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"Claire!" A voice came from behind. But Claire did not care. She was hurting; her chest was burning with a pain so great she was sure her heart had shattered.

Bender had kissed Sherry - she had witnessed it with her own tear-filled eyes and there was nothing she could do.

She knew this was all her fault; if she had been that little bit stronger and given herself the strength to turn away from the friends she had always hated, to relinquish their iron grasp on her shoulder for good, then none of this might have happened. None of it.

Claire was wracked with despair as she stumbled out onto the sidewalk, out of the hall, away from the happy dancing couples and partying students. She couldn't handle it; knowing that Bender was in there, probably stuck in the middle of a slow-dance with Sherry. The very image conjured from the depths of her mind of the two holding each other beneath the bright tricoloured lights of the dancing hall made her feel sick to the stomach.

Her head spun dangerously beneath the gloomy lights of Chicago's streets. As she passed beneath a glowing street light, she felt a hand grasp her shoulder. Starting violently, she whirled round, eyes hard and ablaze with anger, ready to confront whoever had dared intrude her reverie.

But as those deep brown eyes she knew so well met hers, she felt her hard expression melt and her face soften.

Allison was looking at her, holding her gaze with sympathetic eyes rimmed with powdery black eye shadow. Despite the make-over Claire had given her on the day of the detention that had brought them close together, Allison seemed to have returned to her old looks.

"Allison?" Claire whispered, her voice wavering with the effort to suppress the oncoming wave of tears.

Allison said nothing; she simply wrapped her arms around Claire's quaking shoulders and pulled her into a firm but comforting hug.

"Bender...and Sherry..." Claire wailed, her anguished cry muffled by the fabric of Allison's dress.

"I know. We saw. All of us... Claire..." She pulled Claire up to face her, hands resting squarely on both shoulders. "You have to march back in there and talk to him. Just pull him away from that stupid rich bitch and tell him your sorry. Then, hopefully, he'll apologise for what he's done, too."

"But, I can't forgive him for this, Allison..."

"You think he's proud of what he's done? He regrets it. You can tell." Said Allison, not daring to break Claire's gaze for a second. "He was angry at you and you at him, but you can put this all behind you. You guys... you are perfect for each other."

Claire shook her head, making her crimson bob bounce slightly. "Nobody thinks that." She moaned softly.

"We do. Andy, Brian and I. We know it." Allison's full lips curved into a soft smile. "You two love each other. You can't let go, Claire. You just can't."

"But-" Claire began.

"No. No 'but's'," Allison interrupted sternly; her kohl-rimmed eyes appeared even more menacing now they were filled with a firm, unmoving gaze. "get back in there and talk to him."

Slowly, Claire nodded. Inhaling a deep breath, she straightened herself up, some of the confidence flooding back into her heart. Linking her arm through Allison's, together they strode back into the dance hall, music and laughter filling their ears as they emerged through the open doors.

They halted at the entrance as Claire's eyes searched for Bender. She felt Allison nudge her side softly; following the gesture she gave her, Claire saw that Bender was huddled in the corner, slumped against the wall whilst Sherry and her friends chattered happily nearby. But his expression was blue; his eyes drooped to the floor and his shoulders were hunched. His mouth was a hard line, pursed in guilt and shame.

Allison reached up and planted a kiss on Claire's cheek. Claire looked at her in surprise; "What was that for?" She asked, aghast.

"To let you know that I forgive you - we forgive you."

Claire grinned at her, before sliding her arm from hers and marching in the direction of Bender. As she approached, he looked up and his eyes widened at the sight of her. It was not a frequent occurrence that Bender looked scared, but now, his eyes conveyed a definite inkling of fear Claire had no trouble spotting.

Before she could reach him, however, Sherry suddenly slid into her path, stopping her in her tracks. Her green eyes were narrowed into feline slits and her arms were folded across her chest in an intimidating fashion. "Come to win your man back, have you?" She sneered, her cruel mouth curled at the edges. "Well it's too late; he's with me now."

"Bite me, Sherry." Claire snarled, moving forward in an attempt to duck past Sherry. But where Claire moved, Sherry moved also, barring her path to Bender once more.

"Why don't you just leave, Claire? Nobody wants you. Not me, not Bender... not even your sad little friends over there." Her eyes flickered to where Allison, Andy and Brian were watching worriedly.

"Don't you dare talk about my friends that way." Claire growled.

"Funny, you didn't seem so keen on them yourself a couple of days ago." Sherry chuckled maliciously.

"I was stupid and I was wrong. They are ten times the friends you ever were to me." Claire snapped, hands baling into fists.

"Well then, I suggest you go and join them. You can go and be freaks together." Sherry grinned.

That was it. Claire drew back, gathering all the inner strength it took for her to beat Sherry to a pulp, as she prepared to pounce. But before she could inflict so much as a scratch on her, Bender emerged from the corner, that casual look of mischievous nonchalance Claire loved so much written all over his face.

"Hey, Miss Priss," Bender said, swaggering over to Sherry.

"Yes, babe?" Sherry said sweetly, but Claire could see the smile on her lips was forced.

"Don't call me 'babe', because I'm not your babe and never will be." He glanced at Claire. "Claire's not the only one who was stupid and wrong... see, 'cause I never should have kissed you. I never should have come here with you. You're nothing but a rich bitch with more money than sense and a false impression that everybody in this school loves you. Well they don't. I don't, Claire doesn't and neither do your little friends. They only hang around you because your popular. So you just wait a few years until your daddy pairs you up with a rich man who'll get you pregnant, marry you, have a string of affairs behind your back whilst you drink yourself blind to block out your own fucking miserable life. Then maybe, you'll wonder if you should have been nice to people like Claire," and with that, he wrapped a hand around Claire's shoulders. "and then maybe they would actually like you."

Claire reached up and pressed her lips to his as soon as the last words left his mouth. Bender responded enthusiastically; almost lifting Claire off her feet. A few feet away, Andy, Brian and Allison were whooping softly. After a while, Claire pulled away, grinning at him, her heart racing.

"Hey, cherry," Bender muttered softly.

"What?" Claire whispered breathlessly, smirking at the old nickname.

"I forgive you."

Claire smiled. "I forgive you, too."

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