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I groaned as I sunk into my bed for the night; it was officially the last night before Liz would hear everything. I had imagined the scenario a million times, imagining the perfect retort or the magical words that would soothe the anger I had inevitably caused. There was no happy way to deal with Liz; her personality was exactly like her weapon, a pistol, fiery and not one to pause for a situation like this. When I came over like a mental case, I had practically cemented in her mind that Soul was an asshole.

Groaning, I draped my forearm over my eyes it was so stupid that I had over reacted like that. Silently I cursed that no name whore that had dared hit on Soul to begin with. I shook my head; I had to take credit for the stupidity that had occurred. If I had thought through the situation like a sane human being than none of this would have happened.

Slipping my eyes shut I envisioned the halls of the DWMA, the edges began to smudge and blur as I slipped into a restless sleep. I was slowly rounding the corner of the familiar school. There in the center of the sea of people stood Liz, eyes flaming and Patty cocked in her hand. She aimed the gun to my right and I turned my head to see Soul at my side. He stood impervious and solemn. Time seemed to freeze as I watched her let out a single shot; my insides froze as I watched the pink blast race towards Soul. I tried to move, to shove him out of the way but my legs seemed cemented to the ground. When the blast was inches from his face, he sent me a startled expression, before resignation clouded his blood red eyes. Slamming my eyes shut I let out a blood curdling scream still trying to reach for him. Time seemed to freeze and I bolted awake. Sweat poured down my face and my chest heaved, in a panicked daze, I scanned the room.

Staring around my room I let out a shaky sigh, it had been an impossible and implausible dream. I knew that a hit from Liz's soul wavelength would barely scratch my death scythe but that sinking feeling that a fight was inevitable shook me to my core. When I caught up with my surroundings and my erratic breathing I slumped into my pillow, "it was only a nightmare, a god-forsaken nightmare" I murmured. Staring up at the ceiling I willed my tired eyes to shut to no avail, it seemed that sleep would be impossible, lifting my head off the pillow to look at my alarm clock I let out a rejected sigh when I saw I had 5 hours until school.

The shrill repetitive beep evaded that darkness that stifled my senses, my body ached and my eyes were crusty and bleary. Pulling myself to consciousness, I gave the source of noise a punch sending the helpless hunk of metal into the air. Sinking back into the pillow I let out a silent string of curses before pulling myself out of the warm embrace that was my bed. I l groaned when the cold air made me shiver, ignoring the sweet call of my bed, I groped under my bed for my haggard slippers. Shivering I cursed our creaky old building, when I had final reached my fuzzy I destination, letting out a tiny whoop, I pulled on the hapless bunnies. Once, the fuzzy pair of bunnies were securely on my freezing feet I gingerly got to my feet, my sore foot stung from the sudden weight. Grimacing, I staggered and limped down the hall wishing that time would just freeze.

I continued to slump down the hall when I finally reached Soul's door, I was about to pound on the wood when I noticed that a sliver of the room was in full view. Pushing open the door I let out a silent mew of love, he looked so damn cute stretched over the bed. Tiptoeing into the room, I fought the urge to bend over and kiss the death scythe awake, that made me pause in mid thought. Why the hell, should I not wake my boyfriend up with a kiss? With renewed vigor and a good reason to be awake at this ungodly hour, I made my way to the bed careful to avoid any more underwear situations.

When I had reached his side I let out a breath, I didn't even know I was holding. He was the picture of peacefulness; I let out a giggle when I noticed the little bit of drool that had escaped his open mouth. With a small smile, I bent over angling towards his forehead, closing my eyes I thought, "God I didn't deserve him." Just before my lips reached their destination crimson eyes flashed, open flailing I turned to pull away, "shit, he had caught me."

"Morning," he grinned pulling me down into the crook between his arm and chest. I gasped at the sudden impact.

"You asshole, were you awake the whole time?" I growled trying to wiggle out of his embrace.

"Of course not, that's not cool," he kissed my temple, his lips pulling into a smirk. "What kind of guy would lure his hot girlfriend into his room by pretending to sleep?"

An unexpected blush spread across my checks, I fought to make a coherent possibly witty comment but found that my sleep-deprived brain had turned to mush. Turning to make any kind of retort, I noticed that he had nuzzled into my hair and fallen back asleep. Wriggling in his iron grip to peek at the side table clock, I noticed that we had a little bit of time before officially, getting up and getting ready. With a hum of satisfaction, I snuggled in and let my tired eyes close.

"Maka," a voice tugged at my consciousness, "Oi, Maka, get up." The voice nudged me some more.

"Hmm…" I hummed as a cracked open an eye, a blurry image of Soul's crimson eyes and toothy grin began to slowly appear.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty," Soul murmured kissing me gently, "We missed school," he chuckled.

"What?" I groaned turning to stare at the clock that only moments ago had read 6:30 am; the stupid little hands pointed towards 2:45. Where had the time gone?

"Turns out we slept the day away," Soul grinned pressing another kiss to the side of my jaw. "Oh well, too late to do anything now."

Groaning I turned to eye my boyfriend, some how he had planned this and I was torn between thanking him and scolding him but when he flashed his brilliant grin, I decided that I really didn't mind, that much.

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