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On Goa'uld ship

"I never thought this mission would end up like this" Jack thinks to himself as he looks around.

He was in a goa'uld holding cell, Carter lying unconscious on the floor. It all started when we went to P3X-058

On P3X-058

Sg1 just made it to the planet and Jack and Daniel already started bickering like children

"But Jack" Daniel said in a Whinny voice.

Jack glares at Daniel. "For God's sakes Daniel, I said no."

Teal'c raises his eyebrow. "Daniel Jackson I believe you should stop asking Colonel O'Neill if we can watch a documentary on Egypt, he will chose star wars."

Jack grunts you see today was a simple mission meet those people that SG9 met and talk about trading technology. So simple mission and tonight was team night my choice in movie.

"Carter have any requests for a movie? Like the rest of them."

Carter, smiles. "No Sir."

Jack smiles. "Now see you guys? You should learn from her, it's my pick not yours."

"But Jack I haven't seen this one."

Jack smiles. "So tape it."

Daniel gives Jack a pouting look but quickly stops, because they made it to the town.

A woman comes up. "Hi I'm Leyva, you must be the team called Sg1.

"Yes I'm Daniel this is Teal'c."

Teal'c nods his head. And Daniel keeps going

"This is Major Carter and"

But Daniel gets cut off by Jack "Jack O'Neill."

Leyva smiles" well hello Jack."

Jack smiles.

Leyva giggles "well nice to meet you all, I'm sure our world and yours can make an agreement."

She stares at Jack not looking at anyone else. "Well shale we walk this way to the meeting room."

They make it to the meeting room.

A man stands up." I'm Cato the man in charge around here, I thought we would discuss a bit of are planets pasts before we talked about our trade."

Daniel smiles."We would Love to hear about your past."

Jack glares at Daniel and thinks.

"Maybe you would, but I wouldn't."

Carter looks at Jack and smiles knowing what he is thinking. Jack looks back at Carter and winks.

Leyva sees the exchange between the two and thinks.

"My plan isn't going to work, unless...I need to separate them as much as possible for this to work."

She grabs a tray of water and walks over to them, and pretends to trip on Carter's chair and the water spills all over Carter

"Oh I'm so sorry Major, Lilly take Major Carter to one of the ladies rooms and get her cleaned up."

Carter gets up to leave. Leyva grabs a new chair and sits next to Jack.

Cato frowns "should I start my story without the Major?"

Jack frowns. "Yeah I'm sure Carter would be fine missing out on the story." wishing he got water dumped on him so he would have to miss it too.
Cato smiles, "ok long ago the Goa'uld in slaved are people, as you know we have a lot of naquita on are planet which we used to make our technology. One day a Jaffa shot every single Jaffa in the naqada mines and single handily stole a death glider and destroyed the mother ship in the sky, freeing our people."

Daniel gave him a confused look. "Why didn't they just send more ships?"

"We don't know our ancestors waited for years for them to come back, but they didn't. The Jaffa that freed us told once he went through we are to bury the gate, and so we did, we unburied it a few years ago."

Teal'c raised his eyebrow. "Why did you unbury it if you knew the Goa'uld was out there?"

Cato sighs. "The children unburied it, they didn't think the legends were true, so in the middle of the night some went out to where the Stargate was supposed to be buried and unburied it. In the mourning there parents found them and came to me. We just decided to leave it unburied. So how about you tell me some of your planets past."

As soon as he said that Carter walked in and immediately grabbed a chair to keep from falling as the ground started to shake.

Cato got up and ran outside,Sg1 followed.

When they reach outside Cato shrieked. "This can't be happening."

Two death gliders were shooting at the people.

Daniel turns to Jack "we have to save them."

Jack grunts."I know Daniel, did you think I was going to leave them behind? Everybody if you want to live fellow us."

As they ran to the gate they had to stop five times for wounded, lucky for them they had a few strong people to help, as soon as they got to the gate.

Daniel dialed out, and then sends the code.

Carter looks to Daniel "Daniel you should go ahead and tell the General we have some extra people coming along he is not going to be happy."

Daniel runs through the gate and Jack waits 5 seconds before he starts sending people through. "Wounded first." Teal'c goes through, carrying wounded. Just as Jack and Sam and a few more villagers were about to go through, a death glider comes by and shoots the DHD and the gate shuts off. Jack and Sam are stuck with too death gliders on their tail.

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