Inuyasha and the following story do not belong to me. Nevertheless, I got the approval of the original author of this story (Cindy Elric) to translate it into English so that those who do not know Spanish could read it too.

Love Bet

Sesshoumaru: Bet

Humans… they are so pathetic and insignificant. I have never understood their purpose in this world. Why are they here?They are only a nuisance, trash, victims of that which they call emotions… What a worthless thing! If there is anything even more useless than the humans themselves, then it is this thing called… love. What is love?

A clear example of this so called love were the feelings that that pathetic Inuyasha claimed to have for that miko… What was her name? … Kikyo. They said that they loved each other, but a few meager lies were enough to shatter that illusion. All Naraku did was to set up a ploy and they fell for it. Thus, ending up hurting each other, betraying one another, destroying that which they swore to profess. That infuriating feeling is nothing more than a mirage in which those of inferior intelligence like to believe in.

Here is where you came along… a pathetic human, trying to teach me a lesson, trying to trick me into believing that that insufferable lie exists. You know that it will not be very easy for you to convince me of its existence, that I will never allow you to convince me. Despite this, you keep insisting with your cursed eyes trained upon me, those eyes I have always hated… You dare defy me, question my reasons for being indifferent towards the human existence, you dare question the reasons hidden behind my lack of interest towards the wellbeing of a child, whose life was in danger and whom you insisted on saving.

I looked at you with angry, ice-cold eyes, but you seemed to ignore me because after the third attempt you managed to reach the boy who almost fell off the cliff. You hugged him, managing to pacify his irritating wails and you calmed him down by smiling at him. During all this time, I remained a simple spectator, that is, until your eyes meet mine again. That blasted brown color! You say thousands of words that yet again emphasize those disgusting "feelings", words that I fail to understand and choose ignore.

I smiled coldly at you, which made you frown and confront me with even more determination that before. Finally, you pronounced the words that made my blood boil as it rarely did before, that sentence that I kept repeating to myself and hated it…

"What are you afraid of…?"

Afraid? Me? I started laughing, showing you how much I despised you and your words. The simple fact of trying to understand the meaning of that sentence seemed absurd. It seemed impossible. However, you seemed to believe that your words spoke the truth and I could clearly see your determination and beliefs shine in your eyes… How can I prove to you the error of your beliefs? Ignoring you will not be enough. Turning my back on you and leaving will not do either. I have to break your confidence, show you how wrong you are, and rub it in your face… It was then that an idea crossed my mind… if you were so convinced of the existence of these feelings, if you truly believed that all creatures had to feel something, I had to test you, I had to find out how far were you willing to go in order to prove your point.

I looked at you while you said good-bye to the child who left in a hurry, you smiled at him, and then you turned towards me and looked at me with anger in your eyes.

"If you are so sure of what you say, I have a proposition for you."

"What proposition?"

"You claim that all beings have feelings, that even demons posses them. That even I, who deny their existence, have emotions. Thus, I propose a deal."

"What deal?"

"Make me fall in love with you."


"If you manage to make me love you, I will admit my defeat. I will accept your words without contradicting you. Moreover, I will stop bothering your group and Inuyasha. I will never cross paths with you again, let alone threaten your lives."

"By any chance… are you crazy? How can you say something like that?"

"I do not love nor have I loved another, which is why I challenge you to make me love you. Protect your beliefs. That is, if you think you are capable of doing so, or are you already sorry for the words you uttered?"


"Then… do you agree?"

You looked at me questioningly, trying to find some trail of doubt on my expression, but I did not show you anything besides my usual mask of indifference.

"I agree, but tell me the terms of the deal."

"Our meetings will appear to be the same for the others. We can meet secretly various times, in order to spend some time together and in order for you to be able to accomplish your objective, but… - I smiled - you will fail if you do not manage to make me love you or if you fall in love with me."

"Excuse me?"

"You lose if you come to love me without me reciprocating your feelings."

"And what makes you think that something like that will happen?"

"I am just telling you the possible outcomes."

"Alright, I understand the rules. However, you will not attack us throughout the period of time the game unfolds. I will not allow you to put in danger my friends or Inuyasha, just so you can accomplish you objective."

"Very well."

You looked at me one last time, but this time there was a strange spark in your eyes, a spark that made me frown. You left without a word, returning to the half-breed you claimed to love. I also left, while going over the terms of our bet in my mind. I smiled in the anticipation of my victory. It would be impossible for you to win.