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This is an idea that popped into my head when I read Bleach DxD by p17oyDONju9n. Read it, it's a good story, although I have to say, he (she?) overpowers the DxD characters quite a fair bit. Rias is strong and all, but I don't think she's strong enough to match an experienced captain. So here are the general power levels for me.

Unseated Shinigami - Average low-class Devil

20th to 5th seat (except Yumichika) – Above Average Low-class Devil to Average Mid-class Devil

4th seat to Lieutenant with no Bankai (Rukia after time skip)– Above Average Mid-class Devil to Average High-class Devil

Renji in Bankai before time skip – Above Average High-class Devil (Rias is at this level.) – Orihime after time skip, Chad after time skip, Uryu after time skip

Renji with Bankai after time skip – Below Average Ultimate-class Devil

Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Sajin Komamura, Soifon – Average Ultimate-class Devil – Letzt Stil Uryu

Kenpachi, Byakuya, Toshiro, Shinji, Kensei, Rose, Urahara, Yoruichi, Love, Tessai, post time skip Ichigo – Above Average Ultimate-class Devil (Tannin, Maou Servants) - Ryuken

Kyoraku, Ukitake, Unohana, Isshin, Ichigo after time skip in Bankai and with Hollow mask – Maou level (Diehauzer, Grayfia, Serafall, Falbium, non-serious Ajuka, non-serious Sirzechs, Original Maou)

Yamamoto in Shikai, Aizen – Elder Gods (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Odin, Thor, Loki, Indra, God of Bible) – Balthasar (Vandereich Leader)

Yamamoto in Bankai, Hogyoku Aizen – Super Devil level (serious Ajuka, Human-shaped Power of Destruction Sirzechs, Vali in Emperio Juggernaut Overdrive) – Heavenly Dragons

Mugetsu Ichigo

Divine Dragons

Also, I'll be taking a few liberties with the future events in Bleach. The Quincy War ended with no main character casualties, meaning Byakuya survived, though he, Toshiro, Soifon, Komamura and Kenpachi are in recuperation after getting their asses kicked by their opponents. Seriously Kenpachi, that bloodlust of yours will get you killed one day. Yamamoto managed to kill Vandereich Leader with Ichigo's help. The rest of the Vandereich are either killed or imprisoned. Next, Ichigo still has his hollow powers. Ichigo also recovered his Fullbring after killing Ginjo. It will be called Blade of Bonds. Isshin was originally part of the Royal Guard, but was discharged after using Mugetsu and subsequently losing his powers, about 40 years before start of Bleach canon.

Ichigo will be in his body most of the time, and even after getting turned into a devil, his spiritual form is still superior to his body, so his power level will be two levels lower than stated above. Of course, he will still get stronger.

Well, all that aside, let the story begin.

(Ichigo's POV)

My name is Kurosaki Ichigo, 17, 2nd year in highschool. My grades rank in the top 20. Usually. I get into a lot of fights because of my orange hair, which for the record, is natural. Really, I got it from my late mom. Also, my name DOES NOT mean strawberry. It means One Guardian. Check the kanji. I'm attending Karakura High School. I'm leading a perfectly average life, if you don't count my duties as a guardian of the afterlife. Yeah you heard me right. I'm a Shinigami, one of those who govern the flow of souls between the mortal realm and the afterlife. Of course, not much has been happening, aside from the occasional Hollow, so I'm pretty much just an average high school enjoying my youth.

Then, something happened while I was walking home from school. It wasn't a Hollow, no, it was something far worse.

"M-My name is Amano Yuuma! P-Please go out with me!"

It was a confession from a girl. Now while most boys my age would be elated (*Cough* Keigo! *Cough*), I didn't even know how to react.

"You sure you're talking about the right person? I don't exactly have a good reputation, you know?" I confirmed with her. It would be pretty bad if she had mistaken me for someone else.

"Kurosaki Ichigo-kun. 2nd year student at Karakura High School. Current academic rank is 15th in his year. Gets into a lot of fights because of his hair color."

...Yeah, she's definitely talking about me.

I turned around to face her and took in her looks. Black hair, cute face and her uniform is from a high school in the neighbouring town. Overall, she looks like a cute girl that any guy would be glad to date, and I might have done so, if I hadn't noticed the feel of her reiatsu, which was definitely higher than an ordinary human. It was dark, not like a Hollow's, but felt colder, sticky, unlike a Hollow's reiatsu that felt more primal and full of anger. So she wasn't a Hollow or an Arrancar, but her reiatsu is already enough to set off alarms in my head. I have no idea what she wants, so I should probably play along to avoid arousing her suspicion.

"Well if that's really what you want, then I'm fine with it, I guess." When I said that, she immediately perked up.

"Really!? Then, please meet me at the shopping district tomorrow at 5! Thank you!" She ran off in the opposite direction of my home. Before she turned away completely, I caught sight of a cruel smirk on her face. That proves my theory, she's definitely not looking for a date. Well, despite the feel of her reiatsu, she doesn't seem stronger than a Gillian, so I shouldn't have to worry too much

...I thought it would be fine, how was I supposed to know that would be the day my life would change forever? ... Again.

The next day at 5.00 pm, after school let out, I went to the shopping district as promised. I had to tell Goat-face where I was going so he wouldn't overreact and kick me in the face when I do get home. Predictably, he ran over to that oversized poster of my late mother and cried about me growing up or something along those lines. Then he frowned when I told him of my suspicions and told me to be careful. When everyone else asked me where I was going, I just told them about Amano Yuuma, if that was even her real name. They immediately got serious.

"Kurosaki, are you sure you'll be fine on your own?" That was Ishida Uryu, I just call him Ishida. He's a Quincy, one of the last two actually. The rest of them were all eradicated by Soul Society. Despite that, he doesn't appear to have any true grudge against us Shinigami. I do consider him a close friend, and I know he considers me one too, but we'd sooner die than admit that. He's also the rank 1 in academics in our year.

"She doesn't seem much stronger than a Gillian, so I should be fine. I'm bringing my badge along in case I need my Fullbring, or to eject my soul."

"Do you want us to come along just in case?" That was Chad. His real name is Yasutora Sado, but when I first met him, I mispronounced the kanji of his name and called him Chad. After a while, the name just stuck, so Keigo, Mizuiro and I still call him Chad to this day. He's my best friend, a relationship that was affirmed when he saved me from some thugs and I did the same for him a few days later. His power is a Fullbring like my Blade of Bonds, Brazo Derecha de Gigante and Brazo Izquierda del Diablo, the Right Arm of the Giant and the Left Arm of the Devil. On an unrelated note, he's of Mexican descent, which explains his dark skin tone.

"It's fine. You guys should go home and do Ochi-sensei's homework. It seems tough. I'll do it after I'm finish up on my end."

"Kurosaki-kun, please be careful. If you get hurt, I won't be there to heal you..." That was Inoue Orihime. She has the same hair color as me, and is a pretty girl, that I have to admit. Her powers are extraordinary, the Shun Shun Rikka. They grant her unique abilities, the greatest of which is "event rejection", the ability to reject anything. This can be used to not only reject injuries, making her an effective healer, but it can also be used to erase anything from existence.

"Ah, I'll be careful. No need to worry about me." I reassured her. Still, I have to wonder. Amano Yuuma, what exactly is she?

I arrived at the shopping district on time, and sure enough, at the side of the entrance, Amano Yuuma was there. The moment she saw me, she smiled and waved, but not before smirking to herself. She probably thought I didn't see it. I waved back, careful not to give any indication that I knew what her true intention was.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me in to the shopping district. We went to different kinds of shops, enjoying our date. For dinner, we ate at a family restaurant where we shared a chocalte parfait. While I knew I should be more cautious, chocolate was still my favorite food, so I did somewhat enjoy myself.

By the time we were done, it was already 9 at night. Damn, will I still have time to do my homework? We were at the park not far from the shopping district. Amano Yuuma walked away from me and stood in front of the fountains.

"It was fun today." That's what she said while smiling innocently.

"Hey, Ichigo-kun?" She's already addressing me by my first name even though we just met?

"What is it?" I answered as carefully as possible.

"There's something I want to do to celebrate our first date." Here it comes, I reached into my pocket and grabbed my badge.

"What is it that you want?" I slowly pulled my badge out.

"Would you die for me?" I knew that was her intention from the beginning, but that was so sudden that I stopped for a second. She's obviously not very good at subtlety.



Black wings appeared from her back. Her black wings were making noises and they touched the ground after a moment.

What the!? Is she supposed to be an angel or something? No, I don't think that angels would so casually ask someone to die...

"It was fun, the short time I spent with you. It was like playing couple with a little child."

Her voice was very cold. Her tone became more adult-like and her mouth was forming a cold smile.

-ZZZ- There was a sound and a glowing spear-like object appeared in her hand. Actually, that is a spear. I pulled out my badge and shouted, "Blade of Bonds!"

A white light shone forth from the badge and enveloped my body. A white bone like substance covered my body, turning into armor and the badge itself turned into a short sword. I raised the blade just in time to block the spear that was thrown at me. She seemed shocked.

"What!? Is that your Sacred Gear!? Impossible, according to our information, you haven't awakened your Sacred Gear yet!" Sacred Gear? What's she going on about?

I used Bringer Light to close in on her and swung my sword at her head. She made another spear and blocked my attack, barely. She jumped back.

"Sacred Gear? Sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about. This is a Fullbring." She raised her eyebrows in confusion at my statement. So she doesn't know what a Fullbring is. Then, this Sacred Gear or whatever is the reason she attacked me?

"So it's not a Sacred Gear. Well, that's fine. Either way, you're still going to die here." She rushed at me and thrust her spear at me. I blocked it with my sword and swung down at her head. She sidestepped and grabbed my hand, stopping me from swinging my sword again. Oh crap!

-Slash- A searing pain rose in my stomach. Dammit, she stabbed me! I fell to my knees, the spear still stabbed into my stomach.

"You gave me a bit more trouble than expected. Sorry, if you want to hold a grudge, then hate the God who put that Sacred Gear inside you. It made you a threat to us, so we decided to get rid of you early."

Even now, I still didn't know what she was talking about. She started to walk away from me.

"...Dammit, don't think I'll let it end like this...!" She stopped and turned back towards me with an amused smirk. Let's see how long that smugness of hers can last!

With the last of my strength, I raised my sword above my head and gathered as much power as I could. Black and red beams of reiryoku gathered around it. Probably sensing the power of my attack, she panicked and started to fly away. It's too late!

I swung my sword down and shouted, "Getsuga Tensho!" A large black and red wave shot out of my sword and rushed towards her. Seeing that, she tried to rise into the air, and she almost got away, but my Getsuga managed to hit her left hand. It was sliced immedialtely, and streams of blood started to pour out.

She screamed in agony and outrage, "Damn brat!" And she flew away.

I lost the last of my strength and collapsed. The spear in my stomach had already disappeared. I lay there on the ground, in a growing pool of my own blood. My vision started to blur, and I knew my body was dying. Everyone probably already felt my reiatsu fading and are rushing here right now. They won't make it. Inoue's the only healer among us and she definitely can't run halfway across the town to get to me in time. Shit, I can't die yet. If I die, who's gonna protect my family, my friends. Plus, getting killed for some obscure reason wasn't satisfying at all.

"Dammit! I can't die yet...!" I yelled out in frustration.

"In that case, shall I save you?" A new voice came from behind me. I turned my head around, or at least I would have if I had any strength left. Footsteps grew closer to me and when I looked up, I saw the most beautiful girl.

Long, flowing crimson-colored hair. Green eyes. A softly smiling face that definitely wasn't of Japanese origin. And a rather impressive figure too.

"Hm, I followed that Fallen Angel here because it was unusual that she would just suddenly leave the territory that she'd been occupying for so long. I didn't expect to meet a human as interesting as you. Being able to wound a Fallen Angel is quite an impressive feat for a human. And that power didn't appear to be a Sacred Gear."

There's that term again. Sacred Gear. And Fallen Angel? Is that what Amano Yuuma was? And what was so important about this Sacred Gear thing that she was willing to kill me over it? Of course, that's not the main issue right now.

"Save me? Hey, I'm not sure if you noticed, but I have a gaping hole in my stomach. It's something that even a hospital would not be able to treat easily, you know?" Even when I'm nearing death, I can't lose that sarcastic tongue of mine.

Rather than being offended at my tone, she just chuckled.

"I noticed. And I'm saying that I can save you. Are you willing to take that chance?"

Is she serious?

"What's the catch?" There's always a catch, miracles do not just drop from the sky.

"Are you prepared to give up your humanity?"


"If I save you, you won't be human anymore. Even so, do you want to live?"

She's serious about this, huh?

One thing I've always been proud of is my humanity. In front of opponents like Kariya, Muramasa, Aizen and Balthasar, I proudly proclaimed my humanity. Am I really ready to give that up?

But, there're still many things I have to live for. Graduating from high school, watching Yuzu and Karin grow up, keeping an eye on Goat-face, and most importantly, protecting others from Hollows. Yeah, I can't die yet. Even if it costs me my humanity.

"I'm prepared. I'm still not ready to die just yet." I gave my consent to the girl. She nodded.

"I see. Then, after this, your life will belong to me, and you will live for my sake." Saying that, she brought something out. Because of my blurring vision, I couldn't make out what it was, but whatever it was, it was glowing red. She brought it down to my body and the red light enveloped me, I felt something entering my body and I lost consciousness right after.

Life 0: "My life changes again." End

And that's it for the prologue! It's short, but it is just a prologue after all.

I'm going to say this now, this is an overpowered Ichigo fic. At his full power, he can already beat down most of the opponents he will face, even Vali, Loki and Cao Cao. But as I said in the beginning, Ichigo's power will be lower than usual at the beginning since he's using a body. He will overcome this soon enough. His Sacred Gear will be Boosted Gear. He'll be using his Fullbring and Shinigami powers as well, but the former will probably only be used in the first few chapters before he starts using Zangetsu to fight instead. He is strong, stronger than Issei and my other fic's Ichika, so expect plenty of beat-downs.

Of course, he won't be crushing every opponent he meets, Vali in Balance Breaker can give Ichigo a run for his money even in Bankai, especially if Vali uses Juggernaut Drive. He definitely can't defeat Loki with just his Balance Breaker or just his Bankai. He can, however run circles around Cao Cao, as in the end, Cao Cao is a human. Of course, he has technique and True Longinus to help him overcome that weakness, but Tensa Zangetsu's speed and power will definitely give him a hard time. Of course, Cao Cao can just attack one of Ichigo's friends and he'll immediately defend them, even if it means getting hit by the strongest holy spear that he knows can be fatal to him. There will be original arcs where strong opponents will be fighting Ichigo and giving him a hard time.

Well, that's all from me for now. I'll probably update Infinite Dragon Emperor next, unless you guys want me to work on this first. And the update will probably not come for at least a month because of my finals coming up. I'll be putting up a poll on whether you want me to update this or Infinite Dragon Emperor first.

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