A/N: A series of Noblesse one-shots which I promise will NOT be focused on M-21/Yuna... (At least not all of them lol).


"She's looking this way... Yuna's definitely looking this way!" Ikhan's words made Shinwoo's heart start to pound.

"Are you sure? !" The redhead asked, trying to stay cool as he looked on to the school's volleyball field, where the girls were about to start a new game.

"I'm telling you, she is!" Ikhan insisted. "She's looking straight at us… As a matter of fact, they all are!" He added, suddenly baffled by the degree of female attention being bestowed on them. "…And why are they all blushing? !"

At the observation, Shinwoo slowly got up from the bench he'd been sitting on, stretching his arms above his head; careful to flash his biceps to the audience.

"It's only natural, my man…" He shrugged casually; a grin slowly appearing on his lips. "They've finally realized what a catch the two of us are… Prepare yourself, Ikhan!... Busy times no doubt await us." He added smugly. "Why, I wouldn't be surprised if they were to start throwing themselves at our fee-"

"Shinwoo, Ikhan…" A familiar voice interrupted the redhead's triumphant speech, making him turn around on his feet.

Ajussi, Tao and Takeo were standing right behind him, clearly on one of their patrol rounds. "Your gym teacher is looking for the two of you." Tao said, casting a look at the duffel bags filled with basketballs that the two of them had been left in charge to collect from the field after class.

"Sure thing,Tao-Hyung." Shinwoo said in good spirits. "We were just about to… Hey, waaait a minute!" He suddenly said, as a suspicion rose within him.

His eyes travelled from the trio of security guards, to the crowd of girls plastered against the volleyball field's fence watching them, back to the trio again, just in time for him to hear a collective sigh coming from the direction of the group of girls.

In no time, Shinwoo and Ikhan put two and two together.

"AHHHH, DAMNIT! ! !" They both cried out at the same time, stomping away from the trio while cursing under their breaths.

Tao and M-21 exchanged confused looks between them, while Takeo just shrugged at them. "Kids these days sure are strange…" He said to the other two, as they resumed their patrol round.