Betrayal of betrayed - The Lion King fanfiction

Story Summary: The Pridelands are in peace. King Mohatu is ruling and his two daughters, Uru and Makali are preparing to replace him one day. But when the king falls in love with his ruthless chancellor and is going to disown the sisters in favor of a chancellor's unborn son, everything may happen. Will the sisters subordinate to the king's will or they will fight back? And what role will hyenas play in this plot, especially Shenzi's father, the great general Hillary Yena? Will Uru fall in love with young male Ahadi, his friend or maybe one of handsome rogues?
Inside: a one, bloody war, constant plot twists, lots of dirty political tricks, dark humor, tragedy, romance - Everything you may want from a good book! :D

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Betrayal of betrayed - The Lion King fanfiction

By lew_leon 2012

Prologue. 'Without second solution.'

'My mother told me that there is a solution for every problem. You should just try hard to find one. When I became adult, I realised that finding solution isn't the main problem. The problem is not to be a solution for somebody else...'

Quoted - Hatia from house of Samawi, queen of Pridelands.

It stopped raining. Sun appeared for a short between thick clouds. Air used to be heavy, but after a storm it cleared out and smelled pleasantly with wet grass. Red coated lioness, called Hatia, walked along a path between bushes and long savannah grass. She looked pensive and didn't pay attention when two 2,5-year old female cubs bolted near her in a chase, sparkling water all around when running through deep puddles. One of them had golden fur, the second had mahogany fur, both had lighter underbellies. They were twins, daughters of Hatia and Mohatu, present king of Pridelands.

'Makali, Uru! Stop brawling around!' Red lioness shouted with weariness. 'Where is Uru?' She asked, looking for mahogany cub.

Uru lurked in a deep puddle. When Hatia approached, she jumped out and clutched her mother's leg.

'Roar! I'm a crocodile.' she exclaimed happily. Her joy grew even bigger when she realised that she managed to scare her mother.

'Oh, gods, what are you doing? You're such a spooky cub.' Hatia shook her head in discontent. 'And you're all wet. You'll catch a cold.'

'Mum, crocodiles are wet all the time and stay healthy.' Uru said trying to jump away, but her mother snatched her and licked till she was almost dry.

'Mum, could you clean me too?' Makali asked

'You're clean.'

'So I can get dirty. I love cleaning.' Makali smiled and her mother rolled her eyes. 'Mum, daddy said that the Northern Pride wants to swap lands with Amani pride only to cut us from wildebeest paths. Is it true?'

Hatia looked confused. Makali's ability of quick changing the subject of talk could be matched only with her curiosity.

'Erm, he's probably right. But don't worry about that. Daddy will take care of it. And you'll have a whole life for such problems.'

'Okay.' Makali said sadly. She seemed disappointed with her mother's answer.

'Remember to keep such information for yourself. Enemies are listening. 'Hatia instructed her daughter. 'Would you like to go and play with others cubs? Ahadi and Kiribi have already recovered from their illness.' She added with less serious voice

'So great!' Makali exclaimed and run towards Priderock, which could be easily seen between clumps of acacia trees.

'Do I have to go too?' Uru asked unwillingly 'I don't like playing with others. I'd like to have a stroll with you instead!'

'Why don't you want to play with other cubs?' Hatia furrowed her brows.

'Why are you sad?'

'It's not polite to answer a question with a question' Hatia cheered up a bit. 'I'm not sad at all. I just have to consider some problems.'

'I see. Can I help you?' Uru asked with childish hope.

'Give me some time and have fun. As long as you're happy, I have no real problems' Hatia nuzzled her daughter and cuddled her.

'There is one important thing. Remember that whatever will happen, I'll always love you and Makali... Do you understand me?' Her voice became full of tense. Uru nodded. 'There are some lions... which are saying a lot of lies about me. Don't believe them. I love you.'

'Okay mum. I love you too' Uru said firmly, although she didn't understand why mother said such things.

'Chase your sister; she is going to be first at the Priderock.' Hatia exclaimed and Uru bolted to join Makali.

Hatia stayed only with her thoughts. She came to an edge of cliff to see a beautiful view on the Priderock. The Pridelands looked so calm and picturesque. Wind gently ruffled endless fields of gray-green grass, creating waves, just like on sea.

Hatia once saw the sea. Such memories stay in mind forever. Memories... Childhood, which seemed happy, but much too short, arranged marriage with prince Mohatu, love striking her like a lightning (How could it happen? She was never an amorous lioness.). Then was the last time she seemed really carefree...

Short and terrifying ruling of Mohatu's brother, Kutojali. Civil war between brothers. Peace. She became a queen, only to fall into a web of intrigues. It carried her here, on the edge of cliff, with no chance of turning back.

'Oh, why did I take my daughters with me? It'll be so much harder for me now.'

Uru managed to catch up with Makali. She pounced on her sister and both rolled up a few meters. They stopped, panting.

'Why did you do that?' Makali managed to cough out.

'For fun! Awww, you're so boring!'

'Did you remember to ask mum about...' Makali asked, sighting heavily.

'Oh, damn, I forgot.' Uru interrupted her.

'Again? I'm seriously worrying about you...'

'Shut up. I'll come back soon.'

Uru tried to work out where her mother could be. Probably at her favourite sightseeing place. It was so beautiful! Uru waded through clumps of grass. She was way too small to look beyond, so she easily got lost.

'So great' she thought bitterly. 'Makali will laugh at me again.' She snarled at butterfly that flew beyond her head.

Heavily irritated, Uru jumped with much force through clump.

'Whoa!' Cub exclaimed as it found itself on the edge of cliff, with an abyss in front of its paws. 'That was close.'

Uru looked along the edge and managed to notice her mother quite far away.

'Hey, mum!' she shouted happily, but was much too far to be heard.

And Hatia... Hatia jumped down the cliff. Uru looked at it in utter terror. After a while she realised that she is screaming. She couldn't understand what had happened.

Uru run to the place her mother was standing a minute before. She looked down to see Hatia lying still at foot of cliff, about 20 meters below.

'She must be alive!. I will save her!'.

Uru managed to find a narrow, twisty path. Half running, half jumping, she rushed down. Suddenly, she slipped and slid towards abyss in rain of small rocks .She tried to dug extended claws into ground... She hit a rock, managed to bounce and reach small ledge. She climbed it. At least she was safe. But her mother... Uru eventually got to her. She was lying on rocky ground, between clumps of dry, greyish grass.

'Mum?' Uru asked, a bit afraid to come closer. The confidence that mother is alive disappeared as Uru recalled one hunt when lionesses drove a zebra near the cliff and forced it to fall. It died at once. Did mother die too?

Eventually Uru came closer and touched Hatia's back. No response.

'Mum? You are unconscious...?' Uru asked. Her voice broke. She stuck to her mother, tears filled her eyes. For Uru, Hatia seemed to sleep, with her warm body and closed eyes. Only her chest wasn't moving regularly as it used to do before.

'Why did you do that, mum? Why did you harm yourself?' Cub thought desperately

With great effort Uru managed to stand up and catch a glimpse of Priderock. It gave her calm.

'I should go for help' she decided.

Then she saw her father coming in sprint speed with two other lions along a path.

'DAD!' she cried hysterically and jumped into his paws. Only his cuddle could give her a feeling of safety. King's companions run to check if Hatia is still breathing.

'Dad. Mum... Mum terribly harmed herself! Uru sobbed

'I know I saw it.' Her father answered with dead voice

'Did she do that it because of me? She was a bit angry on me...'

'No, of course not! She... was very ill... Her spirit was filled with ill sorrow and forced her to do this. It's nobody fault.' King lowered his head so that he could look into his child eyes 'Listen to me carefully. You should never say what your mother did. Say that it was an accident! Promise me that you will do so!'

'I promise, dad!' she uttered.

Uru didn't remember much of next days.

Cuddling to her sister when sitting between wet nurse's paws... the only thing that gave her safety... Terrible sorrow... Strange speeches... False tears... Burial day... Unexplainable atmosphere of relief in pride... tormenting nightmares... Warmth of her sisters back when they curled together, crying...

AN: I was writing that fanfiction for two months, trying to find a new subject and a kind of a new look on the Lion King plot. That's why I chose the times of Mohatu reign - it gave me a lot of freedom in creating the world and the characters - you may like it, you may not, but I think it's quite worth reading.

I wanted to include the reality of life on savannah, which I know a litte from the documentaries and more valuable, from the tales of my grandfather, who worked in Africa, Angola for two years, teaching the ship engeenering but also having many trips on the real savannah. On the other hand we have the intelligent lions, which (as I suppose) had to create something like their own religion and culture. That's why you might be sometimes surprised by some of the inspirations from the culture of human pastoral tribes, but I'm sure that it might be quite interesting :) I was heavily inspired by Frazer's book "The Golden Bough" and some articles of Mircea Eliade and Levi-Strauss.

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