Hey there all. I know this isn't my usual fic but I just love this series and wanted to have a go and write my own. Now if anyone has ever read the series the males have let's face it, very big egos, ok some of them do. Well I think I have created a male who is a Carpathian but doesn't really act like it.

Full summery- set after the book Dark Slayer. Mikhail is racing against time to find a cure for his people but with Xavier and the Vampires closing in, he is afraid he is fighting a losing Battle. In a moment of desperation he turns to the only known Carpathian old enough and strong enough to turn the tides. The white priest of the Carpathians, Snow Iazarovichi. But is he willing to pay the price for such a request even if it meant his soul.

The Carpathian series belongs to Christine Freehan, who is a damn good writer.


Rome. Italy. Fifteen hundred years ago.

'It's a sight to see you out here Snow. The hour grows late and you have not fed.'

Eyes the colour of liquid rubies turned to look at his visitor for a moment before he turned back to gaze out from his balcony at the many lavish stone buildings below his secluded villa. Yes, he was aware that the night was fading, but at his age, he required little blood, being four thousand years old and all. His ears twitched and he listened to the servants moving about his home, each with their own tasks, blood pumping through their veins but really he was actually listening for something else.

'Your worry is for naught, Constantine. I will feed when the time is right. For now, the wind grows restless. Trouble is on the horizon.' A faint breeze swirled around them and tormented the pure white strands of Snow's hair. It spoke to him, told him things. Things that were totally out of his hands. He looked down at his hand and began absently tracing the black tattoos that swirled around his wrist, the twirling pattern continuing up his arm and stopped underneath his chin. He had them for as long as he could remember, the dips and swirls created using ink and his blood.

'Your hiding from them, aren't you.' Constantine accused. Snow shifted his feet before folding his hands in his robe sleeves.

'I have no idea what you mean?'

'Snow, the guardian of the Carpathians, killer of vampires is hiding from two certain women like a scared little boy. What have you done this time?'


Constantine raised an eyebrow. 'I don't believe that for a second.' He communicated over their mental channel. He breathed in and Snow's bewitching scent drifted to his nose. It seemed to pull him in, just like everyone else. Anyone, human or otherwise who caught a drift of Snow's addictive scent couldn't help but be lured to him with the promise of pure passion. He smelt like honey and sunshine and sex. For Snow's blood was like an aphrodisiac. So potent and pure that one sip could heal any wound in seconds. It had to be, he was the white priest. Such a miracle can also be very dangerous. If he could feel, it would be very uncomfortable right about now.

'I swear, it wasn't my fault.' He almost groaned as a faint meow could be heard from below before it was joined by another equally soft one. Snow glanced down reluctantly as two sleek black cats came out of the garden and climbed up to the balcony Snow and Constantine stood on. They hopped onto the ledge, slinked up to Snow with feline grace and, taking turns, begun rubbing and butting their soft bodies against his stomach and hand. He chuckled and started stroking the twin cats, purring loudly, causing them to purr back just as loud.

'I see you have found me, my palafertiils. Shift so that I may see your lovely faces.' He continued stroking his lifemates. A moment later and Snow was faced with the beautiful faces of his twin lifemates, Lilith and Leticia. They were wearing simple but elegant blue togas with golden arm bands and anklets. Even after all this time he spent in black and white, colours still blinded him. Flowing, curly black hair, a trait of the Carpathian women, which clung to every curve and skin the colour of creamy ivory. To him, they were his heart and soul. They were his redemption. They were his everything.

'Here is where you've been hiding. Trying to escape our wrath, avio palafertiil.'

'He is running away from us. But his scent drew us in.' Lilith said to her sister. She and Leticia jumped off on to the balcony and circled him as if he were prey.

He raised his hands up in surrender, his eyes gleaming with amusement. 'Never. I would rather look at my mates' beauty then run away from it.'

'Flattery will get you nowhere.' Lilith put her hands on her hips, trying to look intimidating.

'Andasz entolem irgalomet! I was just taking in the night air.

'And I see Constantine is in on this as well. Did you ask him to hide you?' Leticia mirrored her sister's look. They looked like angry goddess standing there. Possessiveness rose within him. Dark and dangerous and that was a deadly combination in one as old as he.

'Leave us.' Snow said to Constantine without turning around, wanting to be alone with his wives`. The male didn't say a word. He nodded, knowing that his master needed to be alone with his mates and dissolved into mist. A sense of vertigo hit Snow hard and he ran a hand down his face, suddenly feeling his age and sat down on the marble bench, bringing Lilith and Leticia with him, his only anchor in the turbulence that was his mind. Even after five hundred years of being together, the need for his lifemates hadn't wavered, it had only grown stronger. With the threat of the vampire ever present, he had to remain in control. Of course, his girls weren't the type to sit at home and let him have all the fun.

He was about to open his mouth when suddenly Snow's vision went white and images and emotions hit him with enough force to cause him to cry out and fall to his knees. Feelings of pain and anger and suffering bombarded him on all sides, filling him up, until he could consume no more. He heard his wives` cry out his name but they sounded so far away, their cries replaced with that of grieving mothers, their scent by that of death and their faces being replaced with a man, a Carpathian, surrounded by many others of their kind, banding together to fight off the vampires and the humans. They were fighting so hard. So bravely. Unafraid to die for the ones they love.

Then the images faded and a dark mage in a black robe appeared a moment later. He was standing in an ice cave, his skeletal hands raised to the ceiling, chanting, his voice barely audible over the roar of the water fall. He was casting a spell, his magic dark and powerful. It was a spell meant for destruction. The destruction of the Carpathian race. He managed to catch a few wordsbefore his world shifted again and he was back in the present, the arms of his lifemates` wrapped tightly around him. Snow tried to find the warmth his loves` arms offered but he just couldn't get warm. His body just wouldn't stop shaking; his breathing shallow and uneven and he had broken out in a cold sweat. He had just seen the future. The future of the Carpathian race.

And he could do nothing.

Because if he did, the whole balance of order will shift.

This was his curse.

The curse of the white priest of the Carpathians.

'Breath, koje. It will pass. We are here with you' Lilith tried to sooth him with her voice, hugging him from behind.

'Yes, you had another vision?' Leticia touched his hard face and hugged him from the front. 'You have not feed. Please sivames sielam, take what you need.'

Snow nodded and buried his face in Leticia's neck, reaching around and hugging Lilith from behind him. He breathed in Leticia's feminine scent and nuzzled her soft skin before his fangs sank gently into her graceful neck. White lighting travelled from her to him, causing him to moan. Her addictive blood flowed into his mouth and down his throat, his depleted cells soaking it up like a starving man in the desert, only now realising how hungry he was. He had not eaten for several days, only eating to provide for his lifemates. As he feed, he felt Leticia begin to stroke his white hair and Lilith rubbed his back. When he knew he had taken enough, he sealed the puncture wounds with his tongue and sat up.

'Thank you, sivamet.' He cupped her cheek and reached around to bring Lilith beside him. He kissed both their hands and clasped them to his chest, sorrow etched deep on his face. 'Thank you. Tet vigyazam.'

'And we love you. Your sorrow hurts us deeply, Snow. Please, tell us what it is you visioned.'

He rose of shaky limbs and walked to the balcony's edge, his wives` taking a hand each. 'I have seen what the future holds. And it is going to be a struggle. For them. For us. It will lead our race to the point of extinction. But I am the priest, the guardian of the Carpathians, I cannot interfere.'

Leticia squeezed his hand, lightly tracing his swirling tattoos, and leant against his side. 'Maybe that is their destiny. In these tough times, all we can do is stick together. They will learn this when it is their time. Their strength will shine through when the time comes.'

Snow breathed in deeply and looked up at the sky. The sun had begun it's ascend, the sky turning a soft grey but some stars still remained. He would have to go to ground soon but sleep was the last thing on his mind, not when the future of the Carpathians was hanging by a thread. Hope and peace was still so far away for his people and they would need every ounce they could get, because the darkest days were soon to come.

'I hope your right. Because they are going to need all the strength they can get.'

To be continued.

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Andasz entolem irgalomet- Have mercy

Avio palafertiil- Lifemate

Palafertiils- Mate or wife

Koje- Husband

Sivamet- My love

Tet vigyazam- I love you.