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Geez, would ya look at her? I don't if I've ever seen such perfect, innocent beauty. The princess everyone dreams about. The hair, her slim figure, those green eyes. I could loose myself in her and never worry about getting out. She's like my new-


I broke away from my thoughts to find the lady in question staring at me questioningly.


"Can you tell me a story while we wait?" She asked with the most eager of expressions.

We were waiting in the boat I had rented (read as 'stolen'). We had been here almost twenty minutes, mostly because I hated being late, and I didn't actually know when the lanterns would start to rise. It varied every year, depending on wind or something. I had thought that Rapunzel would be overly excited, as she was whenever she mentioned the 'floating lights', but she had been pretty quiet. She had been mostly staring out at the castle while Pascal and I had played hide and go seek.

"Why not?" I shrugged, pulling Pascal from his hiding spot on the bow of the boat. "And I win again Pascal. You really need to get more creative with your obvious hiding spots."

The chameleon stuck out his tongue at me as I tired to think of a story I could tell. The only ones I knew were pretty big downers.

"What kind of story do you want?" I asked, still fishing for any idea. "A comedy, or maybe a soap opera type? Oh, how about a poetic epic about a young man and his spoon of power?"

She giggled, which made me smile. Everything she did made me smile. She could be sitting somewhere, not doing anything except breathing and blinking, and I'd still find her fascinating.

"No." She shook her head, hesitating. Her hand quickly darted to her bangs and she brushed them back, like she did whenever she was nervous. I don't even think she was aware of it. "I was hoping, maybe, you could tell me your story."

Whoa. Where did that come from?

"I know you said it's a bit of a downer," she remember my exact wording? "But I'm still curious. Please?" She begged, her eyes widening. Even Pascal nodded.

I sighed. I hated bring my past to the present. There are just too many things I'm not proud of, and even more things that I hate myself for doing. Nobody knows my whole story, not even me to be honest, but I guess some one should know. And if I have to tell some one, I want it to be her.

"Okay, okay." I muttered. "But it's not going to be pleasant. Are you really sure you want to hear this on the most important day of your life?"

She smiled. "I know a few stories that suck, maybe we can swap after." We both chuckled, then the seriousness came out. "And yes, I'm sure." She moved closer to me, our feet almost touching. "And it will only make the day more special."

My eyes flickered up to hers. She was awful at lying, but she couldn't be serious, could she? How could knowing my whole life make her day better than it already was? Unless- no, stop it Eugene! None of that now.

I cleared my throat and swallowed. "I don't know where to begin." Images were already popping up in my head, images of things I thought I had buried a while ago.

"Then start at the beginning." She instructed, her elbows resting on her knees and her chin resting on her two open hands. "What do you remember first?"

First? Well, the first thing I can remember is...

Flynn, Age 6

Light? What are these floaty things? They look like giant firebugs!

I jump out of bed and run to the window. I'm careful not to wake anyone else though, 'cause it's past everyone's bedtime, even the grown-ups', and I get in big trouble if I wake anyone up. See, I've been trying to read my book. Not any book- the Story of Flynnagin Rider! It's the bestest book in the whole world! ... At least, I think it is. I can't read yet, so I only look at the squiggly lines on the page. I'm trying to teach myself to read, because Ms. Maitren doesn't let us read books. She says they're the work of some old man named The Devil.

Oh right, the lights! So, I'm at the window. I don't know what the funny lights are, probly 'cause I'm only six, and like Bruiser says, I'm too young and dumb to know stuff. They're pretty though. I don't get to see a lot of pretty stuff here. The Orphanage is dirty and cold and it smells funny, just like Ms. Maitren, the lady who made this place. She tells people who come and take children away that she wants the home to be just like a real home, but from what I've seen through the windows in people's homes, kids don't get locked up or beaten or have their food taken away. I might only be six, what ever that means, but I'm not as dumb as Bruiser says I am.

Now the lights are pretty high up. They just look like stars. I wonder what they were for. Maybe it had something to do with the princess that got stolen away. I heard the grown-up talking about it quietly one night when I was trying to read, but suppose to be sleeping. I think they said that an old witch lady or something had taken the baby girl. But why would they do something so pretty for such an ugly event?

They've all floated away now, and the sky is just as dark as before. The moon isn't out either, which means that I have to read by the light of the candle that burns in the hallway. It's kinda dark, and my eyes hurt. I try not to think about it as I climb back into my now cold bundle of sheets. Only the big kids get real beds. Everyone else just has a palette. I wonder how long I was watching those lights? It seems like the sky is lighter to me, so it must have been a long time. I hope I don't over sleep.

"You will get up right now young man!"

A lady voice's was screaming into my ear. I open my eyes, blinking in confusion. There is no way I missed morning call- Karl would have gotten me up, he always does.

"Eugene Fitzherbert, you will get out of bed this instant or you'll be spending a week in the cellar!" The voice is still screaming. But why?

Sun light lights up the room so much I can hardly see. Wait, that's means that I did miss call! Oh no...

I scramble up, fixing my breeches and shirt. Ms. Maitren is there, tapping her foot, looking furious.

"I- I didn't mean to, I swear!" I sputter, but I know it won't make a difference.

"I don't care if you did stay in bed on purpose or not!" She snarls. The rest of the room is empty, the other boys probly downstairs eating food. Which I won't be doing for a week now. "You, Mr. Fitzherbert, are sentenced to five days in the cellar!"

She picks up my blanket, which she holds as far away from herself as her arm can reach, and my pillow.

"Please, Ms. Maitren!" I beg. Maybe she's in a good mood today or something. Maybe I can get off with just doing work. "I'll work for the rest of the week, double duties!"

She doesn't bat an eye. She can just get one of the other boys to do double duties. "Get up and follow me boy!"

I hang my head and do as I'm told. No use ever came from arguing with the directress. There's no point in bringing my book; the cellar is darker than the night. At least I have my blanket. It's cold outside, and the cellar is always colder at night. Maybe Willy left his blanket in there again. He does that sometimes, for the younger kids who get in trouble like me.

We have to go outside of The Royal Orphanage for Lost Boys and Girls. There's a big fancy sign outside, painted in bright colors. The air is so cold; I can see my breath. I stop walking, hoping she'll give me my blanket now.

"Get going boy!" The directress snaps, slapping me upside the head. "I have more important things to do than punish disobedient rats like you!"

I run forward, away from her hands. I get to the entrance of the cellar, and, because Ms. Maitren is wearing a long-sleeves dress and a shawl, I have to stand there shivering while I wait for her to catch up.

My fingers are starting to turn blue by the time I hear the clink of the keys the directress always wears at her belt. The cellar is the slightest bit warmer, and I nearly dive into it. They must have lit a fire inside the orphanage. The cellar and the kitchen share a wall, or at least, that's what Bruiser says. Ms. Maitren throws my blanket in after me, then my pillow.

"Learn a lesson for once boy, or you'll never get anywhere in life!" She screeches before slamming the door shut. Like always, I wait until I hear the click of the lock before I move. I first grab my blanket and pillow and make a small nest in the corner where both walls touch the orphanage.

Then I lie down, wrap myself up, and cry.

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