Instant Cookies

Shining Armor observed the box of cookie mix and smiled. It's only instructions were to just add water, a cup of water to be exact. Hmmm seems a bit too easy he thought, But no problem I'll try them before I give them to Cadence. He then used his magic to get a mixing bowl from the cabinet and poured in the mix. Maybe I'll add a bit of sugar just to be safe! Shining then used his magic to open up the bag of sugar and scoop out a teaspoon of it.

Now time for the water. He got out the cup and filled it up under the sink. Shining carefully poured it in the bowl and sat down the cup. With a smile he looked inside the bowl. Is it supposed to be bubbling like that? He said to himself looking at the contents of the bowl in confusion. Oh well probably nothing. He grabbed a wooden spoon from the drawer and began stirring.

Sure is mushy he thought and then got out a cookie sheet. Oh well he said to himself and using his magic began plopping wads of the cookie dough onto the pan. He observed his work for a few moments and then beamed triumphantly Now time for the oven!

Just as he was about to open the oven door he heard a loud popping sound. Then another and another. He looked back at the cookies and gasped. They had become perfect and round chocolate chip cookies, but they were floating. He knew he wasn't the one making them do it. "What's going on? You're not supposed to float!" Shining said to the cookies.

Suddenly they all formed mouths with sharp chocolate chip teeth. They started laughing nefariously and Shining Armor tilted his head in confusion. "Wha-" The cookies zoomed towards the unicorn and started chomping at him. "Hey cut it out!" he said in annoyance their bites were like that of bugs.

Hitting at the chomping cookies with his tail he walked over to the empty mix box. He read it again and again until he noticed some very small print in the corner. Never, Never add sugar. It read. Shining sighed and started biting at the cookies. He managed to get a small bite out of one.

Looks like I'll be eating all the cookies, sorry Cadence. He said to himself.