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(Christian's pov)

She is so ready for this!

"Mrs Grey, we won't be doing anything that we haven't done before, but you remember the safe words right?" I didn't feel the need for tonight to be about exploring new ground, for either of us. I just wanted it to be enjoyable, and the best way to ensure that was to go with what we had both enjoyed before in our old Red Room – oh and at times outside.

"Yellow and Red, Sir," I smiled at her reply, perfect, as always.

"Stay," I barked out the command as she stood directly in front of the bed. I moved off to the cabinet of toys, on top I had already set out the objects we were going to be using tonight -I picked up the luna beads and our favourite grey tie. Turning around to return to her, I notice she was in the exact position I had left her - her delectable body displayed in all of its naked glory. I noticed straight away that she had chosen not to wear any underwear, and instantly I had responded. I thought that I was already hard enough in anticipation, but my body seemed to always surprise me when it comes to Ana.

I was glad that she had come to look forward to our 'kinky fuckery'. We had a conversation about it not long before we had moved in, I was when we decided together we would create our new Red Room. I had developed a strong liking for vanilla, and she had come to actually look forward to our sexual adventures. I knew that it would take a lot of adjusting for her from the start, but now we had both formed a healthy (or perhaps overactive, depending on your view point) sex life that suited both of us. One that consisted of a mixture of flavours.

Strolling back to her, I slung the tie over my shoulder and held the beads up to her mouth. Instant recognition flared in her beautiful eyes as she opened her mouth without hesitation. I needn't command her as to what to do; instead I just popped each one into her mouth. I watched as she moved them around in her mouth. Deciding that they would be lubricated well enough, I tugged on her lip so that I could retrieve the beads.

"Turn around and bend over. Grab your ankles," I instructed. She did as I said, widening her stance so that I would have better access to place the beads into her. One by one, I took my time entering them into her. With each bead, an involuntary moan was extracted from her. Stepping back, I took a moment to admire her exposed womanhood. Mmm, not long now and I will be inside her again.

"You can stand up again now but stay with your back to me" I watched as she slowly straightened herself, standing ready for my next command.

"Hands Mrs Grey," I said, not so much a request, rather an order. Obliging, her arms reached back, placing them dead centre at her spine. Smirking to myself, I took the tie from my shoulder and wrapped it around her wrists, securing both of her arms together. Being satisfied with the binding, I turned her yet again to face me. I trailed my hand down the skin of her kneck, over her breast – stopping just long enough to tweak her nipple slightly, before continuing my torturous trail down to her folds. Slipping my fingers in slightly, teasing her by rubbing her clit just a little before retracting my hand again.

I stepped back from her and proceeded to strip off my faded 'Red Room' jeans. My chest swelling with male pride as I saw Ana's gaze drop. Her eyes darkened with increased desire as I felt her gaze travel over my proud erection. I could already tell from earlier that she was going to be extremely ready by the time I finally entered her, and but now I was sure she was going to be drenched. Oh, sooo nice.

Sitting down, I tapped my hand against my knee, signalling that she was to assume the position for a spanking. It wasn't going to be hard, as we had already discussed that this session would be about mutual pleasure. She hadn't done anything to warrant a 'punishment', and from previous times, it was highly evident that she enjoyed a spanking whilst the luna beads were inside her.

Once Ana's body settled across my lap, I wrapped one of my legs over her so that she wouldn't slip. I started kneading her skin in preparation - drawing back my hand, I started her spanking. It was only just hard enough to evoke a grunt from Ana on the contact of our skin. After about a dozen hits, her skin had taken on the desired pinkish tinge and it was evident that she was teetering on the edge of coming.

Swiftly, I pulled the beads out of her, sending her spiralling down into an orgasm. Spinning her body so that she was straddling me, I slammed up and into her as she was still caught in the grips of her climax. Not giving her much time to recover, I began to thrust up into her, using my tight grip on her hips to help move her on me.

"Take over Ana, please," I grunted out as I drew her head down to capture her lips in a passionate kiss against mine.

(Anastasia's pov)

Hearing Christian's plead; I braced my legs as best I could on either side of his thighs and began to move myself. If it wasn't for his hands holding my hips I probably wouldn't be able to stay on him. My hands being tied behind my back always made me reliant on his control of my body in most situations, especially in our current one. His grip loosened slightly; although his thrusts didn't relent, I was able to control the speed and depth of each movement between each of our bodies more.

Rising up and down, my moans of pleasure were answered with his own. It gave me such a trill hearing his moans of approval – sometimes I hated it when he blocked my hearing with music. I could hardly stand not being able to hear him; I wasn't able to tell if he liked it. But this way I knew for sure he was enjoying it as much as I was.

As I quickened my pace against him, the thrusts connected harder and deeper. Letting out a scream, I ceased movement and collapsed against his chest as I was caught in the overwhelming sensations of my climax. This never got old. In fact I was sure my orgasms were, at times, more intense than a couple of months ago. Being pregnant had also made me over sensitive.

"Oh, no Mrs Grey – I am not done yet," I felt Christian's breath against my ear. As the spasming of my muscles began to slow, I felt him move below me - lifting me up and off of his lap. I was placed in between his legs, which he had just opened enough to fit me there.

"I want you to use your mouth and make me come," he stated, looking deeply into my eyes with such desire. I knew that he had planned this, wanting to come in this exact way. Lowering myself before him, I rested settled with my legs folded beneath me as I felt his hands come down onto my shoulders. I grasped him around the base and began to move my hand along his length. Never taking my eyes away from him, I lowered my head and drew him into my mouth. I could taste myself on him, and strangely it didn't turn me off.

Swivelling my tongue around him, I waited until he groaned and threw his head back before letting my eyes flutter closed. I kept continued with a mix of different movements and pressures against him. It didn't take long before he imbedded his hands into my hair. Making sure I had him as deep as possible into my mouth, he shouted out as he came. I slid my mouth off of him, and looking up I caught his eye again as I licked my lips. He grunted in response before standing me up to undo the binding. I heard him throw the rope down on the bed before he lifted me up and cradled me in his arms as though I weighed nothing. I was suddenly so tired.

"To bed, Mrs Grey. You need your sleep" Laughing at his over masculine behaviour, I wrapped my arms around his neck before resting my head against his chest and dozing off before we had even exited the room. Oh what a fantastic time we had christening our new Red Room.