Well, so far so good. All my limbs are still attached and I'm breathing.

I'm starting to get a better feel of this place. First of all, us soldiers are here more to defend from what's created in here than any outside threats. This place seems to be a well-kept secret.

One guy got called by the scientists, thrown into the chamber with a single zombie thing. He was told to shoot it in specific areas only when instructed. Guy got a little trigger-happy, which the scientists weren't happy about. They ordered him to leave and me to enter.

They replaced the zombie with a new one. As it started to run towards me, they ordered me to shoot it's right knee.

I won't deny it was freakin terrifying lining up my shot as the thing ran towards me snarling like a rabid dog. Still, I was right on the dot. Blood and bone sprayed out of the wound, although it closed up surprisingly fast. The leg was useless, and while the surprised creature fell to the ground, it didn't take long for it to hop towards me, other leg trailing behind.

They ordered me to shoot the other leg, once again, dead on. Once again, the thing kept going. Crawling towards me.

I waited for them to tell me to finish the thing as it crawled closer.



I glanced up, the scientists seemed to be arguing about something. Fucking hell, I'm still down here!

I wondered if I should shoot the bloody thing in the head. It was crawling with surprising speed, considering it was dragging two dead weights.

I was just about ready to shoot anyway when FINALLY they told me to shoot the thing in the heart.

I half-expected it to keep going, but the creature dropped like a stone. Alright, not a zombie.

'Good work, get decontaminated and be reassigned.'

Know what's a load of crap? I got decontaminated and got reassigned to do the same fucking thing, only with a slightly different gun.