Harry looked down at the letter he'd just received. He'd been expecting it for years, ever since he'd learned that Hogwarts existed, but he didn't know how he felt about it and all it represented. To go to Hogwarts, he would have to leave his Aunt Marge behind for most of the year for the next seven years.

Dudley had spent several months at Hogwarts, and had said that the place was horrible. But, then again, Dudley wasn't the most reliable source of any sort of information. Especially information about something like Hogwarts.

Three years earlier, after Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia had gotten into a really bad car accident and had to go to the hospital for several weeks, he and Dudley had been left in the care of Aunt Marge. Back then, he hadn't liked Aunt Marge because of how things had gone when she visited the home he used to live in with his aunt and uncle, and she hadn't liked him because of all the lies his aunt had told her about him.

Dudley had done his best to get him in trouble with Aunt Marge, and for the first week, she had bought it. One day though, Aunt Marge started calling Dudley on his crap and punishing him, which the fat blond lump most definitely didn't like. That day had been the day Harry's world had gotten flipped on its ear.

A while later, Dudley, who had been an even bigger brat than usual, had tried to get back at Aunt Marge by kicking one of her puppies. He had moved to protect the puppy, and Dudley had kicked him instead. Instead of yelling at him for this like his aunt and uncle would have done, Aunt Marge had called for the police and an ambulance. Dudley was arrested, and he was taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, the way his aunt and uncle had been treating him had been revealed, and he was told that he would never have to live with them again. Unfortunately, he still had to live with Dudley at the very least because of some sort of special blood protection that his mother had left behind that living with his maternal relatives recharged. After leaving the hospital, he had briefly been taken from Aunt Marge, but later returned and told he could stay until he grew up.

The one dark spot in his life with Marge was Dudley. Several months into his stay with Aunt Marge, Dudley had been moved in because he absolutely had to be there to renew the protection that was keeping him safe from the bad "wizards" who used to follow the Dark Lord Voldemort. Dudley had picked up few if any manners while he was away at Hogwarts, and his behavior would have almost completely gone downhill after his return if it weren't for the fact that Severus who he would soon have to start calling Professor Snape constantly visited.

At his and Dudley's new Primary school, Dudley wasn't the king of the playground like he had been back in Surrey, and in fact had taken his old position at the bottom of the school's social standing, as he had picked up a reputation for being a bullying troublemaker, and didn't have any of his old friends from Surrey to back him up. Dudley of course blamed him for this and more, and did his best to make his life a living hell when nobody was looking. Fortunately, that wasn't all that often, since he made it a point to keep as close to Remus and Aunt Marge as possible when he was home.

Today however, he'd received the letter that told him he would have to leave home and all of the friends he had made over the years soon. Remus, Severus, and the Letter all said that he was a wizard. Aunt Marge said that that whole wizard thing was Hogwash, and that believing what he could do was magic was just lazy thinking.

He himself was inclined to believe Aunt Marge. She hadn't steered him wrong so far.