"Today is the day." Hidan grinned. Kakuzu and Hidan walked in to the orphanage. "Why exeactly do you wanna do this?" Kakuzu asked, who was just sticking along because he was bored. "I wanna fucking prove to the others that I can be a fucking good parent!" Kakuzu sighed. "Have fun with that. It'll be a week at most before I have to call the social worker." a girl, about four, walked up to Hidan. Hidan smiled at the girl. "Hi, sweetie! What's your name?" The girl smiled then kicked him in the balls. Kakuzu started lauging, hard. "Goddamn motherfucker..." Hidan mumbled, bening over. "OH! I'M SO SO SORRY ABOUT THAT!" A woman yelled, bowing. "That's Mary. She has something against boys with purple eyes." "She's that specific?" Hidan grunted.

A boy the same age as Mary walked up to Hidan. "What, you gonna kick me, too?" The boy had purple eyes and a bruise on his cheek, he had black messy hair and pale skin, and he was clinging to Hidan's cloak. He pointed at himself. "Ai." "That's all that he says. I have no clue what he means." The woman said. Hidan got down on his knees so he was just a bit taller than the boy. "Hello there, Ai! My name is Hidan." The boy grinned. "No, I'm calling you daddy." The woman looked confused. "That's the first time he's ever said anything besideds 'Ai'. What's that even mean?" Hidan glared at the woman. "His name's Ai. Kakuzu. I'm done chosing." Kakuzu lauged. "Did you chose nutkicker?" Hidan punched him. "Shut up and help me fill the papers." Kakuzu looked shocked. "EXCUSEMEWHA?! Um, I'M not gonna be taking care of the runt!"