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Ch1: The explosion

Third Person's P.O.V.

The Titans had gotten word that strange activity was going on down in three of Jump City's mines.

"Ok, team, we'll go into pairs. Terra and Beast Boy, Cyborg and Starfire, and Raven and I. There will be no signal for our regular communicators, so Cy and I designed these," Robin said and he held out six circular devices with a 'T' on them. They looked like the regular communicators, but bigger and were completely black and the 'T' was red," These communicators are for underground use only. If you do use them above ground, they will cause an explosion to all of them. The explosion will be small, but can still burn you and if you're by the entrance to the mine, it will cave in, causing you to be trapped. I'm also giving theses to you guys. These candles will last for a couple hours each."

They headed out. The mines were on separate sides of Jump, so they'd be a little ways away from each other.

Terra's P.O.V.

Beast Boy and I were heading to the mine we were assigned to, me on a rock, and Beast Boy as a bird. We got there and headed into the mine.

"So, what do you think is causing the strange activity?" Beast Boy asked and I shrugged.

"What villains do you have that deal with rocks or would use a mine shaft?" I asked the green boy.

"We have Cinderblock, but that's the only one that I can think of that would be messing with rocks," Beast Boy said, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

"It's okay," I said, putting my hand on his shoulder, making us both blush and me pull my hand away.

I lit our candle, once it got too dark, and would move it around often to see if there was anything on the walls. Everything was quiet, pretty much the rest of the way, and then Beast Boy shrieked, making me jump.

"What is it Beast Boy?" I asked.

"I stepped in something," Beast Boy said.

We froze when he heard a bunch of shrieking sounds and flaps of tiny wings. I held out the candle and we saw a flock of bats coming towards us. We screamed and began running out of the cave. When we got out of the cave, we fell to the ground on our stomachs, Beast Boy's comm. falling out of his pocket and opening, activating it.

"Beast Boy? You aren't supposed to be calling me! They'll explode!" Robin yelled through the comm. and he yelled something then the screen went fuzzy.

The comm. exploded and we were blown back a bit. Our eyes widened as we stared at the circle of charred ground and the bits of machine surrounding it and in it. I grabbed my original comm. and yelled into it,

"Cyborg! Starfire! Something happened to Robin and Raven!"

"What happened?" Cy asked, worry clear on his face.

"Beast Boy and I ran out of the cave because of a flock of bats, and when we hit the ground, BB's underground comm. fell out and opened and it called Robin. Before his exploded, he yelled something and the screen went fuzzy," I said all in one breath.

"Head to Rob and Rae's mine, we'll meet you there," Cy said and hung up.

"C'mon," BB said and we left.