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When I woke up I could hear the crowd all around me it was so loud, for a moment I thought it was all a dream, I was waking up back at the hospital and everything was normal, no voices, no strange energy and no brightly coloured hair and eyes. But wait, I could still hear them, a loud roar of voices in my head, not able to make out single voices, just a constant babble of noise. There was a throbbing pain in my head, I brought my hand up to it and tried to sit up, opening my eyes. We were in a tent with doctors and policemen. Sue and the others were standing on the other side of the tent with the orange rock that was now Ben. A doctor was trying to take Sue's blood pressure and she was trying to convince them that she was fine. I sat up.

"What happened?" I asked. The doctor who had been attending to Sue turned to me and started taking my blood pressure.

"You fainted" he explained. "Do you feel ok?"

"My head hurts, but I think that's all" I replied, the doctor looked a little wary but continued with what he was doing.

"That's not surprising considering what you did" he explained. I got up slowly, I was feeling a little dizzy, and walked over to where the others. At that moment a man in a fluorescent jacket walked in the corner of the tent.

"There's some folks out there who want to see you" He announced.

"We're not going public with this!" Dr Richards objected, "We're Scientists not Celebrities!"

"Too late for that, look!" and he turned on a television that was in another corner of the tent, there was a picture of the five of us on the screen and a newswoman speaking.

"When a fire truck became part of the accident, but the rescue itself is not the story, one of the five stretched to an amazing length…"

It continued, the pictures flicking every so often, there was one of Dr Richards stretching to catch the fireman, one of Sue with her force field covering the fire, one of the rocky Ben lifting the end of the fire truck, one of Jonny partly on fire as he protected the girl, and lastly a picture of me with my hands outstretched and the fireman hovering above the ladder.

"That's what their calling you! The Fantastic 5!" the man explained. Jonny muttered something and started to leave.

"Wait! Jonny, we need to think this through!" Sue called at him.

"That's great, Brainstorm!" He replied and then turned and left, everyone ran after him, and I walked slowly after them, still a bit dizzy. When I got there I could see a massive crowd of reporters and photographers, they were bombarding the others with questions.

"Is it true one of you can fly?" one asked.

"I'm working on it; it's actually quite hard…" Jonny replied but was interrupted.

"Can one of you read minds?" another reporter asked. Suddenly I felt everyone looking at me, I could feel their eyes burning into me, I ran back and covered my face, I had always been shy and I hated everyone staring at me, which was only aggravated by the fact that the crowd was twice as loud to me as I also heard their thoughts, as I turned away Sue began to speak.

"At the moment we do not know much more than you do" She explained, "we will be going directly to our lab to diagnose our symptoms"

The crowd began to get louder and whispering to each other about disease. I decided it was safe to return so I began to walk back towards the others.

"It's not a disease" Jonny objected only to receive a sharp look from Sue, "If having special powers is a disease then yeah we got it bad" He corrected.

"We went into space to discover DNA, cure disease, save lives" Dr Richards explained, "Well now it's our DNA, our disease, our lives on the line, thank you no more questions"

We were then escorted to a police car and driven to the Baxter Building, when we got there the crowd had also got there, I looked out the window, there was loads of them holding placards and things. I quickly bolted out of the car and straight into the building, getting past the crowd as quickly as possible, and rushing through the door, as soon as I got inside I ran to a corner and covered my face, shivering. Then I sensed someone approaching me.

"Are you ok, Miss" a voice asked.

"Jimmy?" I asked removing my hands from my face; the doorman did a double take at me, looking mostly at my eyes and hair.

"Heather?!" He exclaimed. At that moment the door swung open again and Dr Richards came in, Jimmy turned to him.

"That all for you, Dr Richards?" He asked.

"I'm afraid so" Dr Richards replied. He was now followed by Sue, Jonny and Ben, who had to go sideways through the door. The mail man came and gave Dr Richards a bunch of Bills, of as he called it 'the usual', which Dr Richards promptly added to the pile on a table nearby. We then all got in the lift and pressed the button to go up to the top. The doors shut behind us and then the lift groaned for a minute before the red light that signified the weight limit was broken flashed on. Everyone looked at Ben; I felt sorry for him, it's not as if he could help being heavy, given his new appearance. Ben decided to take the stairs and this time the lift went up normally, we stood in silence for a minute.

"How come Ben can't turn it on and off like we can?" asked Jonny.

"That's what we're here to find out" Dr Richards replied.

"If it happened to him, then maybe…" Sue suggested.

"What, we won't be able to turn it off either?" Jonny asked, "That would save time"

Sue rolled her eyes.

"You don't really want to walk around on fire for the rest of your life do you?" She asked.

"Is that a trick question?" He asked in return, sue rolled her eyes again.

"Grow up" She replied. Then I had a thought.

"How does that work with me though?" I asked, "I already can't turn off my telepathy and how to you have telekinesis 'on' all the time?"

No-one had time to answer as the doors opened and we had arrived at the lab. Dr Richards began to show them the lab and Sue and Jonny looked around.

"Wait! We're staying here?" I asked.

"Of course" Dr Richards replied. "You take the last room on the right"

"We have bedrooms?" I exclaimed, "I always wondered what those rooms were for!"

I went down the corridor and found the last room on the right; it was a normal looking room with a bed in one corner and a window on the far wall and a chest of draws in another corner. I sat on the bed and thought about what had happened, what was happening to me and what was going to happen next.

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