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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

-Thomas Merton

Chapter Four

It was a dance. Long, lanky limbs moving swiftly but vivacious and airy in the way they moved. Staying within range of the start, they join the other dancers sometimes in a ballet or waltz. Music was deafening only to them, colouring and moving them without restraint, unawares of their own music heard only by the listeners. For so long they would remain hidden, only shadows and gray flashes, but most knew what they were, could hear them long after the images were gone. How frightening, but beautiful the patterns of swaying leaves were stretched out along the ceiling.

Ib couldn't stop watching them, the pictures that only her ceiling at this time would play. The leaves were different, their secrets and dances laid out across the canvas. Even though gray and black, the leaves and tree limbs were beautiful, albeit different from their outer colourful facade in that they were free and no one could tell who they were. It was like a masked man meeting his beloved, only to meet again without the mask, he knew her, but she only knew the mask. Evidently the mask may be his true self, a release from the persona he uses daily. How tiring, a double mask to hide one's true self.

Ib turned her eyes away from the dancers, fixing them on the wall that separated this room from the one that she had tried to knock on just the night before. She could faintly hear something, but could not place what it was. She looked back up at the ceiling before sitting up, today would be her first day and she would have to go in early to receive her key and speak with the office about her schedule, she had forgotten to ask the woman.

She stood and walked over to her suitcase that she had yet to unpack, and pulled out her uniform: an orchid coloured skirt that was ruffled, a matching shirt with puffed short sleeves with white trim, the shirt also had a collar, but underneath it was a white shirt. Ib put it on along with her white socks and black shoes. The uniform, in all, wasn't too bad, but she wished there were sleeves, but all the other uniforms that were ordered hadn't come in yet. She grabbed a bag from her chair and left the room, wondering just what the day would bring. What of Garry? Would he still be as friendly, or would he think that she was weird and say away?

Ib could feel her mood dampen. It seemed like they could be friends, but he may have just been being polite. At least he had been a lot more tactful than most. She walked out of her room, closing the door and walked down the hall. A few other girls passed her, but didn't pause only looking back at Ib with tired, but curious eyes. Ib knew rumours would probably be circulating within an hour, if she was lucky.

Ib had just reached the door when she heard someone call out from behind her. "Hey! You!" Ib turned around, tensing as a girl with short dirty-blonde hair jogged over, blue eyes sparkling. "You're new, right?" Ib shrunk a little at her loud voice that echoed through the hall.

"Y-y-yes." Ib shyly replied, backing away from the girl who was to close for comfort.

"I knew it!" She laughed loudly, "My name's Amelia Jones!" She didn't wait for Ib to reply, grabbing her arm and dragging her out while talking non-stop.

"You're going to love St. Rose Academy. It's a pretty cool place, and the cafeteria food is awesome! There are a lot of different people here and there are tons of classes! I'm majoring in photography! There's culinary, different forms of art, some writing classes, and-Oh, here's the building! Isn't it awesome!? Like, all the decor is really pretty and victorian-y!"

Ib was trying to keep up with both Amelia and her mouth, but it was becoming rather difficult, especially when the school came into view.

"Man, oh man, I'm so hungry! I can't wait to chow down, you know? Hey, did I tell you that the food here is absolutely amazing!?" Amelia asked, walking even faster. "Man! I can taste those pancakes now!"

Ib finally couldn't keep up and happened to trip on an uneven stone. She would have fallen face-first if Amelia hadn't still been gripping her arm, so instead she hit her knee. Amelia quickly let go and let Ib steady herself. "Oh my, are you alright?" Her voice was much calmer, worry coloring it. Ib stood up, ignoring the sting that her now bleeding knee gave her, and nodded. She was ready to continue, but Amelia had another idea.

She picked Ib up bridal style and ran all the way to the nurse's office. Students moved out the girl's way instantly, whispers following along with laughter. Ib couldn't help but want to hide or at least repress this memory. It was very embarrassing! All she had wanted was to go to the office and pick up her key and ask about her schedule, instead a girl she had just met was carrying her like a princess through a good one-third of the student body, and it was all because of a bloody knee! Well, at least the girl hadn't walked off and left her alone. That was a plus.

Amelia kicked open the door to, what Ib guessed, was the nurse's office. The nurse didn't even turn around when she said, "Hello, Amelia. What seems to be the problem today?"

"She's injured!"

"Place her on the cot." The woman stated, going to the cabinet and taking out a few things.

Amelia carefully placed Ib down on the mattress before moving to stand by the bed. The nurse walked over and examined Ib's knee for a few seconds, before smiling, "Just a flesh wound." It seemed she was mainly telling Amelia since the girl sighed in relief. The nurse turned to the girl, "Oh, Amelia. What happened this time?"

The girl rubbed the back of her head and stared at the floor. "I heard there was a new girl, so I wanted to show her around..."

The nurse sighed, "Amelia, how many times do I have to tell you to be careful? It's good that you wanted to help a fellow classmate, but you must remember to keep in mind what they want." She turned to Ib and then back to Amelia, "Do you even know her name yet?"

"Well,..um..no." She admitted, fidgeting slightly as she looked down at the floor.

"You see? You just dragged this poor girl off without even knowing her name. You need to remember your manners." She scolded before turning to Ib, "What is your name?"


"It's great to meet you! ...Sorry, about earlier." Amelia said, putting her hand out. Not wanting to be rude, Ib did the same and they shook hands, only Ib winced, Amelia had a strong grip.

"Now then, Miss Ib where were you heading this morning?" The nurse inquired, cleaning out the wound and placing a bandage over it.

"The office."

"I know where that is! I can take you!" Amelia piqued up, even raising her hand.

"I don't know." Started the nurse, but Amelia didn't miss a beat. "We won't run, promise! I'll just take her to the office! Scouts honor!"

The nurse sighed, "Alright, but first will you please go grab a few paper towels from the bathroom for me?" Amelia saluted and was out the door, "I'll be right back!"

The nurse chuckled and Ib couldn't help but notice that the woman's hair was shorter than Amelia's and hugged her face. "Oh, dear I'm quite sorry about her, but Amelia really doesn't mean any harm. She's just...spirited and gets carried away at times. I do hope you won't hold this against her." Ib just nodded, Amelia didn't seem like a bad person. "Oh, how rude of me! I'm Charlotte Goldie, head nurse here at St. Rose."

She couldn't say anymore. Amelia was back, holding two stacks of paper towels. "Thank you, Amelia. Just set them on the counter, would you?" Once Amelia did so, Charlotte smiled, "You both are free to go, now. Have a good day girls."

Ib stood up and followed Amelia out the door with a wave to the nurse. As they walked down the hall Amelia turned to her, "I'm really sorry about that...can you forgive me?" Ib nodded, it was only a minor cut, no big deal.

The girl's eyes lit up and she clasped Ib's hands, "Really? Awesome! Let's go, come on!" She said, laughing while walking a bit faster, but Ib noticed that Amelia was going slow enough for her to keep up. Ib couldn't help but smile a bit at the kind action, but why hadn't she said anything yet around...No, she should be happy that she wasn't bringing it up... Maybe she hadn't even noticed. That thought was enough to make Ib smile a tad before they reached the office.

Amelia opened the door and walked in, Ib behind her. There entrance was met with a loud sigh from one of the secretaries, "Amelia, it's not even eight yet, what have you done now?"

"I didn't do anything! Promise! I'm just helping her." She stepped away and all gazes fell on Ib. The girl looked down, but could feel the eyes like bugs crawling across her skin. A lough resonated through the room and Ib glanced over to see it was a boy, "Caught another victim, huh?"

Amelia crossed her arms, "Shut up! No one asked you, Dmitri!"

"I wasn't speaking with you, rat."

"What did you say you-"

Ib tuned them out, walking towards the secretary who smiled brightly at her. "Quite an exciting morning on your first day, huh?" She said, laughing.

Ib nodded, "I was told that my key was here."

"Oh, yes, yes, here you go." The woman said and handed it to her. "Is there anything else?"

"Well, yes..." Ib started, but the other two began to yell louder.

"Go die in a hole!"

"You wouldn't even fit in one, would you, Zhirnyy?"

Unbeknownst to them, another student had entered and would have left, knowing this was another regular Amelia Vs. Dmitri Verbal fight. Alas, he was not just any student, and he was on assignment. He coughed, "Dmitri! Amelia! Stop this at once!"

"(S)He started it!" They yelled, pointing fingers at each other. The boy only sighed.

"Soaru, good morning, my friend." Dmitri greeted as if he just wasn't fighting with the girl next to him. Amelia greeted him also, nearly in the same manner only she hugged him. The boy, Soaru, blushed and pushed her off, coughing into his hand.

"What'cha doing here?" Amelia asked, glancing at him, only to finally notice the other boy with him. "Hey, who're you?"

Soaru sighed, "This is Garry. He's a new student."

Amelia opened her mouth in surprise but quickly smiled excitedly, "Me too! That's why I'm here!" She pointed at Ib, "She's new too!"

Ib looked over and was surprised to see Gary waving in her direction. Not sure what to do, she allowed Amelia to drag her over to the group. "Okay, so I'm Amelia, as you know, that's Soaru Sato and he's the student council president, and that idiot is Dmitri Braginski. Everyone, this is Ib!"

Ib just stared at her shoes, the buckle was quite new and looked to be made of metal. "Hello, Ib. Have you asked about your schedule yet?" Garry asked and Ib looked up in surprise. "I promised I would go with you, remember?" Ib nodded, unsure of what to say...She felt a tiny shred of hope that he really meant it.

"What!? You're schedule! What's wrong with it?" Amelia asked, looking at Ib.

"She doesn't have an elective." Garry explained for her.

"May I take a look?" Soaru asked Ib, and she pulled out schedule for him. He read through and looked pensive, "You're right, I believe a class may have been added by accident. Don't worry, I'll take care out if." He smiled, heading over to the secretary, "Mrs. Lanz, is the vice principal or administrator in yet?"

"Yes, he's in his office."

Soaru turned back to Ib, "If you would wait just a few minutes." Then he left.

Dmitri whistled, "He really knows how to get things done, no?"

"What class would Ib be put in?" Garry asked, glancing at Ib.

"Well, they'll probably see which classes have openings and Soaru will probably come out and ask her. They're pretty good with things like this." Dmitri replied, taking a seat at a table in the room. Amelia sat across from him, nodding enthusiastically. The other two remained standing.

"So, you two know each other? Secret lovers, long lost friends, do you like pancakes?" Amelia asked and Dmitri snickered. "That last one didn't even fit, stupid."

Amelia glared at him, but before she could Garry replied, "Wh-what!? No! We just happened to meet each other yesterday at the train station!"

Amelia frowned, "Alright, no need to yell." She smiled then, glancing at Garry, "Awe, denial is cute!" Garry blushed and tried to deny it, but Amelia was laughing much to hard to listen.

Ib looked at the wall, before glancing at Dmitri when he tapped her hand from his seat. He smiled, "Don't worry, Amelia is much, but not everyone is like her. I'm sure you'll like it here, so cheer up, yes?" Ib nodded, feeling a bit better.

At that moment Soaru walked out of the principal's office, "Miss Ib, there aren't many classes open, but you do have a few options. There's a drummer needed for orchestra or you can help out in one of the fashion classes, they also run a cafe here."

"Oh! That sounds like fun! What are you going to choose!?" Amelia asked excitedly.

"Bands cool! Drummers are amazing." Dmitri argued, but Soaru only sighed at them.

Ib shrunk a bit, unsure of what to choose. On one hand she didn't want to play the drum, but on the other hand she wasn't sure what a 'fashion class' would have in store for her.

"Hey, don't worry," Garry reassured her. "Just choose the one you want to do, even if just a little. You may like it in the end."

Ib nodded. Thinking about it, she knew drums didn't interest her, but fashion might be more...enthralling. Garry could be right, she may end up liking it. "The second option, please."

Soaru smiled and wrote the information on her schedule and handed it to her, "I'll send a note to the teacher to inform her ahead of time. Now, why don't you all head on to breakfast. They may not have many pancakes left if you don't hurry."

"What?!" Amelia shot up, "Let's go then! Move it!"

"Amelia, you should be careful. You might have to carry Ib through the school again." Dmitri teased, having heard the rumours and seen a flash of it himself.

Amelia pouted, Ib looked at her shoes, and Garry was confused. Soaru merely sighed, "Luno and Lumi are waiting for you."

"Really!? Ib, come sit with me!" Amelia called, dragging Ib towards the door, but Ib grabbed Garry's sleeve. "Can he come to?" Amelia blinked then smiled, "Yup! The more the merrier!"

Dmitri clapped a hand on Garry's shoulder, "Good luck, you'll need it with her." He indicated towards Amelia with his chin and smiled. "I'll see you all later."

"Whatever!" Amelia yelled back as she dragged the two new students from the office.

"Should we have really let them go alone with Amelia?" Soaru asked hesitantly, still staring at the door.

"Lumi and Luno will be there, maybe Gillian will be there too, no?"

Soaru sighed, silently praying for Ib and Garry's sanity.

"Oh, they'll both be fine. Amelia is loud and rather emotional, but the red-eyed girl is very quiet. They may become very good friends." Mrs. Lanz spoke-up, catching the two boys off guard. "As for the boy...He'll be good friends with that girl, they're already closer."

The two boys didn't quite get it.


"What is it, Ib?" He asked, sliding his tray down the line next to Ib's, Amelia already half down the line.

"Thank you...For coming with me, I mean." Ib said, staring at her tray.

"It's nothing. If you need anything I'll always help you."

It was silent before Ib suddenly asked, "...What about yesterday?"

"Let's talk about that...Somewhere less open." Garry suggested quietly and Ib didn't reply, staying quiet.

Garry looked at her then at his tray. Ib was talking more than she had yesterday, and it made conversation a bit easier. It was a bit hard to believe that already so much had happened, strange things, but he was taking it quite well. He glanced at Ib again, she looked a bit sad but also neutral. Her face was a relaxed, and she wasn't smiling but she also wasn't frowning.

The two received their pancakes and followed Amelia to a table where a boy and girl were sitting. Both had very fair, pale-blonde hair only the girl's hair was just past the nape of her neck in the back, but was cut diagonally so it was longer in front, and the boy's hair was longer, held in a half bun that cascaded to his shoulders. As they approached, the two looked up and Ib couldn't help but notice that their eyes were a bright blue colour.

"Hey Lumi! Luno!" Amelia yelled, waving a tanned arm. Lumi smiled and waved back, eyes lighting up as they closed in and sat down. Amelia pushed Garry next to Luno and Ib on Lumi's left, taking the girl's right. "Lumi, Luno, this is Ib and that's Garry! They're new students!"

"Hello, it's nice to meet you!" Lumi said, gripping Ib's forearm in greeting, doing the same to Garry. "Hey, Luno, say hello."

"I know. It's a pleasure." He stated, also gripin Ib's and Garry's forearm.

Lumi smiled, "So, you've had an exciting morning, huh?"

Garry grimaced and Ib took a bite out of her pancakes.

"That answers that." Luno stated while standing, "I have to get to class. That man can't seem to do anything by himself. I shall see you later." He turned to Lumi and they both put a hand to their hearts and then extended their hands into a wave.

"Good luck." Lumi replied.

"Are you two...Going out?" Garry asked, only for Amelia to snort and laugh through the food in her mouth. Garry blushed as she laughed so hard she turned red.

Lumi only chuckled, "No-no, Luno is my brother. We're twins to be exact."

"O-oh." Garry replied awkwardly as he stared at his tray.

"Don't worry, you're not the first or last to think such a thing. Ib, did you think so also?"

Ib shook her head, "No. I could tell you were siblings, only your eyes are a bit lighter."

Lumi looked surprised, "Really, no one else has ever noticed that. You must be really observant."

Ib looked down at her half eaten food shyly. She had thought it obvious.

"Well, I believe classes are going to start soon. Do you two need any help getting to class?" Lumi asked, and Garry looked down. "Well, I'm not sure where this room is." The two stood up and Lumi looked at the room number, "Oh! I know where that is! I can show you the way. Ib may I see yours?"

Ib handed the paper over and Lumi smiled again, "You're a bit far, but both your classrooms aren't too far from one another, I'll show you the way."

"Hey! Ib is my new student!" Amelia whined.

"Your classroom is in the opposite direction."

"I wanna go."

"Mrs. Petri will be very angry, and you can't afford another detention."

Amelia was silent for a few seconds, "Well, I'll see you guys later! See ya!"

"So...overwhelming." Garry muttered, watching Amelia leave.

"Come on you two, or else you'll be late!"

The walls were lit up by the rays flowing through the window, gleaming off the chandeliers and reflecting onto the walls. The floors were still shiny, pristine, and empty in a way. Shoes clicked and echoed as they hit the floor, but continued on, ignoring the hollow sound. The painting looked out from their frames, showing emotion that may or may not be warmth or cold in the sun or shade. Their colours were there, but worn by the sun. Overshadowed due to light, how morbid and sorrowful. They could only wait for night,but even then if the lights were turned off they would be consumed in the night's shade.

Ib turned her attention back to her class, wanting more than nothing for the teacher to stop talking. She wanted to paint and from what she heard, that is exactly what they were doing, and it was free-hand. For the most part, her other art two art classes that she'd had earlier were not bad, only bland because the teacher was telling them what to draw, but in this one she would finally be able to do what she wanted.

After this class would be lunch, and then her final class of the day. She was a bit nervous, but excited for lunch. Before they had parted, Lumi had asked Garry and her to eat with them, and they'd agreed. Ib couldn't help but be happy, even when someone in every class she had so far asked if red was her natural eye colour, though it still bothered her. Many students had tried talking to her, but, like when she was younger, they saw her eyes and grew nervous and uncomfortable.

"Alright, you may begin." The teacher announced, and Ib immersed herself in work.

Garry waited outside his classroom, examining a few of the paintings on the wall as he waited. So far, his day was going 'alright'. A few other students talked to him, even gave him pointers, but it was clear that they backed off once he finished ahead of them. They probably thought he was some poor student. He sighed, the male uniform wasn't bad, but he loved his coat and even if it was a bit old, he couldn't let it go.

Glancing to the left, he noticed something familiar about one of the paintings that nearly made him choke on the oxygen he was breathing. In the painting was a puddle and a broken window that looked just like the one from last night. He coughed, shaking his head. There was no way...right?

He turned and saw Ib standing there, causing him to jump in surprise, "EEK! ...Ib? Thank god, it's only you." He sighed in relief, bracing himself against the wall.

Ib stared at him.

"Sorry, but doesn't this painting look...familiar?"

Ib looked at it, staring blankly, but then nodded, "It is. This is nearly the same scene."

"I knew it! Could this mean something though?" Garry asked, trying to link the two.

Ib didn't reply as she thought about it also.

"We should come back tonight and find out." Garry hesitantly said, "I know it's certainly not the smartest idea, but something did happen... Do you think we should leave it alone...?"

"I'm not sure." Ib replied before turning back to the painting. She could tell Garry really didn't want to, and neither did she.

They walked away and headed to the cafeteria where they met Amelia, Lumi, Luno, Dmitri, Soaru, and another girl for lunch. The new girl took one look at Ib and stared intently at her for a good fifteen minutes before suddenly halting all conversation with just a few words, "Real red-eyes?"

Ib stared at the table top, suddenly not hungry. "Yes."

Gillian nodded, crossing her arms before smiling, "Yes, this shall work! Now I just need a basket and nude coloured bras and panties.

Garry sputtered and coughed, Dmitri hitting him on the back to help. Amelia was howling with laughter, Soaru's face was two shades of red, and Lumi and Luno were talking amongst themselves. "Don't worry! Gilly's a photographer, and she loves nature and the human body!" Amelia finally got out through her laughs.

"The body is it's own language, and mixed with the ancient language of nature...Oh, it's just divine!" Gillian gushed.

"Just continue eating and ignore her, yes?" Dmitri said, sighing as he ate.

Ib didn't touch her food, the question getting to her, but couldn't stay upset when she now understood why she asked. "You alright?" Ib nodded and Garry and finished her lunch, listening to the conversation. It was quite eventful, like she'd been sitting with them for longer than just a day.

"Well, I'll see you all at dinner." Lumi said, getting up and leaving.

"Oh, that's right!" Amelia exclaimed, turning to the two, "Dinner is from six to nine. Most people's classes let out around four, but there are some classes that run a bit later. I'll see you all at dinner!"

Ib and Garry nodded, leaving the lunch room to attend classes. "See you later."
"See you later."

The two separated,

But it seems that regardless of trying to stay away

The Trouble would come to them.

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