I'm dead.

Well, actually I joined Blackwatch, like there's a difference. I was pretty sure it was a death sentence the moment I was given the choice between joining them and execution. No matter how much they told me it was a "second chance" and all that shit. Turns out it's worse than I thought.

I've been assigned to guard a Gentek facility. Top secret research, all a "need to know" basis. Most of the stuff I hear 'em muttering about is way over my head anyway, but I've already seen some examples of their work. Zombies, what they create are practically zombies. I don't give a rat's ass how many times they snidely correct me. They have a few dozen which they experiment on.

I was lucky enough to be right on time to see them feed. A few scruffy beggars, most stripped of their clothing, thrown into a pen with those monsters. Bunch of men in white coats watching, taking notes. acting like the fucking Devil himself playing God. Didn't hear much screaming come out of the guys as they were torn apart and devoured, God knows why, and I don't feel like askin'.

Couple of soldiers tell me I'm lucky, better here than out on "crowd control". Couple of others keep fidgeting, fingers on the trigger and eyeing the exit. Another guy keeps jumping at shadows, it's a wonder he hasn't been fired.

Or just shot. Even what little we know about Gentek and Blackwatch would give the media a field day; I doubt an expendable soldier like me gets much of a retirement plan apart from a bullet through the skull. Only way I'd get out alive is climbing the corporate ladder. An entertaining thought, to be sure. But seriously, fuck life.

Anyway, I best get some rest now. Here's hoping a zombie doesn't rip my face off in my sleep!

Just felt like a "snippets" diary story, I dunno, just really wanted a story that quickly gets into the thick of it. Not going to be much set-up in this story. Hopefully will be interesting all the same, hopefully bits and pieces of this particular character's past will show up all over the place. Anyway, have a nice day!