Jade the angel

I do not own Vicky angel or its character s .

I am nothing to do with Jacqueline Wilson . I am just a fan of her.

This is a story of what would happen if it was Jade that died instead of Vicky.

Do you have a best friend? I do . Her name is jade. She is a brilliant friend but she can be a wimp at times. I wanted her to join the running club , but no she wanted to do the drama club. She was not in to drama so what was going through her head I do not know.

Jade and I where arguing. 'You think you so great with you blonde hair and brilliant figure , well let me tell you something Jade , you would be nothing without me! I screamed.'Just leav me alone Vicky you know nothing about me !'No you go away go away for ever!

Jade ran across the road.A Car came out off no where. Jade lay still on the road. She was dead.

No ! I wish I could take back what I said to Jade. Go away for ever! Of course I never ment it.