It must be extravagant. Beyond anything anyone has ever dared to have done before. And he must know it was designed specifically for him. I shall be his copycat killer. But how? I must know: How to go about this? Very few of his stories could be replicated as such. How to prove to him that I love and loathe him? How to kill an author of his status…?

Ah! Exactly! How to kill an author. He left me instructions! Every step, enclose within a book, bound, shipped out to nearly every country in the world.

Misery. Perfect. Woman captures her favourite author, forces him to write more stories, tortures him until, and as, he does. But, let us hope, he does not escape. To that, I will be sure. I need an excuse to capture him. I must catch him, to kill him. Yes, I will lead him astray and take him to my lakeside home.

Yes. But how to cause damage to him as had been on Sheldon when Wilkies had found him? Wait, that's perfect! Recreate the accident!

It's winter now, I mustn't delay.

-W. K.