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That day, the guy Rei once saw talking so intimately with her at Hounan's Culture Festival, came over just to see him at his workplace.

That nut brown-haired guy, with his green orbs, told Rei that the fragile dark-haired lass-who happened to be his girlfriend—seemed so troubled and even said that she wanted a breakup. In the end, despite all the things that Katase guy uttered as if to clear things up between the two of them, Rei satirically declared, "Just ignore her".

He really was the usual self-centered Rei Otohata who would never get swayed by things people told him to do. Damn that Katase guy with all his somewhat-some-sage-suggestions, telling him to be "nicer" to her. Why would he, especially when he did not feel like he did something wrong in the first place? He did not do any harm anyway. Besides, it was not like making her cry over and over again had become a serious crime to be discussed about.

And no, he did not—at least, he never meant to. She whimpered on her own while all he did back then was simply speak out what he needed to say, and it was not that much. Well said.

But as much as he seemed not to care about it, there was a hidden pretension he would not dare to say as well. And it peculiarly blasted off as the nut brown-haired guy initiated the unpleasant atmosphere by telling him some new things he never thought he would ever hear.

"She was saying she wants to break up with you, so I advised her against it, saying she shouldn't grow reckless. Why don't you be nicer to her?"

That timid Aya Hoshino could actually open up her heart to someone else—even telling about their relationship issues—and he found out from that someone else's mouth instead. Indeed he did not see anything wrong for her breaking up with him, seeing that she might have reached her vertex of patience. He already warned her that he would probably hurt her even without realizing it, and yes, he did anyway. She failed being adjusted to him, concerning that she had turned out to be exaggeratedly insecure that he did not even want to involve himself anymore.

"Or do you plan to break up with her?"

He had not been thinking that much. He was just simply dejected by her cowardliness.

"Seriously, how do you feel about her?"

Why would he admit it to a stranger?

When they coincidentally met, she stayed stubborn. She said nothing but an apology. No, he would not respect that kind of attitude. He would never feel sorry for such a feeble girl who kept asking for forgiveness while she did not really have to.

"I don't really care, but if you've got something to say, why don't you say it to my face?"

If there was ever a sacred person who could interpret his words, she would hear this statement instead;"If you really want to break up with me, why don't you say it to me directly?"

Of course, she was too pessimistic to ever catch it that way. No professions? He had better leave earlier.

There was no use of expecting a truthful avowal from a tongue-tied girlfriend, after all.

There was also this vexatious moment when Kotobuki, Yamazaki and Tatsukichi bumped into him when he was busy on the way to his workplace just to report something which was nothing new in his ears at all.

"So she's found a boyfriend? If that's what she wants to do, I don't see anything wrong about it."

Very typical of the egoistical Rei Otohata, who did not seem to have any special attention to anyone else but himself. Even if Aya was to cheat on him for real, he would see it as nothing but a simple, well decision of hers.

Everything she did to try not to be a burden to him, was frankly his real burden. She always held back things she wanted to say just because she was afraid if that would constrain him. He knew it, and it burdened him instead.

So he felt nothing wrong if she was able to get a new boyfriend without breaking up with him explicitly. He really did.

Along with curses and scorns from Kotobuki, he merely walked away.

It kind of pissed him off that people kept blaming him for everything that occurred to Aya lately. How was she doing by the way, considering more of different people-whether it was her possibly new boyfriend or her friends—insisted on telling him to make up with her or something like that?

Now that he thought about it, he had not given Aya a little more chance to tell him the truth. The last time they met, he got easily irked by her incertitude. He did not give her much time to actually speak. Perhaps if he gave her some, everything would be solved.

So he phoned her but still, he got no answer. She did not pick up her cell phone (and it was beyond his prejudice that in fact, Katase was the one who secretively took her cell phone to reject his call).

And it took everything he thought he could do in this troublesome circumstance. Seeing that she did not answer his call, he nonchalantly put his cell phone back into his pocket and continued his way to his workplace.

Just doing an unanswered call and he gave it up.

"Did Hoshino-san come by?"

The certain nut brown-haired guy appeared again while he was working, asking the same definite thing—which was always about her. He gave the guy an honest answer and he got protested once more and questioned if he was worried. He was demanded—yes, it sounded more like a demand to him now—to treat her with more consideration. And so on.

The stormily overcastted moment came to an end as Aya bobbed up with her usual dimmest look. "Katase-kun, it's enough."

Katase turned to face her and apologized but she turned away and desperately left the place. He ran to chase after her.

As the rain began to humefy the ground he was standing on, Rei Otohata merely kept his composure, watching the two of them disappearing from his view, which ultimately indicated him an unsaid goodbye.

Such a long way to go to regain his breath.

Since then, they never met each other again. He had not seen her for three weeks long-not even a glance. No one came arguing about Aya anymore to him ever since he saw her going away followed by that Katase guy. Well, it was not hard to guess that she had begun a more special relationship with that green-orbed guy at last. That was her choice, he supposed.

One day, while Rei was waiting for his morning train as usual, he heard a familiar voice of a girl inside a train which just stopped by. "I'm getting off, I'm getting off!"

He did not know what had got into him, but he swiftly grasped the girl's arm to help her out of the train. As the door to the train closed automatically and began leaving the station speedily, he let go of the girl's arm and told her not to be spacing out so she would not miss her stop.

"Long time no see," Rei casually greeted her.

The dark-haired girl turned away and wondered if he had heard some things from their friends. He gave her a "yes", and she smiled in relief with closed eyes. Just then, the train he was waiting for had come and before it stopped by, he stated, "If that's what you've decided, then it's fine."

She initially seemed to be kind of astonished at what he said but then, she nodded and gave him a radiantly sincere smile. He smiled back at her and left.

"It's fine". Yes, that was not a lie.

But that was not the truth either.

"Ah, it's coming again."


An innocent smile. "An airmail letter from Katase-kun."

Rei frowned as she animatedly ripped off the envelope and took the letter out. She was about to read the letter when he asked, "So he keeps contacting you since then?"

"Well, sometimes. We're still good friends after all." The dark-haired girl said before turning back her sight to the letter again. It did not take a long time for her to blush profoundly as she caught him staring at her. "I-It's not like I'm cheating on Otohata-kun or anything, right?"

Rei averted his eyes. "I'm not even thinking about that."

There they were, having a peaceful Saturday afternoon at Aya's house—studying together on the terrace, to be precise. They both were busy paying their attention to their chemistry textbooks with some complications they needed to discuss about until the airmail sort of got in their way.

Still with a freakish pink hue on her pale face, Aya continued reading the letter and smiled with a sigh as she finished perusing the last sentence of the letter. "It's a good thing that Katase-kun is doing fine as always."

"Hm," was all Rei said as a response.

Aya began chattering, "I kind of envy him that he can go studying abroad. Studying abroad was once my dream and I tend to start feeling that passion again every time Katase-kun tells me how fun it is in his letter."

"It's so like you to be carried away so easily." Rei shrugged.

"I-I'm not," Aya gritted her teeth. "Not anymore."

"Or so I heard."

"So Otohata-kun doesn't agree if I get to study abroad someday?"

"It doesn't matter what I think."

"Of course it does."

"Lacking of confidence again, aren't you?"

"It's not like that."

"Why do you ask?"

"Because…" Aya gulped and flushed deeply before saying, "…Otohata-kun is my boyfriend."

Rei let out a sigh. "You sure have grown more stubborn these days."

Aya ignored his statement and asked again, "So?"

Another sigh from the lad. "If that's what you've decided…"

"…it's fine?" Aya resumed.

Rei narrowed his eyes. "You shouldn't have asked, then."

"So it's really fine for Otohata-kun?"

"It's not fine if you keep asking about what I think of your own decision."

"I see…" Aya arched her brow and looked down to the ground. So he's fine with me going apart from him.

Silence filled the couple as both of them paid their attention back to the chemistry textbooks. Just then, Aya could not hold herself to take a glance at Rei—only to get herself blush frantically for the umpteenth time as she unintentionally found that he did the same.

He was practically looking at her, and he had that unusually collected yet mesmerizing smirk on his face she could barely forget.

It was simply because she somehow felt like the smirk was silently telling her that there was a sweet, simple lie hidden in his previous reply.

"P-Please don't make me get my hopes up, Otohata-kun."

And God knew how Rei Otohata tried his best to suppress his chuckle that time.

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