Hey guys! So my Definition of Cool story is kinda on hold I have no idea where it is going and I think it was getting progressively worse so I decided to write something new and wait to be inspired. Hope you enjoy!

Stumbling into the bathroom, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes I quickly pulled on various items of clothing. We had woken up late and it was the first day of school, Damn it! Finally, clothed I turned to the mirror and groaned at my sandy blond hair. It was being obnoxious! Some parts were sticking up and defying the laws of physics while others lay limp and lifeless. Pulling out my iPod touch, my eye began to twitch as I saw that we had a measly half an hour before school began.

Quickly scanning the small room, I began to take in my options and they weren't great. I could come up with were three feasible ideas but like I said they all sucked. Number one was trying to shove my hair into one big ponytail, call it quits, and then I could look like a homeless person I shook my head and turned to the shower. Number two, was taking a shower, being late for school, and possibly getting sick from riding on a motorcycle with wet hair, which would be awesome. I could be sick for the first week of school and end up missing it, hoo-fucking-ray. Ducking under the sink, I began pushing aside toiletries and extra bottles of shampoo, finally my eyes rested on number three the hair straightener. I had received it for my sixteenth birthday. Surprisingly it had been used a grand three times in the last 2 years. Scanning the tiny room another time I eventually decided with a sigh, on the third option.

I began to frown, as I plugged in the stupid machine. Everyone told me I looked nice when I straightened my hair but I had a nagging feeling that it was a lie. Personally, I hated straight hair, it was so ordinary, and in a fight, it was a big disadvantage. Noticing that the machine had finally heated up I quickly pulled it through my long locks. Cringing as it pulled my hair, I shouted at my inner crybaby to give it a rest. We were fucking late for school!

I winced as it pulled the hair yet again; my hair was my weak spot. I really should have grown out of it by now but whenever anyone grabbed my hair, it was an easy reminder. I could still remember the time that Stein had me suspended by my hair the first time we had met. I shivered remembering. This is the reason why I made it a small target. I would pull it into those goofy pigtails. Yes, I knew they were goofy and child like but when they were pulled it was not so bad.

"Come on, Maka! We are already late and Stein will dissect us if we are late on the first day! Did you fall asleep in the bathroom?" Soul yelled at me from the other side of the door, finally giving myself another once over I sighed, and resigned myself to the pitiful hair.

"Shut up Soul! This is your fault! You were supposed to wake us up today, you moron!" I shouted as I pulled on my heavy duty black boots. Grabbing my leather jacket I made my way over to the door scowling, when my eyes rested on crimson and I felt my throat close up and my stomach clench, I also noticed that my cheeks heated up while my heart began to race. Yes, I was falling for my weapon, how cliché, right? Shaking my head gently, I pulled my eyes away from Soul and ran towards the motorcycle.

"Your God has graced you with his presence! Bow down in wonder!" BlackStar hollered at the kids from the N.O.T. class as they arrived with their little name tags and shy faces. Watching their expressions as BlackStar screamed at them was priceless. Half of them looked annoyed, probably wondering who the hell this blue haired ninja was while the other half looked ready to bow. Haha! Got to love the new school year, climbing off the motorcycle I fixed my new black skirt. I gave the material a tug and sighed, I began to feel a frown growing. My new skirt and jacket were not the only things that had changed over the summer. There was no more sweater vest; graphic t-shirts and bright hoodies had taken its place. I had gotten a new look over the summer against my will, Tsubaki and Liz had destroyed all my clothes, telling me that I would look, much better this way. Believe me, there was no way to replace my old clothes, I had meant to rebel with some purchased skirts and sweaters but I had decided to try this new look. I was already regretting it.

"Earth to Maka, let's go, we are working on not being late remember!" Soul's voice pulled me out of my stupor, I quickly charged up the stairs with my weapon on my heels.

The final bell rang as Soul and I skidded into the room sweating and out of breath.

"Darn. I was looking forward to a dissection. It seems you two made it just in time. Now get to your seats before I change my mind." Stein said holding up a scalpel and displaying a sadistic grin. I gulped and quickly pulled myself into my seat pulling out pens and paper.

From the corner of my eye, I watched Soul stretch his arms above his head, pulling up his shirt allowing a view of his tanned abs. I sat watching the muscles contort. My mouth began to water at the muscled image. My reoccurring daydream took over; I imagined slipping my hands up his shirt, splaying my hands over those muscles as he leaned down to kiss me. I sighed sadly, resting my head against the desk trying to clear those wicked images. I was definitely Spirit's daughter! It was his fault that I was so sexually driven. Damn him! Noticing that Stein had made the first incision, I pulled my brain out of the gutter and began to take notes.

"BlackStar, please calm down!" Tsubaki cried as she chased after the ball of obnoxiousness and energy. I sighed watching them run down the hall, that girl was a saint.

"Damn Maka! You're looking hot today!" I turned my head to stare at the blond pistol, "Didn't I tell you, that shirt would totally go with that skirt and your boots!" She circled me slowly with an appraising smile.

"By the way, good job on your hair, it adds a bad ass vibe to the whole thing! Your pigtails would have looked absolutely ridiculous with your new look."

I gave her an annoyed glare, "I didn't ask for a new look Liz!" Huffing I ran a hand through my hair, "I only did my hair this way because we were running late." Turning back to my locker, I deposited my binder.

"Hey Liz, you got a hair tie?" I asked turning back around and then noticed I was alone yet again. Damn! Gym was going to be a bitch if I did not find a hair tie. Well maybe Kim would have one I mused as I headed towards the east wing. Turning the corner, I found the elusive Liz and quickly understood why she had left so suddenly. She was currently making out with a very hot, OCD reaper. Giving them, another once over, I wondered how those two had ever become a couple.

Continuing to walk down the hall, I absent mildly twisted a strand of hair around my index finger letting my mind play with the idea of kissing Soul, I had a pretty awesome scenario going on when I bumped into a fairly muscular boy with black hair and bright blue eyes. He was hot but I could already tell he was a new kid. Since when did the 14 year olds start looking like that?

"S-sorry," I said automatically while mentally kicking myself for stuttering. I then noticed two large, hot hands on my upper arms steadying me. Looking up into the boys face, I noticed an easy smile that complimented his energetic, happy soul.

"No need to apologize, beautiful. It was my fault. I was not paying attention, because if I had I would have noticed a lovely creature like you. By the way, my names James." he said releasing me and extending a hand.

Mentally I began kicking myself when his smile froze my brain, I quickly stuttered (yet again) "Maka Albarn", while shaking his hand.

"Well beautiful, I really need to run, I got Stein next, and I hear he is a real hard ass, but I will definitely see you later," he said turning with a wink. He rounded the corner leaving me gaping like a fish, trying to understand what the hell just happened. The late bell rang and pulled me out of my stupor, reminding me that I was not Soul and I would not get a detention. Mentally cursing, I turned and began putting my longs legs to use.

"Maka, who was that incredible hottie I saw you flirting with?" Kim asked quickly entering my personal space bubble.

"Geez Kim, calm down" I sighed as I pulled off my skirt and shirt. "I will answer all your questions, once you find me a hair tie."

As if by magic, Kim made a black hair tie appear. "Well, that was quick" I said, tying up my long hair.

"You know Maka, why don't you just cut your hair if you think it is such a nuisance?" Kim scowled as I twisted my hair into a half ass bun.

"Kim you bring this up, every day in fact, and my answer is always the same. I have no guarantee that it will look good at all. What if I look like a creepy man-child-girl thingy?"

"Maka, I am not saying chop the whole thing off, a few inches would not hurt anyone. Anyways, it's harder to pull short hair."

In reply, I just gave her a blank stare. I am sure she was about to start yelling at me for ignoring her. Her mouth opened to yell but the coaches shrill whistle saved me from the impending lecture. She was yelling at us to get our asses out on the field and start stretching for hand-to-hand combat.

"Maka, since these idiots decided to start school on a Friday, we are having a sleepover at Liz and Patty's house, tonight." Kim shouted over her shoulder giving me a smirk.

Internally, I cringed bad things always happened to me at sleepovers, but Kim had disappeared in the crowd of girls before I could cancel. Damn, what a terrible day!

Alright guys what do you think? Is it worth continuing? By the way I have no idea what Kim's personality is so if I am way off tell me. Thanks and see ya later!