Pairings: AoKi, one sided OC x Kise

Warnings: Stalker obsessive love, BL, OC warning, AU fic

Summary: Kise kun should have looked at me and me alone. Its not my fault that i stabbed that man, Kise kun is mine. He should have known. Don't cry Kise kun, now we can be together- no one will interrupt us anymore, you will be mine forever. I love you, Kise kun. AoKi. Stalker love. OC x Kise one sided.


I fall in love with him when i saw him in action- the blond hair that seemed to shone when it glistened under the sun and the pretty smile that seemed to lighten up my world. His agile hands reached for the basketball as the lines in his legs tensed as he jumped on the hoop to shoot. It was beautiful. My heart almost dropped in happiness when he looked at me, those golden eyes piercing through mine- at that moment i knew we are fated to be together. That he loves me and i love him.

Kise-kun. I love the way people call his name, i really think they should make a shrine of him with him as a god. I looked at those giggly girls and smiled pitifully towards them. Kise-kun would love me and look at me alone.

Ah. He was looking at me again right now. I must have blushed since he's grinning so cutely at me, and he opened his curvy lips to call my name- eh?


Something must have been wrong right... I laughed a bit as i covered the smile in my face, people around started looking at me oddly- whats that look in their eyes, envy, contempt? No, it couldn't be, pity? I wonder what kind of a face I'm showing right now. Kise kun is still smiling so cheerfully, at that Aomine kun...

Aomine kun was a tanned man with muscles that seemed to protrude, the sweat covering his body as he moved swiftly and went to Kise, casually clinging his arms around Kise-kun. Who does he think he is?

"Kise." The person named Aomine murmured and whispered to Kise's ear- earning a pink tinge in Kise kun's cheek, "Don't be so loud."

No, no Kise kun. Don't look at that guy like that- that look was supposed to be for me and me alone. Don't you remember when your fingers had brushed with mine as we walked together in the corridors- don't you remember when you said you're so happy when you received the chocolate cake i baked for you?- don't you remember when we talked as you washed your face after a practice?- don't you remember when you told me what a cute girl I am?

People were murmuring behind my back, but they didn't understand us Kise kun, they never will, would they? I understand you more than anyone else. Why can they never see that I'm the only one for you and that you're the only one for me?

"Aominecchi." Kise kun was looking at him lovingly. I felt my chest tighten as his fingers began to stroke the tanned player's cheek gently, but it's probably some trick set by someone to separate me from you, Kise kun. Don't you worry, I'll always protect you.

"Silly, we should practice now." The man called Aomine scoffed and turned to leave Kise kun, Kise kun catches his arm and begins to kiss him- their tongues begin to mesh together as my vision turned black all of a sudden.

This is a dream.

A nightmare.

Someone wake me up.

"Aominecchi!" Kise shouted, looking at me in horror, his eyes widening in fear and his hands trembling as he spoke to me, "-"

Don't worry Kise kun. You're safe now; you don't have to be so scared. I will protect you and we'll be together forever. My hands felt wet with the filthy blood of the man that stained it- that man should know better than touch my Kise kun. He had it in himself

The coldness of the metal fall down the ground as Kise kun started to cry for help, his voice yelling something at me as he hugged the soon to be corpse in the ground. He must have been thankful for me- I'm sure of it. How else can it be, with our love for each other?

This way, we can be together forever.

Who the hell are you?!

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