Okay, so I am going to try my hand at a fifty shades fanfic. It's a little ironic though, technically these are fanfics or a fanfic. But that's okay – I adore Christian and Ana, so Ima do this. I may be inconsistent with updates – I will try my best to be as regular as possible, but I am in year 12 and I have another fanfiction (pretty little liars, encase you want to check it out). So this will be only my second even fanfiction, so try keeping that in mind that I might not be the best at this, but any constructive criticism or comments are welcome! Or just review – 'cause everyone loves those! Also as to the name – Conflate means to blend together – and that's what this is going to be about. First chapter is a little short, the others will be a bit longer.

(Christians pov)

I pulled Ana roughly towards me – placing her on her side, shifting behind her almost as though I was going to spoon her. She arched her back and turned her hips in such a way that I had perfect access. Mmm, yes. As I yanked her outside leg up and over mine, I penetrated her from my position behind. We had been going at this for hours, and still I had not finished.

It was a type of game that we had started playing with each other recently. We could see how long we could last, ether before I came or she passed out. So far, Ana had not once passed out even though numerous times it was such a close call.

As I thrusted in and out of her, the room was filled with sweet, torturous moans elicited from deep within her. I would never grow out of my Ana, my wife, my more. Never once has she bored me. Instead the mix of her submissive or feisty nature, and all shades between, aided in continually surprising me. We had already experimented so much – but there was still plenty of adventures left for the two of us to have in bed. Haha, and out as well.

Mmmpphh, I knew I was close, the firm hold her walls had gripped me in was proving to be that bit too much. Snaking my hand up her shoulder blade and around her neck, I gripped her throat slighting. It wasn't enough to stop her breathing, or really affect it much. But it was just enough so I could bend her head back slightly, my mouth lining up perfectly with her ear. Biting her neck slightly, I smirked to myself as an almost animal growl escaped her.

"Make yourself come for me Ana, then I'll finished," I whispered into her ear as I reached for her hand and drew it down her stomach. When her hand had reached the destination, I released my grip - only to grab her wrist with some pressure, ensuring that she didn't have the option of backing out. With only a moment hesitation, she started to rub her clit, adding volume to her carnal noises.

I started to thrust harder, knocking my hips against her pelvic bone – my speed increased as did both of our breathing. It wouldn't be much longer, and if it didn't happen soon I knew she would most likely pass out. It was like playing with fire, and proving to be so very electrifying.

With that thought, Ana started to exclaim her approval and pleasure of the new found depth in my thrusts as she started her umpteenth orgasm of the night. Grabbing her hips with the hand I had held her wrist with, I slammed into her as I came. Slowly, and as gentle as possible I thrusted a couple more times before withdrawing, completely satisfied.

Sliding both arms around her middle, I pulled her back in me. Moulding our bodies together, and drew the sheet up and over us before falling straight into a content sleep.

Some while later I awoke – turning my head to the side I squinted at the blaring time of '3:48am' on the digital clock on our bedside table. I propped myself up on my arm and looked down at the peaceful state of Ana's face. It was one of the most beautiful views in the world, her adorable face striped of any lines of worries or concerns.

She was my life now, my love and my joy. I couldn't wait to make this home ours. We had been her a little less than a month and had almost completely settled in. Although, I wasn't sure we could quite say that we had fully settled in until the baby arrived. Ana's beautiful figure was now sporting quite an impressive baby bump, obvious proof of how heavily pregnant she is. It hadn't slowed out sex life down at all, in some ways I found it a bit of a turn on.

Stroking along the length of her body, over where our baby was growing, I gasped in amazement yet again. I don't think I will ever get use to the knowledge that we have made a life together, one that is growing inside of Ana's womb. It was such a miracle.

But, as amazing and exciting as it was, I was starting to become increasingly anxious about the birth. Ana and I had worked through a sizeable amount of our issues concerning her pregnancy, but I still had some doubts and insecurities. I wasn't sure how I was going to fair as a father, nor was I even sure we would survive this as a couple. I guess only time would tell. Trying to hold onto the fact that it had been lucky that Hyde had not injured the baby during his ruthless attack on Ana helped slightly.

ERGH! Even his name still managed to boil my blood to the point where I felt the need to hit something. Hard!

I took a few deep breaths, concentrating on inhaling then exhaling, managing to calm myself somewhat. There was no point getting worked up about it now. It was done, over with. Hyde was no longer an issue and I had Ana safely and securely wrapped in my arms at the moment.

It was about time I talked to Flynn about some of my current concerns regarding Ana's pregnancy. Perhaps he could do something to help with my reoccurring anger towards Hyde as well.

But not tomorrow night, no. Ana and I were finally going to try out the new 'Red Room' in our house. Nothing too extreme though due to Ana's current state of being with child, I think I had a fair bit of an idea as to what I had planned for us. Oh and how extremely keen for it I am. Although, somehow I got the feeling that she might be just that bit more excited about the return to the red room then I am.