Disclaimer: well this is kinda a true story. i admit i have been having writer's block and this idea just poped into my head. i own nothing but Ana. Blondie and Tuco belong to serigo Leone. Damn he's lucky i want them. :3

Rating: T ( for languade and Also some Yaoi) read at your own risk

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Tuco and Blondie: *sitting on the couch*

Me: *typing a New story idea* shit…. *erases it all*

Blondie: *has one arm around Tuco's shoulder* whats wrong Ana?

Me: I don't know I just don't like what I'm writing and every time I get a good Idea it disappears, or I start to write about it and hate it.

Blondie: …..Writers Block?


Tuco: why not?

Me: its every Authors Enemy we hate it.

Blondie: *sighs* is that why you haven't updated Bandanna twins?

Me: Maybeeeee….

Tuco: is that Also why you haven't made any new stories that have us in it?

Me: Yesssss , I'm also lazy and have to get ready for 8th grade…

Blondie: oh yeah school.

Me: yeah and I might join the art and Writing club after school

Tuco: so what about your Fanfic's?

Me: *freezes* I don't know *covers Face*

Blondie: …Ana?

Me: *covers Face more* don't look at Me you'll catch it to!

Tuco: we cant catch it….

Blondie: yeah

Me: *calms down*

Blondie: plus we don't write so how can we catch it?

Me: *stops covering Face* true

Blondie: plus we live together not just in your fanfic's

Tuco: yeah its not like where in a story write now.

Me: *smiles* yeah…but still I don't know what to write *looks at Tuco and smirks* nevermind...:D

Tuco: *gets Nervous* what are you doing…?.

Me: I'm writing a one-shot.

Tuco: about who?

Me: Blondie and your least favorite person on the earth.

Tuco: *eyes widen* WHAT?!

Me: so how does Angel-Eyes/Blondie sound to you?

Blondie: ….No

Tuco: you wouldn't dare!

Blondie: Me and Tuco are your OTP not me and Angel-Eyes!

Me: I know but hell *turns around* what else do you want me to write.

Blondie: *kisses Tuco passionately then pulls back* that

Me: *smiles* I'll do ….BOTH!

Tuco: ….shit

Blondie: :C just do ours

Me: NO *turns into an Anodite*

Tuco: Okay! You win.

Me: that's right and don't you mess with a Cured Author *starts to write again*

Blondie: but you hate Angel-eyes/Me.

Me: ohh yeah...still *shrougs* it docent have to be real.

Blondie: *confused*

Tuco: what do you mean?

Me: oh you'll see *evil laught*

Angel-Eyes: *comes in*

Blondie: What is he doing here?

Me: *gets Angry* i dont know why...

Angel-eyes: *goes to Blondie with a smirk and wraps his arm around him*

Blondie: *Tenses up*...

Tuco: *clinches his fist*

Me: Angel-eyes?! leave my Brother alone!

Angel-Eyes: *smirks* i thought you where writing a one-shot about us?

Me: i am but still get the FUCK OUT *picks him up and kicks his ass out the door* STAY OUT!

Tuco: *wraps his Arm around Blondie's Neck and kisses him*

Blondie: *kisses back and wraps his arms around his waist*

Me: 0/0 AWWW ^-^ CUTE *fangirl squeal*

Me: *looks at the cumputer then back to Tuco and Blondie who where making out* Time to get back to work *evil smirk as she countinued to write about her Fanfic's*


AN: LOL i hope this makes you LOL like me, and if you where woundering i might acctauly do the stories that was in this Fanfic. But the Angel-Eyes/Blondie will be VERRY short scense i dont really care for that Parring as Much as this one. Please leave a review for the story ^-^ BYE