Twilight Hour

Chapter 1

Sympathy For The Vampires

Harry Potter was nineteen years old, and currently on the run from the British Ministry of Magic, the Order of Phoenix and the remaining Death Eaters. Dumbledore wanted Harry for his magic; the Ministry want to arrest him for performing Dark Magic to kill Voldemort when they were all too scared to do it themselves. Death Eaters was the easiest to explain and accept they were trying to kill him for revenge because he killed their Lord.

Thankfully when he found out the Goblins of Gringotts were willing to help him. Almost all his money had been converted to American Dollars and wired to a bank account under the name of Harry Evanson. Harry hadn't wanted to change his name but decided to have it as close as he could get to his mother. They told him that Evanson was much more popular than Evans and hence less chance of finding him.

You might ask why the Goblins of Gringotts had decided to help him; he had funded the entire operation to fix Gringotts after the war. They owed him, or at least felt as though they did. It was an added bonus that he was the last heir of Slytherin and Gryffindor. So to say he owned a lot of money added to the Potter, Black vaults; he had been named Sirius' Heir. Surprisingly the Malfoy money had come his way as well, something he hadn't understood. He hadn't had a chance to look it up. Either way he was distantly related to Draco Malfoy. He had given the teenager the money back; it had been some time before he realized he had it. By that time, Draco and he had become friends, and Hermione helped Draco live without so much money. Draco had asked him for his permission to marry Hermione, since her parents were gone. Hermione was the closest thing he had to family left. Obviously Draco understood that Hermione felt the same.

Hermione had been happy to help Draco adjust to having no money and no standing in the Wizarding world. Which had surprised Harry greatly, after all the name calling and nastiness she'd had to put up with. She took him to the Muggle world and helped him learn everything he needed. He had approved of Draco; he could see that Draco was making Hermione happy. That was what Harry wanted to see more than anything else in the world. It had been the last thing he'd spoken to Draco about. Along with the threat to kill him if he hurt Hermione. He hadn't realized he wouldn't be there to see them again, because out of the blue Severus and Draco came to him and his life expectancy dropped almost below zero.

Draco told him about the Death Eaters, they were branding together to kill him. Once and for all instead of scattering as everyone thought they would. Severus told him about Dumbledore, and his bid to control him and take his magic once and for all. Severus knew the Ministry were bidding to have Harry put in Azkaban so the law wasn't on his side. So that's what Harry had done - ran. Not something he wanted to do, but his Slytherin surfaced and his bid to survive won out. He'd immediately gone to Gringotts and begun getting everything sorted. Hermione and Harry kept in touch through mobile phones and twin journals. He couldn't see them because he knew they'd be followed by Ministry officials and Order members. They'd do anything to catch him, and he wasn't about to put them in danger.

Hermione and Draco had left England as well, made their way directly to Rome. Last he heard the Auror's and Order members masquerading as Auror's were indeed following them, much to their amusement they seemed under the impression Hermione and Draco were going to lead them to Harry. They couldn't have been more wrong, so the Ministry continued following Draco and Hermione as they had the time of their life.

Harry requested Griphook to send him his emancipation forms along with his Birth Certificate and Passport. He also got a fake drivers license. Quick glamour charm the D.O.B was changed. Now all Harry had to do was find a place he wanted to go to, in the end he picked a place barely on the map at all. One place that would surely not have a magical community nearby.

Forks, Washington. USA.

Hedwig had been charmed black for she was too noticeable when she was white everyone knew her as Harry Potter's familiar. She hadn't been happy about it but Harry explained why it needed to be done she hadn't spoken to him for a few days until she adjusted to her new looks. When Harry promised her she would be back one day she had forgiven him with a nip to the ear.

How are you today Harry?

I'm fine Mione I'm somewhere else now I'm going to attend Muggle school as a Junior Harry never elaborated where he was just in case the journal fell into the wrong hands.

Good for you! Stick in you might end up working in the Muggle world.

I think its more than a might Mione - I'll never be accepted back if I did hell will have frozen over. Only place I'll be going is to Azkaban Prison if they got a hold off me.

Well at least you lived in the Muggle world for eleven years before coming to Hogwarts! It's not such a big culture shock.

I feel sorry for you Drake you know that don't need to rub it in!

I know sorry I'm just saying you have it easier

You're right as usual what time is it over there?

Morning Harry you?

Night I've got school tomorrow so I better go talk to you tomorrow guys

I'll call you when its you're lunch time

Harry shut the journal and put it in he drawer next to his bed, and settled down to sleep. It took a while to get to sleep he wasn't used to the time yet, but he managed to get some shut eyed before the alarm went off and he had to get up for school.

'What have I got myself into? Getting up early for school I'm nineteen I shouldn't still have to do this'Harry groused to himself. He might be Nineteen but because of the malnutrition his body suffered he looked sixteen if he was lucky. He took a shower got out he remembered he had no food in the house no way to have a breakfast. Grabbing his almost empty bag, I-pod, mobile phone, keys and wallet.

Harry drove around until he found a café, across from it there was a store he would need to go there after school and get all the food he would need.

"A full English breakfast please," said Harry as soon as the woman came over not giving her a chance to ask him what it is he wanted.

"Orange juice or a coffee with that?" asked the waitress softly.

"I'll have Orange juice please I don't have much time," said Harry kindly.

"I'll have it over in five minutes," she said walking away.

A plate of food was brought over and Harry asked for the check to be brought over as soon as possible that he was in a bit of a rush to get to school. She complied and Harry ate his breakfast quickly, drinking his orange juice he left the money and a tip for the waitress.

Getting into his brand new blue Volvo he drove to school, parking he looked at the school and was greatly disappointed. It looked like a bunch of mismatched houses rather than a school. He guessed living in a castle for seven years would do that to you.

Making his way to the office he entered and asked for his timetable.

"Name?" asked the secretary.

"Harry Evanson," said Harry softly.

"Of course here you go!" smiled the woman cheerfully "This is a map of the school and this paper needs to be signed by all you're teachers and given back to me at the end of the day!"

"Of course," smiled Harry nodding his head.

"Have a good day, and Welcome to Forks High School." she said.

"Thank you," smiled Harry.

Harry left the room and made his way to the cafeteria and got himself something to drink and eat out of the vending machines. Ignoring the looks everyone was giving him, blocking out the gossip about him he was used to it - more than they would ever know.

Thankfully he noticed he wasn't the only one being gossiped about someone called Bella Swan was also being spoken about. Apparently she had been there a week. He knew more about her in one day than he wanted too, apparently her mother had taken Bella and left Charlie Swan (Chief of police). She had always come every summer until a few years ago and never really interacted with any of them. She had red hair, the male population thought she was gorgous.

He didn't notice the stir he was causing at the Cullen table.

"I cannot feel anything from him" said Jasper tensely staring at the teenager in veiled suspicion. He suddenly knew what Edward felt when he'd met Bella Swan. Edward had panicked, and felt very vulnerable, well right back at him. He was feeling it himself right now. It wasn't just that he couldn't feel anything from the teenager, he didn't smell, and he could tell from the others panicked emotions they probably couldn't get a read on him either.

"He doesn't smell," Emmett curiously, cocking his head to the side, this was a first. Everyone smelt, all humans did, so what made this boy different from everyone? He was curious about him. He didn't feel the need to get defensive like Jasper about everything that didn't fit together like a puzzle.

"I cannot read his mind!" said Edward exasperated, two people in the space of a day? What the hell was going on? Why was his gift not working? The difference between this new human, and Swan was Jasper could get a read on her emotions. According to Jasper, he couldn't read his, now from Alice's thoughts she couldn't see anything about him. He couldn't get a read on him; it was as if he didn't exist. As though he was a machine that didn't think, didn't feel and didn't have a future.

"And I cannot see his future" said Alice biting her bottom lip, this was odd, she was getting a glimpse of what Edward felt meeting Bella Swan. Her gift had never failed before, why now? Why him? It was like he was in a void or something.

"He's just a stupid human I wouldn't worry so much" said Rosalie haughtily, her nose in the air, as she filed at her nails. All this talk and chatter about the new students were boring her nearly to tears figuratively speaking. She was just bored of the constant, he's/she's so hot, and I wouldn't mind going out with him/her. Of course they were referring to Isabella Swan and Harry Evanson and simply put it was getting on her nerves. She could hear everything, even the whispering going on down the hall, outside in the courtyard, hell even those in the Science classroom. She pitied Edward; their voices were enough without putting up with their thoughts too. She never bothered about humans, they were all the same. No need to get close, after all they would leave in a few years and never see them again.

"None of our powers work on him how can you say not to worry?" asked Jasper looking extremely pensive. He could tell the others were as worried as him, just not showing it. Even Rosalie who insisted she wasn't, but you couldn't hide your emotions from an Empath.

"I think we should tell Carlisle," stated Rosalie.

"We will tonight when we get home" said Edward adamantly.

"Me and Jasper are leaving early to feed" said Alice. "We can tell him"

"Walking? Or are you taking the car?" asked Edward. They had only bought one car with them. Which was usual for them, they rarely brought the other cars with them.

"Walking there's no point in leaving you stranded," smirked Alice. "That will get people talking." at least it would look like they were stranded anyway. Their home was quite a bit away from the school, they'd be able to run it but not without raising suspicion.

Harry noticed his clothes looked a lot better than the students. The students didn't they obviously didn't have a lot of money; he was standing out like a sore thumb already, as if his car wasn't bad enough. Looking at his timetable he had Mr Mason. Making his way to his class he noticed it was small, when the man saw his name he looked surprised and ordered him to sit down after signing his form. At least he didn't make him introduce himself that was a big plus he hated any sort of attention drawn to himself.

Mr Mason gave him a list of books he was to read, Bronte, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Faulkner. He knew of them but hadn't read any of them, looks like he would have to read them all, great.

"You're Harry Evanson right?" asked a pale Chinese looking boy.

"Yeah" said Harry a little sarcasm dripping into my voice before I could stop it. Honestly he was the only new guy here obviously it was him did they need to be so stupid and ask idiotic questions all the time. Harry wanted to snigger slightly; he realized he was starting to sound like Severus Snape.

"Where's you're next class?" asked the boy.

"Government with Mr. Jefferson in building six" sighed Harry still walking honestly he wasn't one for neither small chat nor friends who couldn't just come out with what they wanted to say.

"I'll show you the way if you like" suggested Eric. He was curious about the teenager, he seemed a bit of a loner, and maybe he was just shy? Why would he choose to come here of all places? He didn't think the teenager had any parents with him. At least rumour had it that he came alone anyway.

"There's no need I've got a map of the school no need to put yourself out" said Harry the boy was reminding him of Colin Creevy. It was probably because he was new here, and they wanted to know him, gossip about him. At least it was normal gossip and not about 'The-Boy-Who-Lived'.

"It's fine I wanted to talk to you about the school paper and what you want to be said in it" said Eric, he worked on the paper, he wanted to be a journalist and this was a way to do that. Angela also worked with him, mostly taking the photographs. She had taken some really good pictures since joining it.

"Excuse me?" asked Harry stopping abruptly. The boy really was like Colin Creevy! Taking pictures for the school paper? That's the last thing he needed. Who knows what squib or worse still Muggle born might get their hands on it? He could not risk being discovered, not when he had just got here.

"The school paper" said Eric.

"If I'm in that paper I'll sue understood?" said Harry angrily. He couldn't help himself; he knew it wasn't Eric's fault. He just felt really defensive, and had to get the point across. Promising to sue would be one hell of a way to get his attention.

"Fine, fine no paper chill" said Eric his hands up in surrender. It looked as though he'd have to hunt down Bella Swan and get her to agree.

"Good" said Harry calming down, he didn't even want to have his picture taken. If he was found he would know all about it, god knows how many Muggle papers Dumbledore subscribes or how many people Dumbledore does that he knows or owes Dumbledore for things he did. He was thinking of how Hagrid felt indebted to Dumbledore, and how many others might feel stuck in the same situation.

Harry left Eric standing there, making his way around the gym to the south side of the building and made his way to his classroom.

The rest of the morning past in much the same way, always a guy or two trying to get him to talk to them. Trying to 'help' him get his way to class, Eric didn't try again thankfully but there was another guy Mike. He was like Colin's brother, Dennis Creevy, less creepy but still creepy nevertheless.

The worst class so far was Trigonometry where Harry was told to stand up and introduce himself. He glared at the teacher quite angrily, so the idiot wanted him to make a fool of himself pft like that was going to happen.

Standing up he said "My name's Harry Evanson, I'm originally from England I came here when I was Emancipated that's it really." he stated not bothering to say anything else.

"What about you're parents are they back in England?" asked one student Harry didn't recognize.

"No they died when I was a one and a half years old" said Harry his voice going dark and cold. That was a new one, people asking about his parents. He was so used to people knowing what had happened to them. This was the first time in his life that anyone had asked. In Surry, they all thought his parents were drunks who ended up dying in a car crash. Then he'd learned the truth, and then learned that they were famous.

"So who did you live with?" asked Eric they were all dying to know more about the new teenager. He was a mystery, Bella Swan wasn't they knew everything there was to know about her. So they were fixating on Harry a lot more to compensate for gossip.

"My aunt and uncle," said Harry tersely. Why wasn't the teacher interfering? telling them to stop asking questions so personal?

"Did you're parents leave you a lot of money? Is that why you moved here?" asked a brown haired girl.

"Does it matter if I got left a lot of money? I'd trade it in an instant to have my parents back", hissed Harry.

"Sit down Mr. Evanson" said Mr Varner. "Enough Jessica that is none of our business." reprimanded the teacher.

"Thank you sir" said Harry slightly sarcastically.

Eventually lunch time came around; Mike walks him towards the lunch hall. Once they have their lunch Mike took him to a table that had people he recognized at. Jessica who had insinuated he had money and glad his parents were gone, Eric who wanted him in the paper and Mike of course as well as another guy who wasn't introduced. There was also Lauren and Angela there; the girls were practically drooling in their food. He was completely sidetracked when he caught sight of five gorgeous looking vampires sitting in a lunch hall full of humans. Very curious.

"They are the Cullen's" said Jessica in full gossip mode.

"Really how long have they been here?" asked Harry in genuine curiosity?

"Two years, they moved from Alaska" said Jessica.

This surprised Harry greatly, two years? And they hadn't killed anyone perhaps he should look at the newspapers for the last two years to make sure. This was rather odd, why would vampires be living among humans? And how the hell were they able to pull it off?

"They were adopted by Dr and Mrs Cullen," said Jessica.

"Apart from the blondes they are related to Mrs Cullen she's their Aunt or something" said Lauren.

"The rest were adopted…but I think it's only because Mrs Cullen can't have children" said Jessica.

Harry saw the vampires stiffen in their seat, especially the blonde haired girl she looked ready to attack the girl for her remarks. The jibe that Jessica had made had obviously hit home. Being vampires they weren't able to have children, at least not in the Muggle world. He felt sympathy for the vampires, but life wasn't fair and he knew that. There were consequences to living forever and that was one of them.

"I see," said Harry disapproval deep in his voice at her probing. It seems that she didn't only like to pick on him but them too. How she was so popular he didn't know, gossip came before friendship in her book. She would probably have ended up in Slytherin. Then again that was an insult to Slytherin's; she wasn't sly or cunning about it.

"What are their names?" asked Harry Angela.

"From left to right, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie and the last one's Edward they are all together and they live together" said Angela quietly.

"All of them are together? As in having sex?" asked Harry, the look on Jessica's face had him muffling his laughter. Everyone at the table had gone bright red. That's when he realized they were so much younger than him, he could comfortably speak about things like that; he was nineteen years old.

"No! No she meant as couples Alice and Jasper, and then Emmett and Rosalie, Edward is not with anyone" said Jessica stiffly. She was still smarting from the fact Edward had turned her down. She was beautiful; many people should be asking her to the dance and prom.

Angela seemed incapable of speech.

"Ah," said Harry nodding his head, he'd known what she was meaning all along. He had just been teasing them, he well and truly felt his age now, and Hermione would have just laughed and slapped his arm. How he missed them, he'd been cut off from his world and he hated it. He felt cut off, adrift and sea and extremely abandoned. All he had done was do what was expected of him, he regretted saving Dumbledore's life now.

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