I just found out yesterday that Muppeteer Jerry Nelson has died. I love Fraggle Rock, so I wrote this. RIP Jerry Nelson.

Fraggle Rock belongs to the Jim Henson Company.

Gobo Fraggle felt strange one morning. He felt as though he had lost something, but he didn't quite know what that something might be. When Gobo checked his things, they were all accounted for. So why wouldn't this feeling go away? Maybe Boober would know if this was a symptom of some sickness.

Boober wasn't in his cave, but rather in the kitchen. He looked up when Gobo came in.

"Hi Gobo!" he said cheerfully, adjusting his chef's hat. "I have some radish toast for you."

"I didn't come for toast, Boober. I came because I think I'm sick."

Boober cried out at the word "sick" and stepped in front of the radish toast, throwing out his arms as if shielding it from danger. "Out of my kitchen right now, thank you!"

"I'm not even sure if I'm sick," said Gobo. "I just feel like I've lost something, but I checked my room and everything's there."

"I see," said Boober, calming down. "Come with me; I'll look into this."

Back in Boober's cave, Gobo sat by the laundry tub, hugging his knees, as Boober perused all of his medical books.

"Sorry, Gobo, but 'feeling like something's been lost' isn't a symptom in any of these. If I were you, I'd visit the Trash Heap."

"This isn't a good time," the Trash Heap's pink rat-like companion Philo told Gobo. "Marjorie's not feeling well."

"Come back tomorrow," said Gunge, the grey rat-like creature.

"Please!" begged Gobo, getting on his knees. "I need her now! There's something bothering me so much I can't even sing about it!"

Philo and Gunge looked at each other. "Why didn't you say so?" demanded Philo. He and Gunge said in unison, "You are in the presence of the all-knowing Trash Heap! Nyaah!"

Marjorie the Trash Heap rose up and adjusted her glasses. "What can I do for you, little Fraggle?" She didn't sound sick, only sad.

"Madam Heap, I feel like I've lost something, but I haven't, and the feeling won't leave. I don't know why I have it."

The Trash Heap looked even sadder. "I have that same feeling, Gobo Fraggle."