Year 3 has begun with SDDJ: Auld Lang Syne. Here is a preview of the first chapter is below.

Harry Potter's staggering steps ended abruptly at the bus stop that was two - or was it three? - blocks from Number 4 Privet Drive. He dropped the end of his trunk, set down his owl's empty cage on top and thought about his next course of action. He sat on the trunk and sighed heavily. He looked around at the darkness, the stormy clouds over head and the eerily quiet play park he passed on his left. His voice was soft and reflective. "Way to go, Potter. Now what are you going to do?"

He'd send a note to one of his best friends - Jason Vaisey or Blaise Zabini - but Hedwig was off hunting and there was no telling when she'd be back. The Leaky Cauldron was an inn as well as the entryway to the wizarding world, but it was all the way in London. Harry was directionally challenged so he couldn't just walk to London and he had no Muggle money to pay for a taxi.

Running his fingers through his hair, Harry heard a rustle and whipped around, wand in hand and pointed at the bushes. Aurors should be sorting things at the Dursley's home. None would be lurking in bushes. Maybe running out like that wasn't exactly his brightest move.

Harry took a step back and peered at the bushes. He saw something shimmer or shine gold - or was it green? - and were those eyes staring at him? A thread thinned voice wheezed in the moonlit night behind him, "Harry!"

He whipped around towards the voice, wand still raised, staring at the large figure moving surprisingly fast towards him. Even though he lowered his wand, he didn't feel safe enough to put it away. Harry glanced towards the bushes behind him, but he no longer saw the eyes that glowed at him. Maybe it was his imagination after all. "What are you doing out here, Dudley?"

"I…" Panting, his cousin - Dudley Dursley - waved him off. "I just… she's wrong…" Hands on his knees, Dudley took deep breaths or tried to at least, "Blimey, I need to get in shape."

AN: I hope you enjoyed the preview of SDDJ: Auld Lang Syne. The first chapter Mothers has already been posted.

Originally I posted a sneak peak to the third story that follows, but it was just too confusing so it is now deleted and only at the end of book 2 of the SDDJ trilogy.