= House Bunny =

"I can't believe you have never been here before, bud," Gift and I got off the cab.

"You never invited me when we were at school," I complained.

"You were always studying, you bookworm," Gift wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "You see this key," He waved a key with a bunny's head in front of my face, "You only get this if you are a VIP."

Gift unlocked the door and two door guards opened the door for us. Gift let me in first, "After you, my friend."

The hostess wearing a pair of bunny ears led us to our table. "Welcome to the Playboy's Club. Your waitress tonight will be Bunny Natalie," She neatly placed the menus on our table, smiled and walked away.

"Look at this menu," I whispered at Gift, "A drink costs fifteen dollars. This is freaken insane, dude. I don't care how good the drinks are. I am leaving."

"Come on, you are rich. The earning of your mother's company can pay for a thousand of these drinks every minute. Besides, it's not about the drink. It's about the hot girls in fishnets, corsets and bunny ears," He punched my shoulder.

"Fishnets and corsets? Just look on the street and you see hundreds of them walking pass you," I dismissed his argument.

"These girls are hotter. Just look," He pointed to a redheaded waitress wearing a white closet and white fishnets walking toward us.

"Nation?" I said to myself.

"Hello sir, I am Bunny Natalie and I will be your server tonight," She said, "Are you gentlemen ready to order your drink?"

"Nation," I grabbed her hand, "Why are you here?"

"I am sorry sir," She shook my hand off, "My name is not Nation. If you keep acting this way, I must notify my supervisor and have another bunny serve you."

"Natalie, you must excuse my friend Cosmo. This is his first time coming here. He must be too excited," Gift eased the tension, "Two double Moon Sonic please."

That girl who looked like Nation smiled, "Two double Moon Sonic. Anything else, sir?" We shook our heads and she walked away.

"Gift, what did you order? Moon Sonic?" I asked, "What the hell is that?"

"It's their special. What's up with you, buddy? Who is Nation?" Gift asked.

"My sister," I stood up and followed the redheaded girl.

"You have a pretty sister and you never told me? I would have asked her out," Gift yelled behind me, "If you get kicked out tonight for bugging that lady, I am not leaving with you! Maybe I should start calling Trust. He is the best wingman ever."

"Whatever you want, Gift," I couldn't care less about my friend now.

I followed the girl to the corridor where the restrooms were located, right next to the bar kitchen, "Nation," I shouted and she turned. The lights were much brighter here and I could see her face clearly. What could bring my beautiful sister to this? Wearing slutty clothes and serving men liquor? I hated so much to even imagine old fat businessmen looking at my lovely sister with the desire to rape her on bed.

"What do you want, Cosmo?" I knew it was her.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked, "Is this why Mother and you had a fight the other day? We have money. You don't have to be a bunny at the Playboy's Club. It really hurt me to see you in these clothing and serving overpriced alcohol to strangers."

"This was my life before moving back with the family. My mother was an alcoholic, and we couldn't pay our bill. Everyday, we were living in fear, afraid that someone might burn down our house. A year ago, one day, when I was sick and hungry, I fainted on the street. The owner of this place found me and took me in. She offered me a job to work here, so I can make some quick money. My life did improve a lot. In here, I feel protected and happy. I didn't have to care a single thing out there in the real world." She explained.

"It was a favor that I had to repay. I can't just quit now," Suddenly, she pressed her lips against mine. They were soft and sweet. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I could feel her boobs pressed against my chest. It was a surprise, but I took the advantage and put my tongue into her mouth. She didn't resist. I remembered how I wanted to do this the first time we met.

Some man in a dark blue suit walked past us, and then Nation let go, "Sorry, it was the manager. We had a no-chatting-with-customer policy, but making out is okay."

"Is this how you kiss your brother?" I joked, but I quickly switched back to the important subject, "I now have no doubt why Mother wanted you to quit your job."

"Fine, I will quit, but not for Mother. It's just for you, my dear handsome brother," She touched my face. "Now, go back to your table and enjoy your night out with friends," Nation waved me off.

= To Be Continued =