Hi, here is my story, I know this has been done millions of times before but I will try to make it as different as I can.

I do not own Fantastic 4 or Spiderman, if I did all the scientists wouldn't spend all their time experimenting on themselves (seriously why do they all do that?)

The Spiderman in this is a mixture between the films version and the new Amazing Spiderman film version, if I fail at it feel free to tell me so. Probably more the films version as I know that one better, also Doctor Connors in this is his teacher rather than a random scientist and has not yet turned into the lizard.

Also thanks to Supernova95 who proof read this.

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I sighed and played with the corner of my glasses, I was really rather bored, which was quite strange for me in a science lecture but I had already been over the topic several times, it was neogenics with Doctor Connors. Plus my friend and fellow science wizz, Peter, had decided not to turn up today, it was normal for him to be ten maybe twenty minutes late but the lecture was almost over. I was awoken from my train of thought by the door creaking open. Connors turned towards it.

"Ahh, Parker, you have decided to join us, I trust you have a good excuse?"

Peter, who seemed to be out of breath for some reason, looked rather shocked at his lateness and lack of excuses said,

"There was … um … err … a disturbance?"

Dr Connors gave up.

"Just sit down"

Peter nodded and sat down in the row in front of me, I leant forward and whispered,

"Seriously, a disturbance? Is that the best you could come up with? You know you've used that one five times this week already! Not to mention all the times before that, how many disturbances can there be between here and the last class?"

He turned round and raised his eyebrows at me,

"You'd be surprised" he said mysteriously

Why was he being so mysterious?

"Never mind, but if you're going to keep being this late you need to come up with better excuses."

He seemed surprised by this,

"I'm not that late!" he objected.

I pointed at the clock which said five to three.


At that moment Dr Connors noticed us whispering

"Jones, Parker's lateness does not give you permission to interrupt my lecture further, at least let him do some work before this lesson finishes"

We both settled down to our notes for five minutes before Dr Connors dismissed us. We walked out together with Peter desperately avoiding eye contact with Dr Connors as our lecturer was glaring at him in a very disapproving manner. Once we were out of the building I had to head off to my part time job at the Baxter Building. And Peter, being the gentleman that he is, offered to walk me there. We took a shortcut through an alley when suddenly; out of nowhere, a man jumped me and tried to snatch my bag off me.

"PETER!" I shouted, but Peter had disappeared so I was on my own so I started to punch and kick wildly at the man on top of me. No sooner had I started there was a whooshing noise and a voice said,

"A mugging? Seriously? Aren't you crooks ever inventive? Why don't you try being original for once?"

The man was ripped off me and slammed against a wall unfortunately still holding my bag. When I saw who it was I almost cheered, Spiderman had saved me. He took the bag from the knocked out mugger and handed it back to me.

"You put up quite a fight back there, ever considered a career in crime fighting? But you really should keep better care of your belongings" he said jokily. There was something familiar about him.

"Urr, thanks Spiderman" I said nervously he nodded at me, picked up the knocked out mugger and swung off. That is so cool; I thought to myself and smiled.

I looked round, Peter was completely gone, looks like I'm on my own. I walked the rest of the way to the Baxter Building alone, I kept on thinking how cool it was, most people barely get a glimpse of him, except Peter, and yet he saves me and Peters completely gone? Maybe he went for his Camera? But who runs off to get pictures of their friend getting mugged?

When I arrived Dr Richards was at his desk looking at some papers with a troubled expression on his face.

"Hi, Dr Richards!" I said cheerily. He looked up from his papers.

"Oh, Heather, do you want to check through some of the equations today?" I smiled and went to the computer console, humming to myself. Suddenly a loud voice boomed through the door.

"And what do you have to be so happy about?"

"Oh, hi ben" I said looking up from my computer screen. Then I saw his expression, "Oh I'm sorry, I completely forgot, how'd NASA go?"

"They rejected us" he replied bluntly.

"What?! Even with all the holograms and everything?! And how do you reject the scientific breakthrough of the century" I cried shocked. Ben nodded solemnly.

"Something called insufficient funding" he said, annoyed and looked down at Dr Richards's desk and papers.

"More Bills?" he asked. Dr Richards nodded and looked up from his bills.

"It's not the end of the world, we still have other places to try" he said trying to sound cheerful. Ben rolled his eyes.

"He wants us to try our old friend Victor Von Doom" he explained. I was quite shocked.

"You guys know Victor von Doom? How?" I asked. "That is so cool! I've always wanted to meet him"

"We went to school together" Ben explained. "And you could always come with us, can't she Reed"

Dr Richards, who had gone back to his bills, looked up again and said,

"I don't so why not."

"YES" I shouted and jumped up and down excitedly. Ben rolled his eyes again.

"Kid, it's only a pitch, it's not that exiting, you'll probably just stand in silence in the back of the room."

I stopped jumping and gave him evils.

"Way to kill my moment"

So, here ends the first chapter. I hope you liked it; unfortunately the next will be mostly quoting as I am doing the pitch and maybe some getting ready and I have to work out how Heather ends up on the mission. Please Review and tell me what you think. And know I am not going to tell you what her powers are going to be but the title is a big hint. Review now please.

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