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A raven-haired girl stepped into the train. It had been an exhausting day at school, and she was looking forward to her warm and comfortable bed at home. Her eyelids were heavy, and she struggled to stay awake as she dragged her feet over to her favourite spot of the train. The only sound that she could hear was the constant rhythms of the train against its tracks, a soft thump, thump sound echoing in the carriage. After a while, she got used to the sound, and it died away in her ears eventually, becoming background noise until only silence accompanied her.

She stared down the row of empty seats. She was amazed by the symmetry of them, how the dim station lights creeping in through the dusty windows seemed to give the train an old, rustic feeling. She wondered how many memories were trapped between the yellow-tinged walls. She liked the way silence enveloped her in the train, how her guitar case was digging into her waist, how her fingers seemed so rough and rigid.

Yet, it was amazing how she remembered that there was a time when those fingertips used to be fragile and soft, a time where those walls were shiny and white, a time when those dim lights were bright and brand-new.

Azusa put her bag down gently and placed it below her seat. Scanning the area around her, she realised that the train was sparsely filled, she spotted a couple sitting a few metres away, but no one else seemed to be in the train. It was not surprising, given that it was 10.00 pm on a Friday. Unzipping her guitar case, she slipped out her Fender Mustang.

However, Azusa had not seen a blond-haired girl who happened to be sitting a carriage away from her. The blonde-haired girl too, had not seen Azusa either, but had heard a soft, melodious tune floating into her carriage. With curiosity getting the better of her, she walked over to the source of the music.

"You're quite good, you know." the blond-haired girl said, her voice soft and gentle. She had moved to the carriage next to hers and sat at the seat across Azusa's, admiring the skillful handiwork of those thin, slender fingers as they strummed the strings on her guitar. Azusa was unaware of her presence even though the blond girl had been observing her for a minute already.

Azusa snapped out of her trance after hearing the voice, her cheeks becoming red. "Uh, sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your silence, I thought nobody could hear. Was I too loud?" Azusa gushed as she stared at her shoelaces.

"Don't worry, I liked it. My name's Tsumugi Kotobuki. I know you, you're Azusa right? I'm your batch mate, but I'm from a different class. Nice to meet you." Tsumugi said, a kind smile etched on her face.

Azusa reached out to shake Tsumugi's outstretched hand. Tsumugi walked over to Azusa and sat down next to her. A friendly conversation sparked between them. They talked about many things, how they were adjusting to the new environment, the amount of homework that their teachers gave them and each other's personal interests.

From their conversation, Azusa understood that Tsumugi had also attended the jazz band auditions, applying as a pianist, explaining why both of them were going home at the same time. She also found out that Tsumugi could play the piano, and had been playing it since she was four years old. Their one-to-one interaction was thoughtful and very sensible, though awkward and included many unfilled pauses.

After a while, Tsumugi had to go, and their friendly conversation came to an end.

"Well," Tsumugi said, proceeding to stand, "My stop is next. See you!". She went over to the next carriage to take her bag and left after waving goodbye to Azusa.

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