Junior Gorg watched in confusion as his father rummaged through a closet.

"Daddy? What awe you doing?"

"Looking for something, of course!" snapped Pa Gorg, sounding angrier than normal.


"I'll know when I find it."

"Can I help?"

"No! You're supposed to be looking after the garden."

"But, Daddy, the Fwaggles awe our fwiends now. I don't need to guawd our wadishes."

"Stop distracting me and go outside!"

Gobo was walking back to Fraggle Rock, angrily muttering to himself. Boober and the Trash Heap had been no help, and the peculiar, empty feeling was getting worse. Who else could he go to for advice? Red? No, she wouldn't understand. Wembley? No, probably not. He was just a kid. Uncle Matt? No, he was on another trip to Outer Space. The World's Oldest Fraggle? No, he was a little out of touch. Mokey? Doc? Maybe.

"Gobo! Hey, Gobo!"

The ground shook for Gobo as Junior ran towards him.

"Hi, Junior," he mumbled. He stepped into Junior's open palm, and Junior held him up so that they could make eye contact.

"What's wong, Gobo? You look sad."

"I'm not really sad, Junior, just confused."

"I feel like dat all da time," Junior said sympathetically.

"I keep feeling like I've lost something important, even though I know I haven't. The Trash Heap has the same problem, but she didn't know how to help me."

Junior was looking uncharacteristically thoughtful. "I had da same pwoblem once."


"Yep. I woke up one mowning feeling like something was missing, but I didn't weally notice wight away 'cause I lose things all da time. Da feeling kept getting bigguh and bigguh, but aftuh a while most of it went away."

"But did you ever find out why you got the feeling in the first place?"


Gobo felt his patience slipping. "Then what was the point of you telling me that?!"

Junior shrugged. "I just wanted you to know dat you awen't de only one it happens too, dat you awen't alone."

"Oh." Gobo considered this. "Actually, Junior, that does make me feel a little better. Thanks."

"No pwoblem, Gobo. What awe fwiends fowuh?"

Note: In case you're wondering why Junior once had the same feeling as Gobo, it's because was performed by the late Richard Hunt, who died twenty years ago and whose characters were frequently partnered with Jerry Nelson's.