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Once back in there sell Ba'al and the Jaffa left,

Jack torn a piece of his shirt and started to wipe the blood off Carter's back.

Carter groaned." Sir where did they go? I thought they were taking us down to the mines."

Jack slowly wiped trying to be careful."I don't think we made it to the planet yet, I'm sure once we have, the Jaffa will come take us, in the mean time I have got to tell you my plan."

Once he was done Carter just look at him shocked. "Sir that's like the oldest trick in the book, you sure it's going to work?"

Jack frowns. "No but are we ever sure?"

Carter, smiles. "No Sir, but how am I supposed to get there? My leg isn't exactly in the best shape right now."

Jack, smiles." Easy you are going to use a staff weapon as a walking stick."

Carter gives him a crazy look." okay... Odd, but okay."

Jack frowns. "Got any better ideas?"

Carter just looks down. "No Sir"

Jack claps and rubs his hands together. "Then it's settled then."

So they waited and waited till finally some Jaffa walked in. "you will come with us."

Jack grumbles. "Yes yes we know."

Jack grabs Carter and pulls her arm around his neck.

So they walked down the hall just waiting for their chance. Carter pretended to trip and fall over, which wasn't hard since her leg felt like it was going to give out anyway.

A Jaffa points his Staff at Carter. "Get up."

Jack swiftly kicks the Jaffa's staff weapon and grabs it and shoots both Jaffa. "Okay yeah Carter your right oldest trick in the book, but they fell for it."

Jack quickly takes the two staff weapons and hands one to Carter. Carter balances on one foot, while Jack grabs her other side.

"Okay if you see any Jaffa I want you to drop to the floor and start shooting, I can't hold you up and shoot."

Carter frowns. "Yes Sir, having a small doubt in her mind they were going to make it out alive."

"Alright let's move out."

Slowly but surely they went off. Finally they saw what they wanted.

Ba'al's personal tel'tak. They went as fast as they could to the door, once inside Jack jumped into the pilot seat, Carter sat in the other seat panting from there long walk, of course normally the walk would be a simple one for her, but we all her injures she felt like she was going to pass out any second. Jack fly's them out of Ba'al's ship, once they were clear,

Jack gave Carter a worried look. "You should get some sleep."

Carter frowns."Sir I think that was too easy." and she was right the Goa'uld was hot on their tail.

Jack grumbles "They just don't give up do they?" Jack did everything he could swerving to the left to the right he just couldn't shake them, there was just too many.

Carter looks to the Colonel."Sir the hyper drive is down, the engines are failing, there is a planet over there my scans say's there is oxygen, if you could just get the ship to land."

Jack swerves the ship to the planet." it's going to be a close one Carter."

Carter frowns."Isn't always... Sir we are coming in to fast."

Jack tries to slow the descent, but it wasn't working."

Isn't there a way we can abandon ship. Carter stops and looks around and then replies. "No Sir, the escape pods are missing, my guess is they know our plan and let the escape, the only other ways would be to open the doors and jump, but we have no parachutes or we use the rings but at how close we are, as soon as we make it down the ship would crash on top of us."

Jack grumbles and then smiles." there is one more thing to do."

Carter gives Jack a strange look." there is?"

Jack smiles. "yeah." and he grabs Carter and kisses her and then they crash

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