Through Her Burning Gaze

~Ignition Point~

"Ready?" Jake asked, lying on his particular filling n' launching position.

Ready? Of course I was ready! Target practice, you'll see what I'm made of! "Yes!" I replied, waiting eagerly to use my powers.

Jake grabbed one of the "Squeeze-E-Mart" bags that they got to play with me today and filled it with the magic air from his butt. We've been doing this the whole afternoon and I still don't know where do they keep all that stinky air, it's just rad! When Jake released the bag into the air, I followed it with my eyes just like Finn and Jake, but in contrast with them; I was measuring, timing and feeling the right moment to act…1!2!3! Now! I sprung up, conjuring a fire disc on my hand and threw it against the floating target by catapulting my arm forward with a quick spin. Wham! The disc sliced the bag, and when my fire entered in contact with Jake's magic air another greenish explosion occurred! Hehe, I can't fail!

"That was AWESOME!" Finn cheered as I got back to my knees "All right, all right, my turn!" he exclaimed, lying down over his brother.

I don't know why, but watching me exploding things gets him really excited. I guess that Finn also loves the wonders of setting things on fire and destroying junk, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody, which is fine for me too…I think…

Finn filled the bag with his magic air, but this time he used his mouth, then he tied a knot on it, and released the soon-to-be-destroyed target into the air. This one was an easy one; I aimed and fired a sharp fiery bullet, blowing the bag before it could fly further away. We began to laugh shortly after that. This must be the third weirdest thing that Finn, Jake, and I had done together.

"Haha, you guys are full of magic air!" Seriously, someone should do a scientific…thing…on them to get a proper explanation of where do they keep it. It's crazy! I noticed that Jake gasped and farted again, but he did it on top of Finn and too close to me.

"Gross!" Finn scowled before he rolled over his brother to slap his butt "No!" he asserted firmly while the dog just kept grinning in a silly way. He knew that I was okay with their smelly gasses, but Finn knew also that I don't really like them.

That smell was abundant in the Fire Kingdom; I've hated the stinky scent of sulfur since I can remember. Their magic air reminded me a lot of it, and somehow it brought me back there, to the Palace… If only I had my scented candles; whenever I felt anxious, worried, or sad, all I had to do was to lit them up so that they'd fill the air and soothe me. It was one of the few things that could make happy back then, but…thinking about it just brings back the memories of all those years inside the lantern… It's depressing…

"Princess?" Finn called "You…okay?"

Sometimes it seemed that he had this special ability to sense whenever something was wrong with me and then he'd try to fix it, no matter what it was.

"Yeah, it's just…" I began to explain, "the air smells bad from your magic tricks and now I feel sad… I left all my scented candles at the castle, they'd really cut through the magic stink…"

"Let's go back to the Fire Kingdom and get'em, problem solved!" Jake suggested, letting his face rest on his paw.

Oh Jake…if only it was that simple… I sighed while I walked away, my mind was drifting back to that place "Then I'd have to see my dad, I'm still mad at him for imprisoning me in that lantern…" It's really hard to get over something like that, you know? My whole life had been wasted inside that stupid thing for no particular reason, if at least someone could give me a proper explanation; a single excuse! Just..! Something, anything! For me the whole thing was…

"So... UNFAIR!" I screamed, consumed by my rage all of a sudden, how could he?! Wasn't I his daughter?! Didn't he love me or something?! What the he—…?!

"Uhh…" Finn stammered, "W-we can go get'em." He said, smiling back at me.

"Really? That would be really nice…" See? He always tries to find a way to fix whatever is bothering me; I'm so lucky to have him… "But don't let my Pops see you!" I warned, "I don't want 'His Majesty' thinking I need anything from him!" That would be awkward and weird; "The King" doesn't deserve the privilege of me needing him! I've got Finn now and he really cares about me, not like other people I know!


Another one? Finn and I obviously focused on Jake, I mean, who else?

"It ain't me…" the dog replied in his defense. Then who could—? Was it me?


"Whoa…!" the three of us exclaimed as we sighted a rock not very far from us. Which leads me to the question, can rocks fart? 'Cause I'm still learning about the outside world and well, anything was possible…

Finn and Jake walked towards it while the thing kept releasing gases.

"Oh!" a flambit exclaimed and then smiled at us after being uncovered by Finn.

"Flambo…!" I heard Jake greet.

So it was just him after all, huh? It doesn't surprise me; he's always fooling around and he never cares about his personal smell. That was Flambo, another carefree guy who decided to abandon the Fire Kingdom a long time ago. He was silly and funny most of the time, but he was also pretty naughty. I remember when Finn and Jake introduced me to him. I had already seen him before at the castle a couple of times, but never really talked to him, although he seemed to know me as well. In time we all started to get along, especially since Jake pointed out Flambo's flame shield spell. Things got easier for Finn and me after that. No more burns and no more Cyclops's tears, just me being me and Finn being all covered in blue, hehe!

Sadly, the effect of the flame shield lasts only for a few hours and it prevents Finn from feeling anything. It just doesn't seem fair... I can feel him, but he can't feel me, no matter how much he wishes to do it. However, Finn seems to like it, though. That way he doesn't have to go through the pain anymore and I don't have hug a bunch of tin foil... Though, I liked the tin foil better, at least that would let him feel my warmth... I'll talk Finn about that later.

"Flambo!" Finn began "We need you to cast flame shield on us!" he requested, full of determination.

"All right!" the flambit accepted, proceeding immediately to chant the spell. In the past Flambo used to ask for a snack in return, but I guess that Finn managed to reach his kind side somehow, and now he doesn't hesitate to cast it whenever Finn or Jake asked for it.

"Let's go get those candles, man!" Jake urged, running eagerly in one place.

"Just give me a sec, bro!" his brother replied, turning back to face me "I promise that you'll have your candles back before you even realize it!"

"Yeah, I trust you!" I exclaimed, squeezing him in a tight hug "Just remember, don't let 'The King' see you both, okay?"

"Nevereverver!" he assured cheerfully.

"Hey Finn c'mon, hurry! You can snuggle with her later!"

He muttered something about Jake being an impatient monkey and gave me a peck on the cheek before running to his side.

"Can't you see I'm saying good-bye to my lady? What if this is the last time I get to see her? An asteroid could crash against the Earth and then—…"

I stared at them until they disappeared in the horizon. I wonder how long will it take them to come and go… Three, four, six hours? What am I supposed to do with all this free time?

"Hehe, nice outfit Princess!" I looked down to meet the small fiery creature grinning at me "I don't know you, but I'm already bored…" Flambo whispered, "Let's go see the town!"

The town? Was he crazy or something? I can't go there yet! Finn and Jake warned me about all the chaos I could provoke if I stepped into the Candy Kingdom. They told me that I wasn't ready for it, and I'm not planning to ignore their instructions. If something goes wrong Finn would be disappointed… and I don't want that…

"You know I can't go there." I replied.

"Aww geez…! I thoughts you were cooler…" the flambit sighed.

"W-what? What do you mean by that?!"

"It's just that, you know, you're the Princess of the Fire Kingdom! You don't need anyone's permission to do whatever you want to!"

I knew what he was doing: Flambo was trying to tempt me so I'd go with him... and... It worked!


We were still walking through the woods, not very far from their borderline with the Grasslands, when we suddenly heard someone moaning. I glanced at Flambo hoping that he could give me an explanation, but he was just as puzzled as me.

"Why don't we just check what's that noise?" he suggested.

I nodded and then we crawled under some bushes to peek at the stranger. It was a green girl with a big shell on her back, and it seemed that she was trying to push a small cart with a bunch of books through the forest. However, the trees' roots were giving her a hard time.

"Hehe, look!" Flambo exclaimed "It's Turtle Princess!"

"Another Princess…?" I whispered, trying to observe her carefully.

The Turtle Princess kept struggling to push her cart while we stared at her, then Flambo noticed that one of her cart's wheels had gotten stuck because of a small rock on the way.

"Watch out for the fall…!" he chuckled at me silently.

And just like he predicted, the strange princess tripped over her cart and fell, pushing it forward. Turtle Princess yelled as she tried to avoid getting her face hit against the trees' lower branches. Her books flew everywhere and finally, she crashed against a bunch of bushes that were growing not very far from Flambo and me. She got up looking dizzy, and then she lost her balance and fell over her shell.

"Help! I can't get up!" the princess cried, waving her arms crazily.

I felt the laughter coming up inside my throat and when I noticed that Flambo was trying to suppress his own laughter as well, we exchanged a naughty stare and rolled away from each other in an outburst of laughter.

"Hey kids, stop laughing at me and give me a hand!" she complained with her weird and deep voice.

"Haha, did yous see the look on her face when she was swallowing all those branches? It was priceless!" Flambo exclaimed.

"And we she got up…! But fell again!" I cracked up, holding my stomach.

Turtle Princess managed to get up by herself, balancing her shell's weight up and down. Then she approached us while we kept laughing on the ground and sent us an angry glare.

"Thanks for nothing!" the turtle growled "Does other people's suffering makes you happy?! How mean of you!"

I flinched at her resentful words and shut my mouth as I watched her ran away. Turtle Princess tried to pick her books up, but she tripped again and fell on her face. Her books landed on her head and there I noticed that she was sobbing. I tilted my head feeling a little guilty and pocked Flambo's arm to make him stop his laughter.

"Hey, I think she's crying…" I whispered.

Flambo wiped a small tear from his eye and chuckled "Yeah, I'm crying too!" I made him feel my elbow on his ribs "Hey! What's the matter?!" he yelled.

"People cry when they are sad and I hate that feeling..." Yeah, after enduring years of sadness I had come to realize that it was the worst feeling in the world. It could only mean that something bad had happened to you or that someone had hurt you in someway. Nobody should ever feel like that, except for the bad guys...

I glanced back at Flambo "Do you think that… We were that bad to her?"

"Yep!" he replied proudly and waved his tail "But that ain't big deal, I mean, that's our nature. We were born to be evil after all, that's the nature of fire!"

Then I thought about this; what we just did wasn't nice at all. We made someone's day worse when she was already having a hard time. However, this afternoon, when I was having a hard time, Finn came and cheered me up. He did something about it.

"Are Finn and Jake evil?" I asked, still focusing on the pitiful girl before me.

"Nope! They are Super Good!" the flambit exclaimed.

"Yeah…they like to do good, don't they? Finn would have helped that princess…just like he's helping me now."

"Then what are yous waiting for? Let's go see what can we do for her!" Flambo replied, running towards her.

I figured that we should start by helping her to pick all her books up and I bent over to lift one of them, however, when my finger was about to touch its cover I retrieved it quickly, remembering something. I can't touch anything without setting it on fire.

"Hey Flambo, come over here!" I called and asked him what would happen if he cast the flame shield spell on me. He laughed and then stared back at me with a serious look.

"Do you realize that what you're asking for goes against the laws of nature? You're the Flame Princess and you want to use a spell that repels flames, who knows what could go wrong if I cast it on you!"

"We'll never know unless we try, besides I'm always willing to defy nature!"

"I am amused!" the flambit chuckled "You're as reckless as Finn! Very well, if that' what yous want…!"

He began to chant and form runic symbols with his fire in the air while I knelt before him. When Flambo finished, he pinched my nose making a "Meh!" sound, to what I reacted by pushing him away him angrily. I rubbed my nose, glaring at the flambit until I felt a cold sensation spreading itself through my body. Cold is not a exactly a pleasant feeling for a fire elemental. I lay down, embracing myself and shivering uncontrollably. I was feeling sick.

"Oh no, no, no!" Flambo cried, running around me "I knew that something bads was going to happen! Princess, look at me! Don't yous dare to close your eyes, ya hear me?"

I didn't matter how much I tried to remain conscious, in the end I passed out.


"Princess! … Psst! …Flame Princess!"

That was Flambo's voice, I was sure about it. But how am I able to hear it anything? I thought I was dead…!

"C'mon Princess, you're not dead! Your body just needed to get used to the spell!"

"Is that so?" I asked, suddenly opening my eyelids. Then I realized that I wasn't in the woods anymore. I was inside some kind of building, filled with bookshelves and tables.

"What is this place?" I inquired in amazement, I had never seen so many books in my life.

"This is the Library," a funny deep voice answered. It was her, the princess from earlier "your pet told me that—…"

"Ma'am! I already told yous that I'm not her pet!" Flambo interjected in annoyance.

"Ugh… Your friend told me that you got hurt when you were trying to help me, that's why I brought you here." She smiled, staring at me with her slanted eyes "Is the couch comfortable?"

"Yes…" I replied nervously "Yes it is…"

After that Flambo and I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon with Turtle Princess, helping her to organize books here and there. She was very eager to show me her favorite section of the Library and dragged me to a narrow hallway that ended in a small opening between two large shelves.

"Here's my private collection of romantic novels! Everything you need to know about dating is stored in this section! Pretty impressive, huh?" the blonde girl exclaimed with pride.

I blinked a couple of times not knowing what to say. I wasn't really interested in that kind of reading… Actually Flambo looked more attracted to those books than I was, but then Turtle Princess began to talk about how lonely she felt 'cause her best friend was busy doing who knows what at the Candy Kingdom, and that they were supposed to meet today to talk about all that stuff and… Well, once again I had to ask myself: What would Finn do? The answer although I didn't like it was to stay with her, so I sighed and faked an interested grin "Really…?"

"Yeah, it's nice to have a girl to talk about men...!" Turtle Princess sighed in excitement.

"And a man to talk about girls? 'Cause I would really appreciate if you'd help me to get a lady!" Flambo said as he ran by her side.

"Oh sure! Finn and Jake are also in here looking for that kind of help! Just like you, little guy!"

"Finn and Jake?!" Flambo and I exclaimed at the same time.

I thought they were in the Fire Kingdom, what the heck's going on here?!


I dashed inside Turtle Princess's "Romantic section" and found a weird blue man sitting at one of the tables while he read a book called "I wrote a book". His appearance was what had amazed me the most; he had wrapped his long white beard around his head to make it look like Finn's hat and he was wearing an ice backpack on his shoulders. His sleeves were ripped off and his feet were painted with black ink to resemble Finn's shoes. Sitting on the chair beside him, was a black and white bird, wearing a paper bag with a poor doodle of Jake's face drawn over it.

"Hey Finn, are you enjoying LSP's book about your hot-inside-lumps?" Turtle Princess asked, patting the impostor's back.

Was she blind, farsighted or just tragically confused? It was obvious that those two weren't Finn and Jake!

"Yes Princess, it's helping me a lot!" the man replied, faking Finn's voice.

"Can you believe this?!" I whispered, trying to call Flambo's attention.

"Huh…what?" the flambit replied as he stared into an open book on the floor "Sorry, I wasn't paying any attention!"

It seemed that it was up to me to take care of this situation…

"Hey!" I shouted, slamming the table with my open palm "Why are you stealing Finn's identity?!"

The weirdo threw his book into the air and squealed as he fell backwards on his chair "I don't know what are you talking about, I'm Finn! Ugh… 'It's Adventure Time!' See?"

"You're not Finn…" I growled. My patience was reaching its limits.

"Ugh…Yes I am!" the blue man replied.

"No, you're not!"

"Yes, I am!"

"No, you're NOT!"

"YES, I am!"

"Wenk…!" the fake Jake squawked.

"That's enough! I'm going to—…!" I was about to carbonize that impostor when Turtle Princess dashed towards me and grabbed my arm tightly.

"Guurl, Guurl…! Calm down!" she cried, trying to chill me out "Why don't we all take a deep breath and sit down for a while, huh? Let's relax and explain to each other what's going on like civilized people… I'll go bring some scented candles!"



The sweet perfume of the candles filled the air and managed to put out my rage. By the time that Turtle Princess had returned the sun was already gone and she had lighted the room dimly with her candles. The Library was silent and empty. Only Flambo, Turtle Princess, the impostors and I remained in there.

We sat on the floor forming a small circle and the green princess made the fake Finn talk. All of a sudden he began to sob uncontrollably while his partner patted his shoulder, apparently he was just trying to read that book so that he could learn to be 'hot on the inside' like Finn. His name was Ice King and he was in reality a lonely man who just wanted to marry a princess someday. He explained that Finn was very popular among the princesses and when he learned about that book, he was forced to steal his identity 'cause otherwise he wasn't going to be able to enter in the Library.

"It's all Turtle Princess's fault! If she hadn't revoked my library card I wouldn't have dressed myself as Finn to get the book!" the Ice King shouted, crossing his arms and then glanced at me "What about you, girl? How do you know Finn and Jake? I had never seen you before!"

"Oh... Umm…!" I gasped nervously, feeling everyone's attention centered on me "I'm Finn's girlfriend…" My face blushed slightly, I knew that they were very close to him and I actually felt embarrassed about admitting that…

"Hehe, look who's a lucky gal! I can't wait to tell LSP about this! Someone managed beat her lumps!" Turtle Princess exclaimed excitedly "By the way, who are you?"

Great, now she was going to tell everyone about me… I knew that I should have lied to her, but once again, lying wasn't something that Finn would do. It looked more like something that my father would do. I scanned the bookshelves, searching desperately for a distraction and I grabbed the first book on my reach.

"Uhh... What if you read us this book, instead of asking me those pointless questions? Maybe the Ice King will learn something useful from it, hehe…" I suggested anxiously. All I wanted was to make her drop the conversation about my relationship with Finn, nobody besides him and me needed to know about it.

Turtle Princess examined the book that I had chosen randomly and gasped in awe "Aww… You have an excellent taste for romance, this is one of my favorite tragedies: Romeo and Juliet…"

"Sounds boooring...!" the Ice King replied, scratching his head.

"Shhh! I'm gonna start reading so be quiet!" Turtle Princess opened the book and cleared her throat "Two households, both alike in dignity…"

The hours passed as she read and read. At first I was the sharing the Ice King's opinion about the story being boring, but as the story progressed I began to find it…strangely familiar… I bit my nails, feeling nervous and stared at the Ice King. He was crying like a baby and was using his bird to blow his nose. As I listened to the play I started to wonder if Finn and Jake had returned home by now, it was getting late…

"For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo." Turtle Princess finished.

"Waha!" the Ice King cried as he stood up and clapped "Bravo! Wah! I shall steal this book when you're distracted—…I mean, it was the most beautiful and sad love story I've heard in my life!"

Good for him, although I don't think that he had actually learned anything from it. To tell the truth, I didn't really understand that story either. Everything seemed to be against the two main characters —even their love for each other— and that ended up killing them both. Finn and I almost died once because of the same reason. What is supposed to keep us together just keeps bringing us trouble. I know I like Finn, but if I try to kiss him, I'll kill everyone… Including him... Is this some kind of punishment for being who I am? Or is true love something evil after all?

"Hey girl…! Is everything okay?" Turtle Princess asked, taking a seat next to me.

"You know a lot about this kind of stuff, right?" I asked. She nodded and I continued with my question "Do you think that… Juliet was evil? I mean, it was her fault that her boyfriend died; she killed him with a lie..."

"And then she killed herself, but their deaths brought their families' violent feud to an end and that was something good, right?"

I tilted my head in confusion, how could something bad be good at the same time? Things were either good or bad, at least that's what I had been taught…

"You see," Turtle Princess continued "There's no actual good or bad in the world. We're all just common people, trying to live our lives in the best way we can. It all depends on what you believe is right. If you grew up in a place where lying is something good, then you'll lie all the time! But…" she paused for a moment and smiled "If someone shows you that lying is not good and you decide to believe that he's right, then lying will be something bad. It's your decision, don't ever let anyone tell you what to believe, okay?"

"You do know a lot…!" I exclaimed, smiling back at her "Sorry for being mean earlier... I really thought it was funny, but I've learned my lesson. Thanks for everything…" I whispered as I whooshed through an open window.

"Any time girl! Please tell Finn that I said hi when you see him and—… Where'd she go?"


The flame shield was starting to vanish, that's why I had to leave the building in a huff. Soon I saw a bright flaring column in the distance… We were getting close to my house. Flambo was following me, but I didn't notice him until he spoke. He had been silent all the way back from the Library.

"Say, have yous chose your alignment?" the flambit asked me.

"What's that?" I replied, not understanding his question.

"What are you planning to be? Good, Evil or Chaotic Neutral?"

"I want to be whatever bothers my father the most…" I joked.

Flambo whistled in amazement "Hehe, so you have chosen to be good?"


"Mmm… I know!" he continued with his guessing after snapping his fingers "Chaotic Neutral, right?"

"You're wrong again!" I chuckled.

"You must be kidding! You want to keep being the Flame King's evil daughter?!" Flambo gasped as he swirled before me in astonishment.

"There's no good or evil, there's just people and I wanna be like Finn, Jake or Turtle Princess… they're all nice."

"You know what?" Flambo replied, running to catch up with me "I wants to be like them too!"


Finn and I were chatting peacefully with each other about nothing important, just…the usual silly stuff. I stared at him while the sun shined on his bright golden hair. Finn was a regular boy. There was nothing exceptional about him except for his weird hat, and without it he looked even less special. However, he had something that made him different from everyone I know…

"Hey, can I ask you something?"

Finn focused his attention on me and nodded.

The air was suddenly filled with the spicy aroma of my scented candles…

"Tell me, why do you want to become a hero so badly?"

"Oh, that's easy!" he answered, "The main reason of why I want to become a hero is—Evil…evil, evil, evil, evil…evil evil, evil, evil…"



"WAH?!" I yelled, waking up abruptly. What the heck was that? I could swear that I had just heard my father's voice inside my room, but it was just a dream…yeah just that... I hope.

My scented candles were lit and had been placed near my bed. Maybe Finn and Jake had brought them while I was asleep. I'll have to remember to throw 'em away first thing in the morning, perhaps breathing their perfume is what's giving me nightmares…

"Isn't it?"

Finally, "Ignition Point" is here! I really hope you have enjoyed my version of the episode (can't believe that FP only appeared at the beginning...that meant more work for me). I thought that if the guys had to deal with "Hamlet" Flame Princess could deal with "Romeo and Juliet" since both are the most popular Shakespeare's plays. Talking about that, "Hamlet" in Adventure Time? That was a nice one!

Well, I hope that I hadn't ruined the episode with this...guess I won't be seeing you till the 5th season so, good-bye for now! :)