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Date: 25-08-2012

Time: 43 minutes past 9:00 PM

Location: 香港

Subject: "I just felt like starting a blog"

Hello to all.

This is Hong Kong.

Well duh, it's obvious from the location.

So basically, I like, talk about what I did right?

Fine then.

I'll tell you about my great achievements in life.


*Made England spit his tea out.

*Made China wear a Hello Kitty costume.

*Made China annoyed.

*Made Iceland annoyed.

*Made England annoyed.

*Made Iceland spit his licorice.

*Made Iceland waste licorice.

*Made Iceland accidentally scream at his brother.

*Made Norway blame Denmark for something he didn't do.

*Stole one of China's Hello Kitty plushies and sold it for a high amount of money. (I have fan girls too you know.)

*Stole England's fans. (That's what you get for making my eyebrows like yours! Consider it revenge, old man!)

*Stole China's fans. (Yeah, I'm younger...and cooler than him.)

*Stole Iceland's fans. (Take that, Iceland!)

*Made Liechtenstein see pictures of a chibi Iceland, courtesy of Norway. (He blamed Norway, not I. Pranking Iceland is much more better than I thought...)

*Exploded America's burgers.

*Exploded France's house. (When I was a kid. England hated France, so...I thought I had to.)

*Exploded England's house. (He said firecrackers weren't allowed, so I brought fireworks and explosives instead.)

*Made America accidentally drink England's wonderful tea. (I'm not being sarcastic, guys. It was wonderful tea.)

*Made England say "I love America, I love France". (Yes, I am just that genius.)

*The Hong Kong dollar is the 8th most traded currency in the world.

*I have the best movie stars.

*Took lots of pictures of China being all immature.

*Made England eat China's dumplings. (I'm not sure if this would be considered an achievement or not. But I guess so.)

*Made China eat England's scones. (Thank goodness he did not die, I was about to eat it myself. But the old man ate it, claiming that he "saved me from a terrible fate". He's probably watching weird dramas again.)

*...and many more.

Okay, that was it, kiddies!

I have a lot of achievements in life, so I'm proud of myself!

Oh, Iceland's probably reading this blog.

What? Going to cry to your big brother now?



Chill, I was just kidding.

Oh yeah, my profile.

Name: 香港特別行政區 Hong Kong

Birthday: 1st of July

Likes: Fireworks, Chinese New Year, wasabi, and etc.

Dislikes: Iceland screaming, Iceland's noisy penguin bird, China's "aru", England's constant yelling, America's noisy laugh, China's outdated hairstyle, China's lame clothes and fashion, China messing with my stuff, and etc.

Who I want to prank the most: ...Almost everyone.

Well, short profile is short.

And my profile was at the end of my blog post?

Shut up. You don't order me what to do. (Unless you're England or China.)

Nah. I like, won't listen to them. I'm not a child.

They're the ones who are like, overprotective.

I wanna live on my own.

I'll probably not stop on hacking these blogs though.

They're so fun to tamper with.

Especially England's.

Though I didn't try it.


Well then, that's all for this blog post!


Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia:Axis Powers. Himaruya Hidekaz owns Hetalia:Axis Powers.

A/N: Hong Kong's blog has arrived!

I think this blog is going to be okay, since I'm a little bit like Hong Kong. In a way.

Well then, xiexie for reading! (⌒▽⌒ゞ