Twilight's War

In the beginning there was darkness…

In the war between harmony and discord, cosmos and chaos fight for control of the world. So they each summoned warriors to fight for them as their champions. But what they don't realize is that a new factor will find its way into the world of conflict.

On her throne Cosmos is focusing on her powers when a disturbance strikes her. "This feeling is…" was all she could describe because this feeling was the essence of nothing.

On the edge of discord chaos also senses the unknown change the balance. Garland, Chaos' right hand man, notices his uneasiness and is curious.

"Chaos, what is the matter?" Garland questioned. "It seems… new players have entered the game." Chaos stated with uncertainty. The god of discord then smirked at this feeling. Garland was obviously puzzled at this, "What can this mean Chaos?" Said god turned his head," it means this war will end sooner than we thought". With that Garland turned and walked away to ponder what will happen in the future.

Thus began the new chapter in a certain nobodies' unknown existent life.