It had been very busy at the clinic during the day, so Michaela decided that she would have to go there after dinner in order to do some cleaning. Sully had said that he would look after the children and now she was on her way.

After a good hour of cleaning, someone knocked on the door. Dorothy had said that she might stop by to drink some tea, so she opened it without hesitating. The hard push with which she was forced back into the clinic took her by surprise, causing her to fall backwards. She opened her mouth to scream, but the man stuffed a handkerchief in it. He was already tying her hands on her desk, while sitting on her legs to keep them down and threatening her with a large knife to keep quiet.

Knowing that there was not much she could do except hope that someone had seen what had happened she began to cry. She didn't want to because she didn't want him to have that satisfaction, but her fear was too great. Her blouse and camisole were ripped open, causing her cheeks to burn with embarrassment. No man had ever seen her like this. Sully had wanted to touch her sometimes, but he'd always respected the fact that she wasn't comfortable with that. The man who was currently touching her didn't show her any respect. He roughly squeezed and kneaded her most private parts; it made her nauseous.

She decided to close her eyes and pray that someone would come and help her. Her skirt was pulled upwards and her bloomers downwards. She could feel him lowering his trousers and a moment later he roughly entered her. She didn't think she had ever felt anything so painful and the pain increased with each thrust. The man groaned loudly and she felt warmth inside of her. Knowing what had just happened and what could be the consequence of it, her tears only fell faster. The man pulled out of her, and seconds later, he was gone.

Sully was getting worried. Michaela had said that she'd be home before ten, but it was already twenty minutes past ten by now. Matthew had just gone to bed and Colleen and Brian were already sleeping for a few hours.

Deciding that he had waited long enough, he went to the barn to wake Matthew and tell him to wait in the house until he would be back. Quickly mounting his horse and riding of in the dark, he hoped that nothing bad had happened. When he arrived at the clinic he saw that her wagon was still there. He opened the door of the clinic and immediately understood what had happened.

Michaela, his beloved fiancée, lay there on the ground, her blouse and camisole torn and her hands tied. Her lower body was also exposed and looked bruised. Blood was on the floor beneath her. Choking back tears he closed the door behind him and kneeled beside her. It was then that he saw that a handkerchief was stuffed into her mouth. He gently pulled it out and immediately she began to sob forcefully. Sully cut the ropes that tied her hands and then tenderly lifted her into his lap. 'Sully,' she cried and the sound of her usually strong voice broke his heart. 'I'm here. I'm here…You're safe now.'

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