the drawing. After a moment, his expression cleared, the creases of uncertainty at the corner of his eyes smoothing out and being replaced with a smile. "Hey, Allison, is that meant to be Andy?"

At the sound of his name, Andrew whirled round in his seat, breaking conversation with Brian, who had also turned to look at Allison. "What's going on?" Andy asked, his expression bright, clueless.

Allison looked down at the table, trying her best to shift the drawing across the table and hide it from Andy's view. But she was too slow. Bender snatched up the drawing and held it in front of Andy's face, shooting a wink in Allison's direction. Allison retaliated with a dark glare. Claire surveyed the scene, catching Brian's eye and grinning as Andy gazed at the drawing. His blue eyes widened as he absorbed every detail, every shadow, every line the pencil had traced. It was perfect.

Allison tried to grab the drawing, her hands clawing at the page and trying to rip it from Bender's grip but Bender held it out of her reach. Eventually, she gave up and sunk back in her seat, pouting moodily at Bender's success.

"Oh my God." Andy finally murmured. "You drew this, for me?" He finished, turning to look at the girl he loved.

Allison whipped the drawing out of Bender's hand at last. She began stuffing it in her bag but Andy's hand closed over hers, stopping her in her tracks. Her eyes met his, the deep brown gazing into the sky blue. "Yes." She whispered at last.

Andy's lips closed around Allison's. Her eyes widened, darting around her in fear of everybody watching, but eventually, she gave in to the sweet feeling of Andy's kiss and ran her hand through his hair.

Bender fell into a heap of laughter, throwing an arm around Claire's shoulder just as the bell sounded through the cafeteria.

Time for lessons, Claire thought sourly, not wanting to remove herself from the comforting warmth of Bender's grip. Slowly, she unfurled his arm from around her shoulders and leaned up, her boots squeaking beneath her feet. She planted a soft kiss on his lips, her palm resting against his cheek. Finally, she broke away and walked off, allowing her hand to fall from his. She glanced over her shoulder, one last time to see Allison and Andy still engaged in a kiss. She rolled her eyes before making her way to class.

Claire sat down at her usual seat in the classroom, avoiding the cold, harsh glares of her former friends. She could feel their eyes on the back of her neck as she dropped her bag beside her chair. Before they had discovered the truth about her and the school's resident rebel bad-boy John Bender, they would pass each other notes in the middle of class, share lip gloss, swap items of jewellery, giggle under their breath about their latest crush on the school wrestling team and laugh without a care in the world. They didn't even mind if they got caught. It just meant more time to talk in detention.

That was all before that fateful Saturday, when Claire had first met Bender, Brian, Andy and Allison. Now, her friends had noticed the 'new' people she had begun to hang around with. They disapproved of her relationship with the weed-smoking, trouble-making criminal especially. They didn't like her befriending geeks and weirdos either. They gave her snide, spiteful looks on the corridors, dared to give her the finger when Bender's gaze was directed elsewhere and whispered behind their hands when they thought she wasn't looking.

But Claire knew what was going on.

They passionately despised the fact that she was mixing with a crowd that weren't as affluent as they were. That was perfectly clear.

The teacher got to work writing notes upon the board and Claire sat, alone and feeling extremely vulnerable (as if one touch to her skin would cause her to shatter) scribbling down the words on the board into her notebook. It was nothing more than an untidy, undecipherable scrawl however. Her hand was shaking. She knew she would get more hassle from her former friends this lesson, but she wouldn't dare tell Bender. He'd be furious if he found out, and she knew it.

"Hey, Standish." She heard a hiss from behind and felt her heart jolt in her chest. She turned slowly in her seat, her chin digging into her shoulder as her eyes met the blonde bombshell who had uttered her name.

Sherry, she thought, sighing internally. God no. "What?" She mouthed, her eyes narrowed into slits, only a strip of brown visible through the lids.

"Eat shit." Sherry mouthed in reply, her scarlet lips curled at the corners. Her perfectly-manicured nails glimmered in the florescent lights above and her emerald eyes sparkled with malevolence.

Claire felt her cheeks burn, her hands curling into fists of fury. She felt an overwhelming urge to launch herself over the desks and rip Sherry's pretty hair out, but she forced the feelings rising in her chest down.

"Miss Standish?" The teacher's voice came from behind. Claire whirled round, her heart racing. "Does their seem to be a problem?" The teacher's hand was resting expectantly on her hip, her eyebrows raised.

"No, Miss. Nothing." Claire replied, trying to sound defiant. But her voice was shaking.

The teacher crept closer to Claire's desk, her hands resting upon the smooth wood of the table. "Claire, what's the matter? You aren't yourself are you?" Her voice was lowered, so that only Claire could hear her. She could feel Sherry's cruel gaze striving to get a glimpse at her, her minions sniggering beside her, their ring encrusted hands in front of their mouths, stifling their laughter.

"I'm fine, Miss." Claire said, avoiding her teacher's gaze.

"Are those girls giving you any trouble?" The teacher asked, jerking her chin towards the clump of girls behind Claire, each wearing the same innocent expression as the teacher's eyes passed over her.

"No, Miss." Claire replied more sharply and quickly than she had originally intended. "No trouble whatsoever."

"Well if they do, please, let me know." The teacher narrowed her eyes for a brief moment, before returning to her usual stance and straightening up, turning on her heel and resuming her list of notes upon the blackboard.

Claire dared herself to cast a quick glance over her shoulder at the girls whom she had previously shared endless joyful memories with. The lost laughter echoed in her ears just as Sherry raised her manicured middle finger to Claire when the teacher wasn't looking. Claire said or did nothing in retaliation, just turned back round and continued her work.

"Claire, what's up, babe?" Bender said, catching up with her just as she bustled swiftly from the classroom, wanting to be as far away from Sherry and her gang as possible. She clutched the pile of books to her chest, cradling them for strength. She couldn't tell Bender about the grief they'd been giving her. She just couldn't.

"Nothing, John, I'm fine." Claire muttered, avoiding his intense gaze.

"Oh, really? Claire, I may not be Brian but I'm not stupid." He said, crossing his arms and stepping cleverly in front of her, barring her path.

"Look," Claire heaved a sigh, her heart racing in the chest; she wondered if she could muster up the courage to say this. "John, I don't think I can make our date tonight."

Some of the usual buoyant light that filled John Bender's eyes flickered and died at her words. "What?" He snapped, his tone suddenly icy.

It was a mistake and she knew it, but Claire could do nothing more now; the words had already escaped her lips. "I'm sorry." She side-stepped him, shuffling round him and picking up speed, striding away from him, tears stinging her eyes.

"What's the real deal here?" Bender called to her over a gaggle of kids. But she ignored him. She just kept on walking, faster and fasted as if her life depended on it.

"Brian, I just don't know what to do." The tears streamed down Claire's face, ruining her carefully-applied make-up as she spoke; she didn't care. The only person she hoped would care was Bender, and he was probably planning a way to break up with her at that exact moment.

Brian Johnson sat beside her during free period, his eyes glowing with sympathetic warmth, his forehead creased with worry lines. "Claire, I don't see why you couldn't just tell him." His voice was soft and comforting as he spoke, making Claire feel at ease.

"Can you imagine what Sherry and her gang would have done to me if I'd have told him, and he'd have yelled his ass off at them in front of everybody? We all know that's what he'd do." Claire said, twisting her hands in her lap. Every nerve in her body was on fire - burning at the prospect of the harsh words in her ear, the dark looks they would give her.

"I guess." Brian said, digging his hands into his pocket for something. What it was, Claire did not know until he pulled out a checked square of bottle-green fabric. He reached over hesitantly, brushing the soft cloth across Claire's tear-streaked cheeks. He dabbed gently as each tear fell. But these new tears didn't fall out of terror or despair; they fell out of gratitude towards Brian.

"Thanks Brian." Claire whispered, giving him a warm smile of thanks.

Brian's hand retracted, pressing the handkerchief into Claire's palm. "You keep it. Just in case." He said gently.

Claire smiled once more, but her smile vanished as quickly as it had come when she saw the group of girls who had just entered the room. It was Sherry, followed by her loyal band of tributes. "Oh God." Claire moaned, her voice muffled as she hid her face behind the wall of fabric the handkerchief provided.

"Is that them?" Brian asked, his eyes wide. Claire nodded shakily in response.

There were only a few other people in the room: a tough-looking kid who's leather jacket covered his head as he tried to sleep and a group of nerds - probably from Brian's physics club - huddled up in the corner pouring over a book labelled 'The Wonders of Science'. Brian couldn't bear to see Claire (a friend he truly cared for) so distraught. He rose from his seat, making his way over to Sherry and her gang. He heard Claire's hiss of protest but ignored it. He crossed the room in a flash, walking until he was face-to-face with Sherry. She wrinkled her nose at the sight of him, her eyes travelling across his beige pants and thick green jumper. Her eyes were filled with a mocking expression that made Brian's hands curl into fists in his pockets.

"Yes, Peewee?" Sherry snarled, her friends breaking into a chorus of hateful laughter. "Can I help you in some way?"

Brian built up the courage inside him, clenching his fists so hard that his nails dug into the flesh of his palms. "Yeah, actually," He began, his voice brimming with confidence despite the nerves tracing his spine. "I would like it if you would leave my friend Claire alone."

Sherry raised a golden eyebrow. "Claire's your friend?" She snickered. "Wow, I guess she really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel this time, huh?" The group of girls behind tossed their hair over their shoulders, giggling appreciatively.

"Actually, Claire was simply sick of hanging round with a bunch of stuck-up brats like you," Sherry opened her mouth to protest at Brian's words, but Brian cut her off. "You see, she likes Bender. She actually likes him. She doesn't have to date him just because it's something you would approve of. She doesn't have to go along with anything you say now just because you're popular." He scalded, pleased to see the shocked expressions on their pretty faces. "We like her because she's a nice person, not because of the amount of money she has. Yeah, Bender may be reckless, he may not play to the rules and he may not have anywhere near the amount of money you have, but he loves Claire and she loves him, so why don't you back off and leave her to live her life the way she wants to live it?"

Sherry was taken aback. Her eyes shifted uneasily to where Claire was sitting, her mouth gaping open in surprise, then back to Brian. "Fine," She muttered eventually. "Come on girls." She snapped, rushing from the classroom awkwardly, her nose in the air. Her gang ran after her, all wearing the same uneasy expression.

Brian nudged himself on the arm, proud of what he'd done. He'd finally told those girls to lay off Claire. He hoped she wouldn't have any trouble from them from now on. Before he knew it, Claire's arms had wrapped themselves around his neck, squeezing him tightly.

"Thank you so much." She whispered, her eyes sparkling with tears.

He shrugged modestly, running a hand through his golden curls. "All in a days work."

Claire collapsed into a fit of giggles, swaying on the spot with him. She looked up as a flash caught her eye.

It was Bender, standing in the doorway, her diamond earring glinting in his ear. She slipped her arms from around Brian's neck and ran towards him, her lips crashing down upon his in an instant. His hands found her waist and her own tangled themselves in his hair. After a long moment, they broke apart.

"What was that for?" He asked, a smile in his voice.

She smirked that smirk she always wore around Bender. "Tell you at the movies."