Soooo… I could do a long-winded explanation for why I have been gone for such a massively gigantically long time, but honestly I don't think anyone wants to read that, so I'm just going to skip straight to the point. I have decided to rewrite this story. It was, after all, my first, and it's been so long I just feel I could do soo much better now, there were a lot of inconsistencies, especially to do with Heather's powers, and she has since evolved as a character, those are the main reasons anyway. So, here goes Voices 2.0… hope you like it.


P.S. Still don't own Fantastic 4 or Spider-man

"HEATHER VIOLET JONES, GET BACK IN HERE! I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET, MISSY!" the voice thundered through the door I'd just shut behind me.

"Shut it, Dad, I don't have time for this right now, I gotta drop Jay at school then I'm straight on shift!" I muttered back


"I have two jobs, thank you very much dad, and from where I'm standing, you should take your own advice!" I shot back, glaring my contempt at the peeling paint of the door, rather than the room's occupant.

"Maybe I'd lay of a bit, if that Richards guy ACTUALLY PAID YOU!" Dad yelled.

"Soon, ok, they have the talks with NASA today, they'll give us the funding!" I explained, though I may as well have actually been talking to the door.


"At least I'm doing something with my life, any other parent would be proud, Dad, now if you don't mind, we're leaving"

I stared at my feet as I shut the front door behind me. I pretended his words didn't hurt me. What was that saying? Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Guess it didn't work so well in practice. It was hard to believe Dad was the same person he was when we came to America. Mum's death had hit him hard. Well, it hit us all hard, he just didn't seem to want to get back up.

"Hurry up, Heather, We'll be late!" Jay's voice called from down the road. Thank goodness he hadn't heard any of that. I grasped the straps of my rucksack and ran to catch up with the ten year old. His innocence was something I hoped would never spoil.

"C'mon then" I plastered a grin on my face as I ruffled his fluffy blond hair. My own was black, like Dad's, and cropped to my jawline. Jay's School was just a couple of blocks away, so we walked most days. I gave a small smile, as I saw my brother hare across the playground, his stopped and turned half way, waving wildly, then quickly disappeared round the uncharacteristically smart red brick wall.

When he was gone I turned back down the road, and took a casual glance at my watch. Eight Forty Five. I had fifteen minutes to make my way across to the Café. It usually only took me ten, so I sauntered along at a leisurely pace, keeping my eyes on the grey concrete in front of me. I had walked the way so many times it had become automatic. I turned into the street at three minutes to Nine and broke into a jog. Perhaps I had been a little too laid back. As I slipped into the side entrance, Mr Baker raised an accusatory eyebrow.

"Sorry Sir, won't happen again" I grimaced as I dumped my bag in the corner and pulled on my official apron. I stepped into the front and was hit by a wall of chatter. Ignoring the sudden urge to flee back into the safety of the kitchens, I plastered a cheesy fake smile across my face and began.

"So who's first?" I beamed at the babbling Queue, a dyed blonde woman raised her hand. "What can I do you for?"

"Extra Skinny Dairy-free Mocha Latte, light on the froth" she simpered, I tried not to cringe and flashed a smile.

"Coming right up!" I punched the correct sequence of buttons and levers into the machine, "Is that to take away?"

Morning was always the busiest time, though today it seemed to fly by in a whirl of Cappuccinos, Lattes and Americanos. Why they need so many posh names for 'Coffee' I will probably never know. It was Friday, so Mr Baker handed me an envelope containing my week's wages, which would likely go on this month's rent. A quick exchange of the apron for my favourite purple hoodie and I was out on the street once more. I stopped off at the shops and grabbed a pre-packed roll, which I ate as fast as I could as I dashed down towards the college lecture hall, one of the smaller ones used for Chemistry classes. My major was in Computing, but I kept Chemistry as a minor since I enjoyed it, though the current topic was more Physics than Chem, but then everything ends up Physics when it boils down to it.

Forty three minutes in, I slouched down in my chair, biting my lip and tapping my glasses repeatedly with my pen to express my boredom, it was a stupid habit, but one I couldn't quite lose. I had got the hang of the topic last week, but the rest of the class were still asking dumb questions. Usually I passed the time chatting with Peter, my friend and fellow contender for the class's top spot, but he had decided not to turn up so I was left to suffer alone. Not that it was new for him to be late, or even miss entire lectures, but it still annoyed me. How could he abandon me in my time of need? I glanced up, rolled my eyes and smirked as there was a light knock on the door.

"Mr Parker! Glad you decided to join us!" Dr Connors exclaimed, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "I trust you have a good excuse this time?"

Peter caught his breath, leaning on the doorframe for support with a distinct 'deer in headlights' expression.

"There was… uuuuhh…. A… Disturbance?" he tried uncertainly, Dr Connors sighed, knowing from experience that was all he was going to get.

"Just take a seat, Mr Parker"

"Yes Sir" Peter nodded, shuffling across the room and sliding into the row in front of me. I leant over and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Seriously, a disturbance again? That's like the fifth time this week? How many disturbances can you have between one class and the next?" I asked, knowing his timetable well enough to know he had another class that morning.

He glanced round and raised an eyebrow.

"You'd be surprised" he smirked.

"I give up!" I hissed back "But you really need to come up with better excuses if you're gunna miss this much!"

"It's not that…" he protested, but trailed off as he followed my finger to the clock which read 2.15. The hour-long lecture had started at 1.30. "Oh…"

"Miss Jones, Mr Parker's tardiness does not give you permission to disrupt my lecture even further. At least let him do some work before we finish" Dr Connors cast a disapproving eye upon us both. We both snapped straight up and began scribbling furiously on our pads.

This is not over

I wrote on a corner, which I ripped off and flicked so it landed on his lap. He picked it up and read it, a frown forming on his brow. Why could talking about terrible excuses really be that troubling? I wondered, before my thoughts slipped back to the behaviour of subatomic particles.

The remainder of the class went a lot quicker, and it didn't seem long at all until the bell rang. We both picked up out bags and fell into step next to each other. Somehow though, Peter managed to steer the conversation away from what I had wanted to talk about and I found myself telling him all about Dr Richards theories and the meeting with NASA that had been that day. Peter and I usually walked the same direction until I split off for my internship at the Baxter Building and he went to check in at the Bugle. This day, however, was a little different. We were walking down an alley we often used as a shortcut, when quite suddenly I was knocked to the ground. I felt my bag yanked from my grasp and yelled out. Peter was nowhere to be seen.

"Give that back, you Jerk!" I shrieked, my voice sounding quieter and more high-pitched than I had meant it to.

"Mugging? Seriously? Why don't you crooks ever try being original for once?" a voice boomed from above. For a moment I gasped in awe as the figure which until that moment I had seen only on the front page of the Bugle leapt down in front of me. Two streams of web-like fluid shot from his wrists and pinned one of the thug's arms to the wall, one glob covered his hand and another his elbow. As he tried to tug free, another blob tied his feet together and tripped him so he sagged against the wall like a ragdoll. More web shot out, this time in a string, and snagged my bag, twanging it in my directing before letting go. I caught it with a slight 'oof' and found my feet.

"Please keep luggage with you at all times and report any unattended items" he quipped, his voice sounded familiar, but strained at the same time, almost as if he was trying to disguise it.

"Th-thanks Spider-man" I muttered, coughing nervously. The Hero gave a nod and leapt from the alley, gone before I could do anything more. Ok. That. Was. AWESOME! I grinned and clutched my bag to my chest, not caring that the web-substance was sticking to my hoodie. Peter would never believe me! Huh, were was Peter? He was here a second ago… I glanced around, the alley was empty save for two trashcans and a cat. The cat gave a screech, leapt off the can, knocking it over with a loud clatter and shot from sight.

"Nice!" I spat out in annoyance. I had been abandoned in my time of need once again. Still, seeing Spider-man had been VERY cool. I walked alone the rest of the way, altogether it wasn't too bad.

As the lift dinged open, the first thing I saw was Dr Richards at his desk, papers scattered about and a troubled expression on his face.

"Hi Dr Richards!" I grinned cheerily, he looked up and nodded.

"Ah, Heather, If you'd like to check over those equations one more time while I deal with this, then Ben and I have some more planning to do" He explained

"Sure" I replied and skipped over to the computer console. I had barely typed a few keys before a voice boomed out.

"What do you have to be so happy about?" Ben griped.

"Hi Ben! How was NASA?" I shot back, amused.

"Rejected us" he replied in blunt monotone. I nearly choked.

"Even with the Holograms? Seriously? How can they not think Holograms are cool? And come on? This is, like, the breakthrough of the century!" I spluttered in disbelief.

"Little something called 'Insufficient Funding'" Ben moaned, glancing at the papers on Dr Richard's desk. "More Bills?"

"It's not the end of the world, there's other places to try" Dr Richards solaced, Ben rolled his eyes.

"You have got to be kidding!" Ben snapped back, the scientist shook his head.

"What? What is he not kidding about?" I asked.

"He wants us to try our old friend Vic Von Doom" Ben explained spitefully.

"Wait, you guys know Victor Von Doom? That is so Awesome! I've always wanted to meet him!" I gushed, Ben looked incredulous.

"We were at College together" he shrugged, "If you want to see him so bad, why not come with us? But trust me, he's nothing amazing"

I grinned widely and gave Dr Richards an imitation of Jay's 'Puppy-dog eyes' look.

"I see no reason why not" he shrugged.

"YES!"I yelled at the sky, pumping both fists in the air, "YES! YES! YES!"

"It's a pitch, Kid, all you'd be doing is standing at the back of the room" Ben frowned

"Killjoy" I pouted.

"Just sayin'"

"You're still a Killjoy"

"Let her be, Ben"

Not that different plot-wise yet, but I put in a lot more background, since I felt it seemed a little random Heather meeting her family in the old version when she hadn't even mentioned them before. Hopefully you enjoyed this more than the original. I will try to re-do chapter 2 soon. Fingers crossed this is the start of my getting back to writing Fanfiction.

Bye for now…